Boilie and maggot cocktail produces 31lb mirror

Carp don’t get much better looking than this 31lb mirror caught by Martin Cannon during a session on the Linch Hill Fishery Christchurch syndicate in Oxfordshire.

Dropping in the closest free swim to where he’d seen fish showing, the 31-year-old Honda shift manager from Swindon baited a clear area with 0.75kg of CC Moore N-Gage XP boilies and 10 spods of dead maggots.

He then cast two rods over the bait and one off to the side with a 15mm boilie hookbait tipped with 5 maggots inside a small solid PVA bag. In the early hours of the following morning this rod burst in to life and after weeding him up, Martin had to wade out and coax his prize towards the waiting net.

His winning setup consisted of a 4ins Fox Coretex hooklink with all of the outer coating removed and a size 8 Gardner Incizor hook.