YouTube vlogger endures extreme fight with wonderful Loddon barbel

YouTube vlogger endures extreme fight with wonderful Loddon barbel

by Freddie Sandford |
Published on

The stars aligned for YouTube vlogger Mark Erdwin recently when a slight change in humidity and some very light rainfall created the perfect conditions for barbel fishing.

Targeting a moody stretch of the River Loddon, Mark's efforts were rewarded with this fine 15lb 2oz specimen, a real chunk for the southern waterway.

“Having lightly fed the swim, I cast a paste-wrapped and hardened dumbell boilie into position and, within 20 minutes, I received an indication that fish were around when I landed a chub that had eyes bigger than
its belly!" he told us.

“Recasting, I had a quick wrap-round on the rod-tip before it sprang back to its initial position. Ten minutes later came a series of lighter taps before my centrepin went into overdrive!

“The fight was extreme, but I managed to bully the fish out of some reeds and safely away from low-hanging snags. By the time I landed it, I think I was the more exhausted! My reward was a wonderful barbel."


Mark Erdwin and his 15lb-plus Loddon barbel.

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