Prices frozen on club books for 2016

Angling was given another major boost this week after dozens of the country’s biggest clubs revealed they are freezing membership prices this season.
Clubs throughout the UK have been widely praised for their commitment to providing the best value sport on offer, and they have signalled their intention to continue that trend with the latest slice of good news.
The decision comes a week after the Environment Agency announced a major overhaul of the rod licence system that is aimed at increasing participation and helping anglers save money.
Cheshire’s Warrington AA has charge £45 for several years for access to a vast array of canals, rivers and stillwaters, and the committee has rubber-stamped a deal to keep that price in place.
Chairman Frank Lythgoe believes the freeze will benefit all involved, and he told Angling Times: “We are a non-profit organisation that is run for the benefit of the members and we see no reason to increase prices at a time when we have sufficient funds to meet our outgoings.
“I am confident that this policy will be well received by our current members and also play a big part in attracting new faces into the club.”
Other big-name clubs, including Birmingham AA, Hereford DAA, Earl of Harrington’s AC and Wigan DAA, have followed suit in holding their price structure, with officials hoping the decision will also help attract an influx of new permit-holders.
Moves have also been made to make sure that the sport’s declining numbers of junior anglers are halted and then reversed, with a number of clubs handing out free memberships to children.
Todmorden AS is among them, and club secretary Ray Barber said: “This brand new scheme provides under-12s with a free annual ticket and we have brought it in to try and get more young people to take up fishing. We felt it was important to do our bit to secure a solid future for fishing.”