176lb alligator gar banked

This fearsome 176lb alligator gar was the highlight of a fishing trip to the USA for globetrotting angler Joe Taylor.


Fishing the Trinity River in Texas with Kirkland Guiding Services, Joe, boss of Bicester, Oxon tackle shop J&K included the fish as one of nine over the 100lb mark caught by him and fellow angling Brit Andy Wornham, floatfishing fishing carp deadbaits, Andy’s best gar going 153lb.


“I’ve been fishing for gars in America for the last 11 years and it’s a hell of an experience,” 64-year-old Joe said. “The takes are savage and the river is so snaggy that once you hook a gar it’s literally a case of pulling as hard as you can and holding on. That means that the fight isn’t that epic and I think the big fish only took 15 minutes to land.”