Price freeze on 2015 club books

Fishing clubs have shown their commitment to giving members the best value for money possible in 2015 by freezing membership prices and giving them more fish to catch.

An Angling Times investigation has this week revealed that fishing clubs from across the UK have spent months crunching numbers in order to give their members the best deal with an aim of also attracting new blood into club fishing.

Not only have more than 50 per-cent of clubs and associations that we contacted which hail from Yorkshire across the midlands down to the South West announced a total price freeze on their memberships, but the remaining organisations have made minimal increases to their yearly permits.

The news also comes just a week after Angling Times revealed that hundreds of club venues will benefit from the stocking of over 400,000 fish thanks to the Environment Agency’s winter stocking initiative aimed to boost sport for both river and stillwater fishermen.

Warrington Angling Association is one of the biggest clubs in the UK boasting over 5,000 members and has frozen its membership for the coming year.

“Club angling offers exceptional value. If you are a member of a golf club you could pay hundreds of pounds each year but if you join Warrington AA you get over 80 venues to choose from and pay just £45 a year,” said Secretary Frank Lythgoe.

“I will do my utmost to prevent our prices going up for the next few years and this commitment can only help bolster that figure even further.”

Local neighbours Wigan & District Angling Association has followed suit and it’s a trend it is keen to continue past 2015.

“We have over 1,500 members and our aim is to provide great fishing without our anglers having to break the bank.

“It’s a great way of attracting new anglers into the club and show anglers that you don’t have to visit commercial fisheries to take advantage some great sport.”

With this in mind the lion’s share of the clubs who are freezing prices have also stressed a desire to draw back some of those anglers that left club fishing years ago to spend their money at commercial day-ticket waters.

Moving further south and the committee of Bathampton Angling Association in Somerset will still offer adult members access to its waters for a mere £35 a year and publicity officer Malcolm Murfet told Angling Times: “The draw of BAA is top quality local fisheries to cover most requirements, with specimen carp waters, more traditional lakes, rivers and canals covered by our permit.”

“Holding prices will help maintain our membership figures and hopefully draw in some new interest at the same time.”

Even those that have increased their subscriptions have taken a sympathetic approach, with Birmingham Anglers Association raising their adult permit by just £5 a year and Yorkshire giants Bradford No1 sticking a minimal £2 increase on to the cost of a ticket in the same category.

Surrey’s Farnham Angling Society is also set to introduce a slight increase and honourary secretary Ian Gray said: “Our prices are yet to be finalised but we anticipate a £2 rise.
“The small change helps cover rising costs such as rent and we believe membership still provides great value for money when you consider the large amount of waters we control.”

1. Warrington AA – price freeze - £45 a year
2. Hereford DAA – price freeze - £50 a year
3. Luton AC – price freeze - £65 a year
4. Norwich – price freeze ESTIMATED - £20 a year
5. Liverpool DAA – price freeze - £22
6. Todmodern AS – price freeze - £37 a year
7. Earl of Harrington’s AC – price freeze - £40 a year
8. Loughborough Soar AS – price freeze - £36 a year
9. Warwick DAA – price freeze - £17 a year
10. Bathampton AA – price freeze - £35 a year
11. Wigan DAA – price freeze - £30 a year
12. Boston DAA – price freeze - £20 a year
13. Watford Piscatorials – price freeze - £160 ESTIMATED
14. Crowborough DAA – price freeze - £47 a year
15. Birmingham AA - £5 rise - £35 to £40
16. Farnham AS - £2 rise - £94 to £96 ESTIMATED
17. Royal Leamington Spa AA – £2 rise - £34 to £36
18. Stoke On Trent AS - £5 rise - £60 to £65
19. Canterbury DAA – £3 rise £78 to £81 ESTIMATED
20. York DAA - £1 rise - £41 to £42
21. Bradford No1 - £2 rise - £44 to £46
22. Biggleswade AA - £5 rise - £60 to £65
23. Exeter AA - £2 rise - £44 to £46
24. Gipping Valley AC - £6 rise - £58 to £64
25. Keynsham AA - £2 rise - £18 to £20

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