Carp Fishing Near Me | Canal venues with big carp

If you like a challenge when you go fishing then there will be nothing better to you than going out to your local canal or river and trying some carp fishing. To help you in your pursuit of carpiness we’ve decided to put together a list of great canal venues where you are likely to catch a carp from.


Bridgewater Canal, Leigh, Lancs

This North-West canal holds its fair share of twenties. The basin at Mather Lane, Astley wide and the boats at Agden are known spots. The Kraft Arm controlled by Warrington AA is also a carp hotspot.

Contact: Leigh Tackle, 01942 604125   

Prices: £2.50 a day on the bank, Leigh DAA, Kraft arm is £20 a year, Warrington AA


Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Bingley, W Yorks        

Few anglers fish this stretch of canal and those who do are matchmen targeting the bream, meaning the big carp to over 20lb which are known to reside here are left untouched.

Contact: WH Kershaw, 01274 595574  

Prices: £2.50 from WH Kershaw, Bingley AC


Rochdale Canal, Todmorden, W Yorks  

The club hold regular matches here which see the odd big carp banked from time to time but few anglers actually target them making this a potential untapped carpy goldmine.

Contact: 01706 639373, Todmorden AS

Prices: £36 a year, Todmorden AS,


Sheffield Canal, Sheffield, S Yorks         

The free ‘Plumpers’ stretch at Tinsley is one of the country’s best canal carp hotspots. Anglers here boast catches of up to six or seven fish per session on baits like pellet or corn on the Method or pole.

Contact: Billy Clarke Tackle, 0114 255 1145      

Prices: Free fishing


Shropshire Union Canal, Chester, Cheshire

The L shaped basin and the section of cut running off it is full of carp to over 20lb, making it popular amongst local carpers.

Contact: Chester Tackle Locker 01244 345069  

Prices: Part of the £20 a year Canal & Rivers Trust Waterway Wanderers Scheme


Trent & Mersey Canal, Northwich, Cheshire

Anderton Marina and the Saltesford Wide stretch are well worth a look as this area of canal can often produce multiple hits of fish in a session.

Contact: Northwich AA, 01270 662487 

Prices: £5 a day from Vale Royal Angling, Northwich AA



Ashby Canal, Hinckley, Leics

Trinity Marina contains a big head of carp so fishing at the marina entrance (you are not permitted to fish within it) will provide you with the chance of enticing them out and banking fish to over 20lb.

Contact: JD Tackle Supplies 01455 633069       

Prices: Part of the £20 a year Canal & River Trust Waterway Wanderers Scheme


Grand Union Canal, Northampton, Northants   

The canal arm at Gayton Marina is worth a try for carp as the marina itself holds fish to nearly 30lb. These fish leave the sanctuary of the marina during periods of low light.

Contact: Northampton Nene AC, 01604 761173

Prices: £5 on the bank, Northampton Nene AC,


Shropshire Union Canal, Pendeford, W Mids     

A match record of 107lb was taken here by an angler catching just 13 carp! Fish below the lock using baits like pellets and boilies and you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Contact: Ian’s Tackle, 01785 715744    

Prices: £2.50 from Ians Tackle, Wolverhampton AA


Stratford Canal, Lowsonford, Warks      

Renowned urban carp angler Alan Blair recently showed the capability of the carp fishing on the Stratford cut in his Urban Banx series of films catching high doubles and odd fish over 20lb.

Contact: Alcester Sports & Tackle 01789 762200

Prices: Part of the £20 a year Canal & River Trust Waterway Wanderers Scheme


Trent & Mersey Canal, Derby, Derbys   

The Shardlow area has produced a fair few specimen carp in recent years. Carp up to 20lbs are frequently caught in the area below Swarkstone locks.

Contact: Fisher Mania, 01332 752500  

Prices: £25 a year canal only ticket, Pride of Derby AA



Basingstoke Canal, Ash Vale, Hants       

A carpy hotspot Ash Vale

Contact: The Creel Aldershot 01252 320871     

Prices: £4 on the bank, Basingstoke Canal AA



Exeter Ship Canal, Exeter, Devon         

The Lime Kilns section of canal and Turf Locks marina is not just a bream and tench water as carp to a staggering 40lb have been landed off the record.

Contact: Exeter Angling Centre 01392 435591  

Prices: £5 from Exeter Angling Centre, Exeter AA


Grand Union Canal, Ivinghoe, Beds       

The Luton Angling Club stretches are renowned for their excellent carp sport and they arent many better in the UK than the area around Ivinghoe boats.

Contact: Luton AC, 077044 62635        

Prices: £5 on the bank, Luton AC


Grand Union Canal, Little Venice, London

Big carp hide amongst the moored boats here so the trick is to find a gap and feed tight to the barges. Big carp are also rumoured to exist on the canal around Camley Street Nature Reserve near Kings Cross.

Contact: First Tackle, 02084 557778

Prices: Part of the £20 a year Canal & River Trust Waterway Wanderers Scheme


Grand Union Canal, Marsworth, Herts  

Another known carp hotspot on this waterway; the locks area at Marsworth holds some monster fish which can be stalked by fishing tight to features like boats or the locks themselves.

Contact: Tring Anglers, 077961 78313  

Prices: £5 on the bank, Tring Anglers


Royal Military Canal, Hythe, Kent         

A known big fish canal, the Ladies Walk area holds some huge fish to near 30lb. In the past they have been caught by imitating the bread which is fed to the ducks. Try a washed out white mainline cell boilie.

Contact: Cinque Ports AS, 01303 891450          

Prices: £5 on the bank, Cinque Ports AS