10 Haunted Fishing Venues

Check out these spooky fishing lakes and rivers if you fancy a Halloween fright on the bank this weekend

10 Haunted Fishing Venues

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Anglers often have a monster story to tell, but there are some who have stories from the bank that are far more frightening than just catching a massive fish.

It certainly seems that some venues are hotspots for more than just fishing activity. Here's just a brief selection of waters where anglers haven't quite felt as alone as intended.

Bob’s Island, River Trent, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire

Bob’s Island is one of the most prolific fisheries on the River Trent, offering excellent barbel sport with fish to 16lb.

There are chub, bream, roach and pike in here too... and this fishery is home to numerous ghostly tales centred around the historic Newark Castle that overlooks the island.

Anglers fishing the Point swim have seen ghostly figures standing in the windows of the castle, and a mysterious window that cannot be seen during the day is said to appear on the castle walls at night.

Bob’s Island, River Trent, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire
Bob’s Island, River Trent, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire

Abbrook Pond, Newton Abbot, Devon

Once a regular haunt of angling legend Dick Walker, this picturesque water run by Exeter Angling Association is steeped in history and has more than its share of mystery.

Not only are there stories of monster pike, catfish and carp being hooked, seen and lost – there are also ghostly tales of anglers feeling as if they are not quite alone when spending a night on the bank here.

Former water manager Kevin Dobson says:

“You need a night permit to fish after dark, which can be a productive bite time. It’s a surreal place to be at night and a couple of experiences have made me wonder if the place is haunted.

"These have included footsteps behind the bivvy late at night and a disappearing man on the bridge over to the island."

Abbrook Pond, Newton Abbot, Devon
Abbrook Pond, Newton Abbot, Devon

Wood Lake, Busbridge, Surrey

This picturesque lake was purchased by Godalming AS from Ladywell Convent in 1987, and is set in five acres of stunning woodland.

However, over the years club members have shielded away from night fishing this venue due to rumours of it being haunted.

As darkness falls, those brave enough to be out fishing have claimed they’ve heard footsteps, rustling trees and the cracking of sticks and twigs.

Other than that, the venue is an angling gem and provides excellent sport with perch, roach, bream, carp and tench to those fishing next to the many beds of lilies dotted around this water.

Coombe Pool, Coventry, West Midlands

This pool is set within the grounds of Coombe Abbey, and this site is haunted by a number of spirits.

The ghostly figure of a monk murdered in 1345 has been spotted on the grounds, alongside a ghoulish horseman and a Victorian woman who stands by the roadside.

The Pool itself is famous for its bream fishing.

Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, South Wales

Alongside the carp, Caerphilly Castle is home to the restless spirit of Princess Alice of Angouleme, also known as The Green Lady, who dropped dead with shock after hearing the news that her lover had been executed.

She is now said to haunt the castle as she awaits to be reunited with her lover.

Don’t hold your breath, love!

Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, South Wales
Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, South Wales

River Bure, Horning, Norfolk

The ghost of treacherous monk Essric is believed to haunt St Benet’s Abbey. The unfortunate cleric was nailed to the door and skinned alive by Norman soldiers.

You can fish the River Bure that is overlooked by this abbey – on some nights the screams of Essric can be heard, and shortly after the corpse of a writing monk can be seen.

River Bure, Horning, Norfolk
River Bure, Horning, Norfolk

Grand Union Canal, Blisworth, Northampton

The 3000m-long Blisworth Tunnel can be found on this stretch of the Grand Union Canal, and it offers excellent fishing for predator anglers as well as a host of harrowing tales to chill the blood.

During its construction in the 18th Century, the Blisworth Tunnel claimed many lives, and while exact figures are not known, it is estimated that around 50 people were killed in the building work.

These include 14 navvies who hit quicksand and caused a partial roof collapse. A few years later, another tragic incident occurred when smoke billowed into the tunnel from a broken boiler, causing two boats to collide in the inky blackness.

In the ensuing chaos several people drowned, and they do say that the victims’ wails and frantic splashing can still be heard today.

Grand Union Canal, Blisworth, Northampton
Grand Union Canal, Blisworth, Northampton

Crookes Valley Park, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The lake at Crookes Valley Park is said to be 50ft deep in places, and there are numerous tales that surround this unusual water.

The ghost of a girl who drowned in the 1970s is said to haunt this water, alongside mutated fish that were thrown into the water after failed university experiments.

It has been said that a police diver once went into the water in search of a body, and after seeing the monsters of its depths he vowed never to dive down there again.

Gyrn Castle, Llanasa, Flintshire

The secluded lake on the Gyrn Castle Estate holds some stunning carp. Surrounding the castle itself is the sculpture of a scary fire-breathing dragon, and in its 200-year lifespan this venue is sure to have accumulated several ghostly secrets.

River Aire, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The stretch of the Aire that runs through town down to Kirkstall Abbey offers excellent fishing for roach, chub and barbel.

If you’re fishing by the Abbey, beware of the ghost of Mary, who witnessed her husband commit murder, and listen out for the ghost of the former abbot who can be heard walking around the museum next to the abbey ruins.

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