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With fisheries becoming more prolific, match weights increasing and many fisheries introducing strict net limits, having the best keepnets is essential if you want to safely retain the fish you catch. Modern keepnets come in a variety of styles and patterns, some vary in length, others have different shaped heads to allow a landing net to easily pass through them and they can also vary in what they are made from depending on where they are designed to be used.

The best keepnets for commercials are generally made from a super fine mesh and are between 2m and 3m in length, due to some fisheries requiring upto 20 keepnets now, the shorter, more compact size allows anglers to position them easier. Keepnets for rivers are usually a little longer in length, with the main difference being the mesh size, it will be much wider to allow the water to flow through easier, this not only reduces the pressure on the net but keeps the fish happy, giving them a flow of oxygenated water whilst they are retained.

The best fishing keepnets at a glance...

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With so many different keepnets on the market it can be difficult to decide which one you need, with some manufacturers doing packs of multiple nets to try and keep the costs down. If you fish a lot of matches or go fishing where nets are allowed, we have compiled a guide below to the best keepnets available to try and help you make the best decision...

Best commercial keepnet pack

If you require multiple nets and don't want to spend a fortune, then this Matrix 2.5m Commercial Keepnet Pack is ideal for you. The pack consists of 3 nets for under £100 and they are really great quality too, 2.5m in length and constructed from a durable fish-safe mesh, so they will comply with all commercial fishery rules, coupled with heavy duty plastic rings and grab handles they make for a very hardwearing, easy to use and safe keepnet.

The top ring of the net is 45cm x 35cm so you can easily get upto 4 nets or more on a keepnet bar and you can efficiently transfer fish from your landing net without the net getting stuck or tangled.


  • Great quality net.
  • Pack of 3 for those on a budget.


  • Some fisheries may require a longer net, although they are few and far between.

Best quick drying keepnet

The Preston Innovations Quick Dry Keepnets are made from a brand-new material which is extremely durable and very fish-friendly too. Each rectangular ring features rubber protector corner sleeves to prevent unnecessary wear when pulling the nets out of the water, and you’ll also find a fixed angle locking mechanism which makes positioning the net so much easier. The Quick Dry Keepnet features pull-through handles for easier transfer of fish into the weigh sling and has a recess on the top ring to allow you to position a rod.

The 2.5m model is ideal for fishing close in or down the edge, while the 3m version is a great all-rounder. The 4m net is ideal for high banks or shallow venues where extra length is needed. In 2.5m, 3m and 4m lengths.


  • Durable, fish safe material.
  • Fix angle fitting is really useful.


  • The pull-through handles could be a bit more durable.

Best keepnet for rivers

The Daiwa N'ZON Fast Flow keepnet is 3.5m long and boasts a strong aluminium top ring, which is fitted with an ultra-secure and easy to use angle lock attachment to provide you with the perfect set-up when wading or fishing from a seatbox or a platform in water. 

The net has thick external ribs that are additionally reinforced with 5mm nanomesh corners, so it will withstand the roughest of underwater terrain and fast-running water.  The bottom three rings are also aluminium to help keep the net pinned down and they incorporate micromesh to create an area of slack water, offering the fish a refuge out of the flow as they would naturally use, a great idea. The net is available in a square or round profile.


  • Perfect keepnet for flowing water.
  • Wide mesh also dries quickly.


  • Better suited to rivers than commercial venues.

Best in class fishing keeping

If you need a durable keepnet whether you're a match or pleasure angler, the Guru Match Keepnet is one of the best options out there. The net is available in 2.5m, 3m or a 4m eurostyle net to cover all eventualities, the shorter net being great for smaller carp and f1s and the larger nets perfect for carp and low water levels.

The keepnet features an oversized top ring, which allows you to easily slide your landing net into it for the safe transfer of large fish without the risk of losing them. The bottom three rings are slightly narrower to allow you to easily pull them through when it comes to weighing the fish.

All the rings are weighted to make sure the net doesn't float and is kept pinned down out of the way of you whilst remaining stretched out to give the fish the maximum amount of room. The rings are protected externally to prevent damage caused by rubbing on the lakebed when removing, whilst the super soft mesh prevents damage to the fish whilst they are held.


  • Weighted rings to give maximum room for the fish.
  • Bottom rings narrower to help pulling them through.


  • Can be a little heavy removing from the water.

Best designed keepnet

One of the best selling and most popular commercial keepnets on the market is the Preston Innovations Space Saver Keepnet. The net is especially favoured on venues where the angler requires multiple nets due to their design.

The top ring is elongated in a rectangular shape rather than a traditional square, allowing you to squeeze the maximum amount of nets onto a toolbar, hence the name Space Saver. The shape also makes it easier to get your landing net into the keepnet, making the process of transferring fish really efficient.

The nets are availabale in 2.5m and 3m, allowing you to tailor your nets to venue rules or water levels and both nets feature a standard fish safe mesh with reinforced corners. If you fish a venue that requires lots of nets and like to keep everything neat and compact, these nets are definitely a great choice.


  • Innovative top ring design.
  • One of the most popular commercial keepnets available.


  • Can sometimes be tricky to pull the rings through.

Best value keepnets

Designed to remove some of the financial strain of buying multiple nets, the Nufish 2.5m Keepnet pack consists of three fish safe keepnets for under £90, perfect for those bagging waters that have strict net limits.

The nets not only look great with their modern finish, they also perform really well too and considering how much they cost, you would be hard pushed to find a better set of nets. A durable mesh and ringing ensure the fish are kept safe and the nets won't wear out quickly, very important if you fish regularly and catch a lot of fish.

The thread fixing is operated via a thumb screw and can be rotated allowing you to securely position the nets at the angle you like them to be.


  • Pack of three for anglers who need lots of nets.
  • Well built nets.


  • Thumbscrew can be tricky to operate when you have cold hands.

Best value net for silvers

The Westin Silverfish 2.5m Keepnet is the ideal net for silverfish, F1s or venues where you aren't going to be putting large weights over 50lb in a net. With its silver mesh colour it's a great net to accompany your main nets or use as one net when pleasure fishing, it will allow you to remember where your silverfish are to stop you getting confused as many fisheries require you to split them from carp.

The soft, fish friendly mesh is lovely and soft, helping to keep delicate fish like roach and skimmers in great condition and the net itself feels far more premium than it costs. Aluminium base rings help with the durability of the net as well as keeping the net spread out to prevent fish becoming trapped whilst inside. An angle tilt block completes the net to allow you to have the net positioned where you find it most comfortable.


  • Soft, forgiving mesh for delicate silverfish.
  • Aluminium rings helps keep the net stretched out.


  • Longer versions would be great too.

Best keepnet for versatility

The MAP Commercial Sliders are unique, in that the slider fitting can be moved along the top ring. This allows them to be used as traditional keepnets or, alternatively, the slider can be moved to make the net more compact when multiple nets need to be attached to a keepnet bar.

Both the 2.5m and 3m versions are ideal for small carp and F1s, and both feature reinforced pull-through bottom rings. In 2.5m and 3m lengths.


  • Sliding feature makes it easy to place multiple nets.
  • Lightweight net.


  • Not as durable as some other keepnets on the market.

best newcomer keepnets

If you catch a lot of carp and demand durability from your keepnets then the Nytro Carp Mesh Keepnet will stand upto the rigours of modern day match fishing. Relative newcomers to the market, Nytro have been releasing some impressive tackle at extraordinary prices and this keepnet is no different.

The densely woven mesh is fish friendly and dries very quickly, great if you don't have a net bag and travel between fisheries and have to dry them out before using them, something every angler should do anyway! The nets are available in 2.5m, 3m and 4m, so there will be a length that will suit your requirements, the 3m being the best all-round size.


  • Durable construction.
  • Perfect for anglers who catch loads of carp.


  • Handles for pulling through the rings would be ideal.

Best quality keepnets

Produced using super-soft carp sacking, the Drennan Match Keepnets are some of the best keepnets on the market, super durable and very fish friendly. The material is really thick on these nets, so you don't have to worry about them being destroyed quickly - they can take a serious beating.

Available in three sizes, there is a compact carp net at 2m long, a carp net at 3m and a river net at 3m to cover all your angling needs. The 2m is great on venues where you catch very close to the bank, often on a top kit as these nets won't interfere with your swim. The last two rings are also narrower to create a funnel to contain the fish for easy weighing.


  • Superior quality.
  • Narrow bottom rings for efficient weighing of fish.


  • The material can take a while to dry out.

What to look for in a fishing keepnet

When deciding which are the best keepnets for you there are a few dominating factors that will make your choice easier. If you go to a venue that has a net weight limit and you will catch a lot of fish, choose a net that has the ability to slide or has a space saving option as this will make your setup much more compact and easy to manage.

If you fish rivers or wild open venues, a net that has a wider mesh would be far more beneficial as the water can flow through the mesh freely, this will keep the fish healthy and happy as well as preventing the net buckling or being dragged downstream as finer mesh can cause, depending on the flow rate.

The best keepnets will have tilting blocks to allow you to mount them on a bar or backtick and position them how you want to. They will also have soft, safe mesh material, there is no excuse in these modern times to use a mesh that will damage the fish, so choose a quality net.


Keepnet: An elongated net that is used for the safe retaining of fish during a session.

Fish safe mesh: A fine, densely woven mesh that is soft and designed to be kind to the fish and prevent mucus being removed from their bodies.

Rings: Plastic or metal in construction, these rings are equally spaced along the length of the net to give it structure and keep it open.

Block: The screw thread located at the top of the net to allow the net to be fastened to your chosen instrument, whether that be a bankstick of keepnet bar.

Top ring: The opening of the keepnet, the first ring and where the block is positioned.

Frequently asked questions on fishing keepnets

What is a fishing keepnet?

A keepnet is an elongated net that is used for the temporary retention of fish during a fishing session, often used in match angling to allow the anglers to weigh their fish at the end of the match. The nets vary in length and have rings positioned at equal intervals to keep the net open whilst submerged to give the fish room to swim.

How do I use a keepnet?

Using a keepnet is very straightforward, simply throw the net out into the lake whilst firmly holding onto the top ring, this will allow the net to extend out into the lake. Allow the net to sink before you attach it to a banstick or a keepnet attachment on your seatbox. If the net contracts you can push it out with the use of your landing net handle.

What is a net limit?

Most fisheries in the UK will have a strict weight limit that you have to adhere to in your keepnet. Some are 50lb, some 60lb etc, and you may face disqualification from a match if you exceed the stated limit.

How do I know what length keepnet to buy?

The length of the keepnet is down to personal preference unless fishery rules state you need a minimum length. A good size to start is 2.5m-3m. This is the average most anglers use and will give the fish room to swim, without it being too long and cumbersome to rearrange if you are catching well and need to introduce more nets. Also its worth considering the water level at your local fisheries, if the pegs are quite high off the water a longer net is always better.

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