South match results from week ending 10.04.16

Monday to Saturday

Bait-Tech Viaduct Fishery (Thurs)
Campbell, Cary & Lodge Lakes (45 pegs)

There was a great turnout for this midweek cost-cutter and top rod on the day with 176-2-0 was Andy Neal. Rotating between bomb and pole with pellet hookbaits helped the Milo/Bait-Tech man find carp to double figures willing to feed in peg 115 on the Campbell Lake.
There were also some mega silverfish hauls taken, with Scott Russell’s 85-6-0 of skimmers from peg 68 on the Lodge Lake being the best of the lot.
Result: 1 A Neal, Milo/Bait-Tech, 176-2-0;
2 N Jones, Plymouth, 126-6-0;
3 K Newman, Bait-Tech Viaduct, 120-1-0;
4 M Walker, MFS,  119-7-0; 5 S Rolfe, Bill’s of Bristol, 112-10-0; 6 D Chidzoy, Bridport, 111-8-0.
Silvers: S Russell, Tackle UK, 85-6-0.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery (Tues)
Wood Lake (23 pegs)

An all-100lb frame was headed by Gavin Bridge with 164-0-0 off peg 32 where he fished pellet at 14m and down the edge for a winning net of carp and F1 hybrids.
Result: 1 G Bridge, Browning Wickford Angling, 164-0-0; 2 G Arnold, Army, 135-0-0; 3 A Reynolds, Bait-Tech, 121-8-0; 4 F Thomas, Browning Wickford Angling, 117-0-0; 5 J Church, Maver Coleman’s Bait & Tackle/Matchpack, 113-0-0; 6 K Choppin, Cariers RAPS, 101-0-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery
Brook & Red Kite Lakes (21 pegs)

With the wind still blowing in a westerly direction the fish were held up in numbers again in end peg 19 on the Red Kite Lake where Andy Quarmby made the most of his peg. Despite poor presentation in the tow leading to many missed bites and false indications Andy caught close in on maggot taking carp to 8lb and quality F1s to weigh-in 125-8-0.
Result: 1 A Quarmby, Middy/Bag’em Baits, 125-8-0; 2 B Eddy, Dynamite Oakfield, 89-5-0; 3 S Page, Drennan Oxford, 81-12-0; 4 R Ives, Ernest Turner, 67-11-0; 5 M Stickley, Ernest Turner, 63-8-0; 6 J Emmerson, Dynamite Oakfield, 62-15-0.

Framfield Fishery (Weds)
Brookhouse Lake (20 pegs)

A short pole attack was the only way to present a bait in the windy conditions and Nigel Greenwood used the tactic best to the tune of 80-6-0. Corn over pellet from peg 8 helped him find carp to 10lb.
Result: 1 N Greenwood, Sensas SE,  80-6-0; 2 N Whiteing, Warlingham, 75-3-0; 3 L Nightingale, Framfield, 55-15-0; 4 B Scott, Hemming’s Tackle, 55-6-0; 5 A Bishop, Percy’s Tackle, 48-10-0; 6 B Dunbrill, Framfield, 48-1-0.

Magic Lakes (Thurs)
Big Lake (16 pegs)

Johnny Nippress got the nod at the scales in a tight match as he finished with 40-0-0 of carp to 5lb off peg 15 using pellet at 13m.
Result: 1 J Nippress, Magic Lakes, 40-0-0; 2 M Stanley, Magic Lakes, 39-13-0;
3 D Wooldridge, Oakwood Angling, 38-2-0; 4 D Lipscombe, Oakwood Angling, 36-6-0; 5 H Pringle, Magic Lakes, 29-13-0; 6 T Stanley, Magic Lakes, 27-6-0.

Monk Lakes (Weds)
Lake 2 (20 pegs)

Heavy winds and rain made life difficult for those that attended but Mark Parrett soon forgot about the harsh conditions as he won with 87-8-0. A mixture of carp, barbel and skimmers went into his nets in peg 58, with the pole at short range scoring well.
Result: 1 M Parrett, Carp Shop, 87-8-0;
2 M Leask, Foxtrot Oscar, 82-8-0;
3 S Clifford, Delcac Old Boys, 60-0-0;
4 A Poynter, Carp Shop, 57-2-0;
5 J Robinson, Sensas SE,  57-0-0;
6 G Rackham, Monk Lakes, 52-8-0.

Tyler’s Common
Horseshoe Lake (30 pegs)

Colin Fuller kept things at close range to win off peg 30, meat and bread fished at 4m giving him 164-4-0 of carp for an easy win.
Johnny Hunt, on next door peg 32, got closest to him with 126-8-0 of carp on meat and pellet at 12m and down the edge.
Result: 1 C Fuller, Lake John, 164-4-0;
2 J Hunt, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 126-8-0; 3 R Pisano, Galleywood, 121-0-0;
4 A Farley, Brightlingsea, 96-8-0;
5 K Wilder, Tyler’s Common, 78-0-0;
6 R Miller, Tyler’s Common, 77-12-0.

White Aces Residents Rover (Thurs)
All lakes (46 pegs)

Peg 17 on the Twin Oaks Lake has won plenty of matches in its time and another one was added to the list in this rover. Andy Mexome bagged 177-8-0 off it for a convincing triumph, 6mm wafters fished on the bomb seeing him net carp to 9lb.
He finished well ahead of Charlie Shaw on Acorn Lake peg 11 where he used 8mm pellet over micro pellets in the margins to bag 127-2-0 of carp.
Result: 1 A Mexome, Suffolk Water Park, 177-8-0; 2 C Shaw, Middy/Fishermania, 127-2-0; 3 C Hancock, Burt Baits, 109-10-0; 4 D Pannell, Towcester, 106-10-0;
5 G Stokes, Tri-Cast, 85-0-0; 6 B Nicholas, White Acres, 78-2-0.
Lady: J Stokes, 27-10-0.
Junior: B Brading, 12-10-0.

White Acres Gold Residents (Mon)
Twin Oaks Lake (31 pegs)

Simon Watson had plenty to spare as he strolled to victory with his impressive 162-10-0. By keeping it simple with bomb and pellet from peg 19 ensured he gained a bite most chucks.
That left Ian Sutton on peg 23 to settle for second place with his 119-4-0 net.
Result: 1 S Watson, Rive, 162-10-0;
2 I Sutton, Iffers AC,  119-4-0; 3 C Hancock, Burt Baits, 108-11-0; 4 D Pannell, Towcester,  81-14-0; 5 P Williams, White Acres, 74-10-0; 6 J Wayne, White Acres, 70-0-0.

Willow Park Over 50s (Weds)
Middle Lake (15 pegs)

Six fish secured victory for Doug Graves as he banked four carp and a brace of tench from peg 7 for 34-12-0, catching on maggot fished long down the edge.
Result: 1 D Graves, Willow Park, 34-12-0; jt2 J Ward, Willow Park and J Clarke, Arun Angling, both 29-0-0; 4 A Sheehan, Feltham, 27-8-0.


Coleman’s Cottage Fishery
Pathfield Lake (23 pegs)

A peg to peg battle saw Mark Brown take the verdict with 80-0-0 of carp to 7lb plus a few F1s at peg 13 where he caught on pellet fished long to the island and in the edge.
Runner-up Danny Grimsey fished the same lines at peg 16 but with maggot to weigh-in 71-12-0 of carp, F1s and silverfish.
Result: 1 M Brown, Browning Wickford Angling, 80-0-0; 2 D Grimsey, Maver Image, 71-12-0; 3 S Colclough, Browning Wickford Angling, 68-0-0; 4 D Mason, Bill’s Tackle, 65-8-0; 5 C Nada, Browning Wickford Angling, 55-8-0; 6 G Garnham, EPA/Sonu Baits, 54-8-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery
Red Kite Lake (20 pegs)

A strong easterly wind blowing straight down the length of the lake restricted use of the pole to about 5m.
Dave Hawkins won an extremely tight match from peg 24 with carp to 8lb and F1s including a 7lb 7oz specimen as he fished maggot at 5m and on the feeder for 63-3-0.
Result: 1 D Hawkins, Oakfield, 63-3-0;
2 G Kelsey, Oakfield, 57-2-0; 3 R Young, Dynamite Oakfield, 56-4-0; 4 P Dann, Oakfield, 53-14-0; 5 D Stratfull, Dynamite Oakfield, 52-1-0; 6 C Davis, Dynamite Oakfield, 50-14-0.

Gold Valley Lakes
Gold Lake (24 pegs)

Peg 10 on the canal bank was the scene of Nick Howe’s win, the Daiwa man followed up Saturday’s victory at the fishery with more of the same on Sunday. Pellet feeder and corn in the margins gave him 10 carp for 87-0-0..
Result: 1 N Howe, Daiwa, 87-0-0;
2 J Francis, Farnham AS, 48-0-0; 3 M Kiy, Farnham AS, 45-8-0; 4 S Gent, Gold Valley, 42-12-0; 5 G Hellier, Gold Valley, 40-8-0;
6 P Futcher, Gold Valley, 37-0-0.

Harefield Tackle
Spring Series (rnd 1)
Royal Berkshire Fishery (22 pegs)

Lake Three looked in superb condition, but the overnight rain and a very sharp frost made it difficult for some. Cliff Fox drew peg 14 and fished meat over a bed of micro pellet on the long pole to net 13 carp to 8lb for 87-8-0.
Result: 1 C Fox, Harefield Tackle, 87-8-0;
2 D Glasgow, Wood Lane Fishery, 55-2-0;
3 D Richardson, Wood Lane Fishery, 36-4-0; 4 S Rose, Harefield Tackle, 23-0-0.

Magic Lakes
Big Lake (19 pegs)

Swapping between pellet and breadpunch on the long pole at peg 11, Ashmole man Lee Coleman won with 74-0-0 of carp to 9lb.
Result: 1 L Coleman, Ashmole, 74-0-0;
2 J Nippress, Magic Lakes, 70-9-0;
3 S Mullord, Edmonton & Tottenham AS, 63-5-0; 4 H Pringle, Magic Lakes, 37-6-0;
5 E Page, Ashmole, 34-1-0; 6 B Howes, Edmonton & Tottenham AS, 29-7-0.

Monk Lakes
Lake 1 (24 pegs)

Venue expert Derek Gladwin added another win to his tally after he landed 104-0-0. Feeding lines at 6m and 16m with meat and pellet scored heavily from peg 22, with carp, skimmers and barbel responding to the attack.
Result: 1 D Gladwin, Preston Innovations Delcac, 104-0-0; 2 T Parnell, West Malling Angling, 84-10-0; 3 G Ellis, Sensas Oakwood Angling, 80-6-0; 4 M McMillan, Preston Innovations Delcac, 71-6-0;
5 M Shepherd, Sensas Oakwood Angling, 62-0-0; 6 J Light, Gold Valley, 58-0-0.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle
Puddledock Farm, Snake Lake (42 pegs)

A variety of methods won the day for Darren Hutchinson as he finished with 86-14-0 of carp to 9lb at peg 52. Banded pellet fished shallow to the far bank at 14m, a small Method feeder with pellet cast to the same spot and corn in the margins proved deadly.
Next was Steve Mould on peg 61. He had carp to 8lb on pellet across and down the track for 77-4-0.
Result: 1 D Hutchinson, Maver Coleman’s Bait & Tackle/Matchpack, 86-14-0;
2 S Mould, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 77-4-0; 3 J Penhaligon, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 73-8-0; 4 J Hunt, Brentwood, 66-12-0;
5 A Tuck, Angling Direct Suffolk, 65-8-0;
6 R Harold, Matrix, 65-4-0.
Sensas Kennet & Avon Teams of Four Spring League (rnd 1)
Kennet & Avon Canal, The Pile – Semington (92 pegs)

This well-attended league kicked off with victory for the Drennan Bordon Angling Aqua lads who scored 76 points.
Top rod was Andy Langham of Sensas Wiltshire Angling Green who weighed-in 10-6-0 from Bowerhill Lane. Worm and maggot on the long pole gave him four skimmers and a 2lb perch.
Runner-up Matt Barnett also found skimmers on long pole and maggot over groundbait for 7-12-0.
Result: 1 A Langham, Sensas Wiltshire Angling Green, 10-6-0; 2 M Barnett, Drennan Bordon Angling Blue, 7-12-0;
3 N King, Browning Andover Claret, 7-10-0; 3 D Poole, Home Stores, 7-10-0;
5 M Gaylard, Daiwa Gordon League, 6-0-0; 6 M Ellyatt, Drennan Oxford, 5-13-0.
Teams: 1 Drennan Bordon Angling Aqua, 76pts; 2 Devizes/Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 73; 3 Home Stores, 70;
4 Drennan Bordon Angling Blue, 63;
5 Sensas Wiltshire Angling Green, 61.