Five of the best KEEPNETS

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Modern keepnets come in a variety of styles and patterns. Match anglers requiring multiple nets tend to use those with compact openings that save on space, while river anglers favour a larger-meshed net with aluminium rings that keep it pinned down in the flow.

Keepnet capacity (ring width and net length) should be dictated by the venues you fish. There’s little point in buying a 2.5m-long net if your fishing position is from a high bank where a 3m-plus net is clearly called for.

The type of material and the mesh size are again a personal choice, but all modern keepnets use fish-friendly materials which help to prevent damage to the fish’s fins and body.

MAP Commercial Slider nets

THESE MAP Commercial Sliders are unique, in that the slider fitting can be moved along the top ring. This allows them to be used as traditional keepnets or, alternatively, the slider can be moved to make the net more compact when multiple nets need to be attached to a keepnet bar.

Both the 2.5m and 3m versions are ideal for small carp and F1s, and both feature reinforced pull-through bottom rings. In 2.5m and 3m lengths.

Price: £59.99,


THESE are made from a brand-new material which is extremely durable. Each rectangular ring features rubber protector corner sleeves, and you’ll also find a fixed angle locking mechanism, pull-through handles and a built-in rod rest.

The 2.5m model is ideal for fishing close in or down the edge, while the 3m version is a great all-rounder. The 4m net is ideal for high banks or shallow venues where extra length is needed. In 2.5m, 3m and 4m lengths.

Price: From £49.99 to £59.99,


THIS 2.5m net is perfect for commercials and stillwaters, because its smaller mesh pattern allows water to pass through at a slower rate. It can be attached securely to your box or bankstick with Daiwa’s unique locking block. It has two strong top rings and three bottom rings, all made of aluminium, to create a sturdy frame.

To simplify pulling the net out of the water there are two handles inside the bottom third ring, and it comes in a zippered bag.

Price: £59.99,

Daiwa Tournament Fast Flow 3.5m

The Daiwa Tournament Fast Flow keepnet is 3.5m long and boasts a strong aluminium top ring, which is fitted with an ultra-secure and easy to use angle lock attachment to provide you with the perfect set-up when wading or fishing from a seatbox or a platform in water.

The net has thick external ribs that are additionally reinforced with 5mm nanomesh corners so it will withstand the roughest of underwater terrain and fast-running water.

The bottom two sections are made of micromesh that offers stress-free fish refuge.

Price: £79.99,

MIDDY Baggin’ Machine Carp-Sack Fast-Dry Keepnet

Made from tight knit fast-dry mono material, to create a safe haven for the largest of carp, fishery-approved Baggin’ Machine Carp-Sack keepnets have a Six-Plus adjustment angle lock and a thick 10mm polymer bottom ring with stake out D-rings.

The thick bottom ring adds strength and weight to the base. These nets are seven-stitched with anti-rot thread for durability, and longevity, and are available in 9ft, 10ft and 12ft lengths

Price £69.99 (12ft),

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