Fly fishing tactics score for 30lb 4oz pike

Fly fishing expert Mike Green showed that you don’t need to use fish baits to tempt big pike when he landed this huge 30lb 4oz predator.

The Northampton-based specialist used a home-made pike fly at the popular and prolific Chew Reservoir in Somerset and landed the fish during a tough two-day session.

A silver and blue sinking bait, that’s made to imitate a small roach, was the winning bait and it was a catch beaten with the help of a Bob Church Pro Piker rod and a 20lb leader.

Mike is no stranger to catching big pike using this method either as he’s now landed three ‘thirties’ and one specimen over the 40lb barrier.

“Big pike almost fight like marlin when you catch them on the fly and it’s such an effective and enjoyable way of catching them I don’t know why more people don’t give it a go because it’s not complicated at all,” Mike told Angling Times.