48-pounders in Wellington carp haul

The irrepressible Kris Ollington has been at it again on Wellington Country Park.
The reigning Angling Times Carp Angler of the Year, whose 2015 tally featured six different fifties, caught two 48-pounders and two thirties in a weekend at the Berkshire super water.
All four fish are new to the Surrey angler, who is rapidly working his way through the syndicate lake’s stock. The two smaller carp were commons weighing 33lb 8oz and 38lb 10oz, while the 48-pounders were a common and a ghostie.
“This awesome venue never fails to surprise me,” said Kris.
“It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of the place, not only for the fish but the syndicate as a whole – from the members to the bailiff team, it’s just perfect.”
The electrician, who fished at 140yds “into a brutal headwind” added: “I was keen to get down that weekend, as it was a full moon and the lake usually responds well to that particular phase.”
He added: “I had two fish on Saturday evening and two early Sunday morning – unreal fishing for mid-February!”
Kris used multi rigs tied with Gardner end tackle and used 15mm Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups over 2kg of 18mm Mainline Cell boilies.