4lb 2oz perch from Midgham Manor Fisheries

Carp angler Carl Udry’s decision to abandon his bivvy and bite alarm to target perch paid off handsomely when he netted this 4lb 2oz specimen from Midgham Manor Fisheries.

After hearing of the captures of several large perch from the Berkshire complex the local rod was determined to get in on the action.

Selecting a deep and weedy marginal swim he baited the close range spot with a bed of maggots and worms.

Using a light waggler rig, comprising 4lb mainline, a 2lb hooklink and a size 20 hook, it didn’t take long for the fish to show an interest, but unfortunately he lost his first two takes.

Thankfully, it was a case of third time lucky and after keeping the perch away from a set of snags he soon had his new pb on the bank.

“I was determined to get a large perch and by picking a few people’s brains, I managed to achieve just that,” said Carl. “I am confident there are even bigger fish in there and there are rumours that potential record breakers could be present,” he added.

For more details on the complex email midghammanor@yahoo.co.uk

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