The best fishing boots

The best fishing boots

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For anglers that like to stay mobile, a pair of the best fishing boots will make covering the miles far more comfortable. There is nothing worse than walking around your local lake, riverbank or climbing trees and having sore or wet feet, it is enough to knock the enthusiasm out of the most dedicated anglers and having a quality pair of boots will prevent this happening.

Many of the best fishing boots are waterproof, have comfortable insoles and offer fantastic protection to your ankle to prevent any injuries occurring when walking over the demanding terrain us anglers are often faced with. They offer the perfect compromise for anglers that don't want to wear wellies but when normal trainers/shoes don't offer the level of support they need.

The best fishing boots at a glance:

• Best Fishing Boots For Comfort: Korum Neoteric Field Boots - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• Best Fishing Boots For Versatility: Korda Kore Kombat Boots - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• Best Designed Fishing Boot: Nash ZT Trail Boots - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• Best Fishing Boots For Durability: Fox Khaki Camo Boots - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

A pair of fishing boots is also a great option for those looking for footwear that will last and won’t be affected by getting wet and muddy. Fishing can be very demanding on footwear, so investing in the best fishing boots will leave you with one less thing to worry about. Here is a guide to some of the best boots available…

Best fishing boots for summer

The Preston Innovations Drifish Field Boots feature a breathable fabric to keep your feet cool and to minimise the weight of the boot, they've been designed to allow you to walk long distances on any terrain. The boots have a reinforced sole to vastly improve their durability, with extra support built into the ankle area to prevent any injuries when walking over uneven ground.

These boots are incredibly comfortable thanks to their soft inner lining, so much so you may even forget you have them on!


  • Very comfortable.
  • Breathable design, great in summer.


  • Not ideal for winter.

Best fishing boots for durability

If you want a comfortable boot that is also very stylish, then the Fox Khaki Camo Boots are definitely the boots for you. The boot itself is finished in a very pleasing Khaki/Camo Hydrotec material that is also waterproof to help prevent water ingress from rain, puddles and muddy banksides. The boots also feature a mesh inner material to help improve their breathability, so even on warm summer days you won't be uncomfortable or sweat whilst wearing them.

The Fox Khaki Camo Boots offer great ankle support and have a thick, chunky design to the base of the sole to increase grip and durability, so they will not only look good for ages, they will last too!


  • Waterproof design.
  • Very stylish.


  • Laces could be slightly more durable.

Best fishing boot for versatility

The Korda Kore Kombat Boots have been designed to replicate high-quality walking boots with added appeal and features to aid anglers when chasing their quarry. The boots have excellent waterproofing properties, so you won't need to worry if you're walking through wet grass or sloppy banksides, the boots will keep your feet dry, you can even stand in the water and they won't leak, until they are submerged.

The boots are really easy to get on and off, something that is normally difficult with a boot, so are perfect for using for carp angling when you need to slip into them during the night. The boots offer great support without being rigid, so they won't rub on your feet, helping to prevent any sore spots or blisters forming, great if you cover the miles in your angling. A chunky sole completes the boots, preventing any slipping or premature wearing. They are available in Black, Brown or Olive.


  • Waterproof membrane prevents water ingress.
  • Easy to get on and off.


  • Not particularly insulating, but a good pair of socks makes them useable all year round.

Best designed fishing boot

If you want ultimate confidence in your boots to keep your feet dry, the Nash ZT Trail Boots would be a hard option to ignore. The waterproofing material extends around the whole shoe to ensure no matter how bad the weather is or how wet the bankside becomes, these boots will withstand it all.

The boots are incredibly tough too, incorporating rotproof heavyweight laces with metal eyelets, they aren't going to disintegrate at the first sign of wear. A high grip sole prevents the chance of injury from slipping whilst also helping you navigate steep and uneven terrain with utmost ease and safety. The boots are not all performance though, as Nash have made them look superb too, a great all round boot for angling in any weather.


  • Great for all-year-round usage.
  • Very hardwearing design.


  • Can be tricky to get on to begin with, does get easier after wearing.

Best fishing boots for walking long distances

The Prologic Bank Bound Trek Boots have been created to cater for anglers that are mobile, cover lots of ground and need a shoe to perform in the harshest environments. The boots are available in a medium and high cut version to tailor to everyone's preferences, depending on how much protection you want and which style you find most comfortable.

The main material on the boot is made from a treated suede leather, not only does this give a premium look to the boot, it makes it waterproof and ensures longevity. The sole of the boot has a non-slip, deep track rubber design with a reinforced area on the toe and the heel to prevent wear when taking them off via the other shoe. The camo finish to the boot is lovely, whilst it won't appeal to everyone, to those it does will really admire the overall product.


  • Medium and high cut versions available.
  • Perfect support for walking long distances.


  • Camo finish won't appeal to everyone's taste.

Best fishing boot for comfort

Built with specialist anglers in mind, the Korum Neoteric Field Boot is the ultimate choice for anglers that can't sit still and have to be mobile. The boot is a sort of trainer/walking boot hybrid, which makes them very comfortable to wear, you can wear them all day and forget you've got them on. The mesh lining in the shoe makes them really breathable too, so your feet won't get hot and uncomfortable on those long, summer sessions.

The PU material (synthetic leather) on the boot is hardwearing and easy to clean, which makes them look as good as new between sessions, and by incorporating a flexible thermoplastic sole, the boots are exceptionally durable too. The flexible sole really makes a difference when walking a long way as it moves with your foot and is very lightweight, so you won't feel fatigued wearing them, but it still offers protection from sharp objects you may step on.


  • PU material is easy to clean.
  • Very comfortable boot.


  • Not fully waterproof.

Best fishing boots for cold weather

As the name suggests, the Daiwa Hotfoot Airlock Boots have been brought to the market to keep anglers' feet warm throughout the colder months. The boot is made in two halves, the bottom is a fully waterproof rubber material which will prevent water getting in if you stand in a puddle or walk through wet foliage. The top of the boot is made from a flexible fabric material which makes them easy to manoeuvre in, if you need to bend down the boots will fold over, which is important on a taller boot as it prevents it digging into your shin.

The boots are a snug fit with lots of insulation, which will lock out the cold and trap the heat generated by your movement inside the boot, hence the name Airlock. If you fish in the colder months and don't like to wear a pair of wellies, this boot is a great compromise, as it will offer good water resistance and really good thermal properties. The boots are very sturdy and they can give the impression that they are bulky, but they aren't, they are really lightweight and easy to get into.


  • Incredibly warm boot.
  • Flexible top prevents it digging into your shin.


  • Not ideal for hot weather.

Best for wading

If you do a lot of wading, whether that be when fly fishing or just enjoy getting into the water, the Wychwood SDS Gorge Wading Boot is tailor-made for this situation. Whilst the boot is referred to as a wading boot, it is not waterproof, instead it is designed to be as porous and lightweight as possible so the water flows though the boot, without saturating the fabric, which would weigh it down.

The boot is easy to get on and off and offers superb support when walking on lakes and riverbeds, where you can't always see what you're stepping on. The cleated sole really grips the bottom and helps prevent you becoming unsteady on your feet. A leather mid-section with ripstop technology ensures the boot will withstand any contact with sharp objects or gravel. The boots also dry off really quickly, so once you're out of the water they will be dry in no time at all.

The boot is intended to be used with a pair of stocking waders or drysuit, giving you a more comfortable and safe way of traversing the often slippery riverbed. If you walk a long way, are in and out of the water and often feel weighed down by the wellies on standard waders, this option could be great for you.


  • Ideal for wading.
  • Create sole for extra grip.


  • Not the best for walking really long distances.

What to look for in a fishing boot

If you're in the market for some new footwear, there are several factors to consider before you decide which are the best fishing boots for you to choose. If you only need the boots for fishing in the warmer months, then choosing a lightweight boot that has a mesh layer will help keep your feet cool and comfortable, preventing any rubbing and keeping the overall weight down to make for easier walking.

If you do a lot of fishing on rivers or venues where the bankside is steep, uneven or requires you walking through wet areas, choose a boot with a good, thick sole and a higher design to help support your ankles, plus ensure they are waterproof where possible. This will mean whatever terrain you encounter you can navigate it far more efficiently, as well as stopping your feet getting wet, whilst also reducing the chance of injury. There is nothing worse than walking a long way and not being able to get to the fish because you have the incorrect footwear on.

Lastly, when it comes to fishing in the cold, the best fishing boots will be those that can keep your feet warm and dry, nothing reduces enthusiasm quicker in the winter than your feet getting wet and cold. An insulated pair with a waterproof layer would be by far the best choice if you are out there in the most extreme conditions.


Neoprene: A robust and stretchy fabric that is also waterproof and provides good heat insulation properties.

EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a material that has high resilience, high toughness, good shock resistance, cushioning performance, heat insulation and low temperature performance - perfect for wellies.

Cleated sole: Deep recesses or protruding metal studs to improve grip on slippery surfaces.

Kick block: A plastic or rubber mount at the base of the heel to help you use your other foot to remove your welly easier.

Frequently asked questions on fishing boots

What boots are best for carp fishing in?

The type of carp angler you are will dictate which boots are best for you, one thing that is required, however, is that they are easy to get into, as you will hopefully need to slip them on during the night when you get a take. If you are a mobile carp angler, choose a durable, lightweight boot with a good grip on the sole, as this will allow you to manoeuvre yourself around the lake easily in search of the next opportunity.

Do I need to wear fishing boots?

You can wear whatever footwear you like on the bank, but a good pair of fishing boots will help make your session more comfortable. The best fishing boots are designed to withstand the rigours and demanding terrain we as anglers are often faced with, they will keep your feet secure and provide support for your ankle to prevent any injuries occurring.

Author Aidan Bordiuk is an enthusiastic angler who enjoys all fishing disciplines from match fishing to beach casting. He is currently occupying the position of Commercial Content Writer at Angling Times.

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