Thames Water to open new fisheries

The angling world is celebrating this week as one of the UK’s biggest water companies employed a leading fisheries expert to develop a number of new fishing venues in the South East of the country.

Thames Water has announced that it has appointed fisheries expert Rupert Newby – former manager at Cemex Angling, which owns some of the sport’s most famous and prolific venues – to use his expertise to improve existing venues, while also focusing on making new venues available to anglers from the organisation’s huge portfolio of waters.

Company directors have labelled Rupert’s appointment as ‘a statement of intent’, giving him the task of focusing on the body’s huge range of sites and explore opportunities to not only improve access and facilities for existing anglers, but also help promote and bring new anglers into the sport.

“I’m delighted to be in this position and I want anglers to know that this is a water company that wants to be known for providing great fishing, as well as realising what great things angling can bring to local communities,” said Rupert, who has a HND in Fisheries Management and has also taught at the famous Sparsholt College in Hampshire.

“This organisation is about as pro-angling as you could get,” he continued. “_ ere are passionate anglers in the company and I know that I can really make things happen here because Thames Water owns so many venues with great potential.”

The organisation is already well known for its commitment to angling, controlling a number of successful fisheries, including the historic Walthamstow complex in Tring, and leasing many of its venues to local angling clubs.

Thames Water’s director Richard Aylard has been a dedicated angler for 45 years and is of the opinion that Rupert’s employment will take the quality of fishing at the company’s waters to a whole new level – something he feels anglers should be very excited about.

“Rupert’s employment just shows how serious this company is about fishing and its desire to develop and open new sites to anglers,” Richard told Angling Times.

“If there are anglers, fishing clubs and associations out there that have any ideas as to how we can make their fishing better, whether it be access, facilities or enquiring about waters that haven’t been available to the sport before, then we want to hear them.”