Target 40 after nine month wait

A nine-month quest for this 44lb 6oz mirror ended in a flurry of fish for Lloyd Sanders.

The 33-year-old has had a scorching August on the Top Lake at Cleverley Fisheries in Essex, with the forty coming a week after a 13-fish session that also yielded two thirties and 10 twenties.

The Basildon rod said: “I used 10kg of bait that week and put another 5kg in when I left on the Sunday. I visited the lake again on Tuesday and put out another 5kg, before returning on the Friday for a 48-hour trip.

“I got back into the swim I had been baiting and got the rods back on the spot, which is a hard patch in the weed. Twenty minutes after setting up I had a 22-pounder and after getting the rod back on the spot one of the others was away with a fully scaled 27lb 10oz mirror.

“As I was taking photos of that fish, my right-hand rod was away. My mate slipped back the 27-pounder and I picked up the rod, slipped on my waders and took a few steps into the lake.

“The fish had weeded me up and it felt heavy from the off. It was slow and plodding, not like all the others. After teasing it in thought the weed bed, I saw it roll on the surface before going into the net first time.

“To my delight it was the one I had joined in November to catch! After 42 nights, 29 carp landed and five lost, it was job done!”

All the fish fell to hinged stiff rigs and a new Nash bait on test.

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