70lb silverfish nets at Anglers Hideaway

Little is known about this delightful fishery located deep in the Warwickshire countryside but having had major renovation work on the site including the enlarging of the lakes as well as some re-stocking the venue has improved dramatically.

Anglers are now leaving the venue with smiles on their faces with silverfish nets to 70lb being recorded this year making a refreshing change to the multitude of match carp waters in the area. Sapphire Lake (22 pegs) is the largest and most popular water on site and  like the other two it contains a mix of stock including tench to 4.5lb, chub to 3lb, bream to 5lb, crucians and F1’s to 3lb as well as tonnes of roach, rudd and perch. As a pleasure angler you can expect a good net of around 30lb using simple pole or waggler tactics. We recommend feeding two lines, one at around 11m and one closer in or in the margins. Cup in or ball out two or three balls of sweet groundbait, such as Sonubaits Sweet Fishmeal F1 and loose-feed the bait of your choice over the top. Corn, meat, pellets, maggots or casters all work at this venue on all three lakes. Re-feed only when bites die off and keep loose feeding or potting in loose feed little and often over the top. As the fish only go to around 5lb in here you can get away with fishing fairly lightly and with depths varying between 5-9ft a light float of say 4BB or 0.75 gram on the pole should suffice.

Ruby Lake which has 12 pegs is very similar to Sapphire in what there is to catch so similar tactics can be used. As for Diamond Lake, this is also predominantly a mixed stock venue but there are some double-figure carp in here which can be targeted at night or by fishing on the surface. The standard size of fish in here is also larger than in the other two lakes so you will need stronger gear.

TIP: Don’t ignore the margins on all three lakes as they can be very productive any time throughout the day.

Anglers Hideaway Fishery

Prices: £7 a day £4 concessions, £4 after 5pm, 24 hour ticket on Diamond Lake is £20
Contact: 07513 321083, www.anglershideawayfishery.co.uk
Location: Anglers Hideaway, Knightcote Road, Bishops Itchington, Southam, Warwickshire, CV47 2SL
Rules: Barbless only, carp and silverfish to be separated in keepnets, groundbait not to be fed excessively
Facilities: Toilets, showers (coming soon)