Brace of forties on single hookbaits

With the temperatures starting to increase many anglers start to fish over bigger beds of bait again. But they could be getting ahead of themselves according to Ian Stott, who banked a brace of forties – a 47lb 4oz common and a 42lb 14oz mirror – from Wellington Country Park, Berkshire.

Both fish were fooled by the 47-year-old, Cambridgeshire-based consultant for bait firm Sticky with single 16mm Peach and Pepper pop-ups on hinged-stiff rigs.

“In the past I’ve always liked to fish over beds of bait, whether that be boilies or particles,” Ian told Angling Times. “Over the last couple of years, however, I’ve noticed that the fish generally don’t want to feed over large amounts of bait at this time of year and I’ve had much more success using single hookbaits. In the next few weeks when the carp have become increasingly active I will start to put out more freebies again.”

Arriving at the venue on the Friday evening, he spread all three of his rods out in open water at 80yds range over an area of light Canadian pondweed where he had seen carp showing on his last session. He then had the first take at quarter past five the next morning and after a slow, plodding fight he netted the mirror known as Lumpy.

“After landing it I sacked it up for a little while until there was enough light to do the photos. Half an hour after releasing the mirror my left-hand rod rattled off which resulted in an almighty scrap. The fish weeded me up 60yds from the bank so I had to take to the boat. Once I got above the carp, things started to swing in my favour and it wasn’t long before I was slipping the net under a huge common. I have dreamt of catching a 40lb common for ages so it was a real buzz to finally hold one up for the camera.”

Ian tied his rigs with Korda Mouth Trap hooklinks and size 6 Gardner Covert Chod hooks fished on a metre of leadcore with a 2oz distance lead.