Coldwater formula groundbaits arrive in UK

The best-selling ground-bait in the world is due to hit UK tackle shops early next month.

Having dominated the Far East market for a number of years, Japanese bait giant Marukyu is now on the verge of launching its radical EFG 130 and EFG 161 ‘coldwater’ formula groundbaits in this country.

The EFG130 (All Temperature Formula) uses a secret blend of seaweeds and kelps called Nori as its main attractor, alongside 22 other ingredients, while the other new arrival, EF 161 (Method Special) is Marukyu’s biggest selling bait in China, contains 28 different ingredients and is designed to work with all Method moulds and in all swimfeeders.

Former England international match angler Roy Marlow, who is now UK development director for Marukyu, said: “We make baits to catch fish, and not to feed fish. As well as the unique ingredients, the different sizes and compressions of the tiny particles in the groundbaits means they all break down at different speeds. The feeding ‘triggers’ in EFG 130 are not only great for carp, but also tench, bream, chub and barbel, which all find the bait irresistible. The EFG 161 on the other hand has had the silverfish ‘triggers’ removed, making it more of an out-and-out carp bait.”

Some anglers will be surprised to learn that the new Marukyu baits will retail at a hefty £6.99 per 900g bag, but according to Roy, you get what you pay for.

“Some anglers spend thousands on their tackle, but then skimp on their bait. It doesn’t matter how flash your tackle is ¬ if your bait’s rubbish, you won’t catch much. Because of the huge amount of attractants in the Marukyu baits, you don’t need to use as much ¬ attraction is the key. Another bonus with these baits is that they don’t need riddling because of the way they have been designed. The benefits are numerous,” said Roy.

Maryuku EFG 130 and EFG 161 are due to be in shops by the first week in December.