Huge Thames common carp... on a quivertip!

There aren’t too many near-35lb common carp in the upper Thames, but Alan Storey managed to tame one on a quivertip rod and a 6lb hooklink.
The experienced all-rounder was targeting bream on a stretch of the river near Oxford when the 34lb 12oz fish picked up his hookbait just moments after he had begun fishing.
The Nash-backed rod said: “I’ve been looking to find an area I can consistently catch bream from, so I’ve been trickling in a bit of bait.
“On Saturday, although I put a bit of bait in, I left it until dark before putting two rods out. Before I could roll a cigarette my second rod was away. I thought it could be a chub or a barbel picking up the bait, but I knew within seconds that it was a carp.
“The fight was fairly uneventful as I had deep water at my feet, but it still took 35 minutes to get into my pan net.”
Alan, from Oxfordshire, added: “It wasn’t particularly fat, but it was very long, with a huge mouth.
“I’m told it could be an Oxfordshire Thames record for a common, but it’s very hard to verify on the river.”
Alan fished a feeder stuffed with fishmeal and Nash 4G Squid pellets, with a whittled-down 14mm 4G bottom bait attached to a Nash Fang Twister hook.