Middy X-Flex Mini-Baits Catapult

This design can readily be fired from both sides, an advantage when constantly picking it up, and throwing it down.

The frame is built to flex when firing to aid tight grouping of bait, hence the name.

There are three types to choose from – Pellet, Mini-Baits and Mesh Pouch – to suit your style of fishing and the baits you most commonly use.

All three will easily cover normal pole range and they’re well built with rigid cups and positive cord pull toggles, strong, ergonomic frames and good quality latex.

The elastic on the X-Flex catapults is attached by the same plastic peg location system as the Seymo Spot-On, so it’s quick and simple to change. Expect to pay around £1.70 for a spare elastic.

FROM £6.50