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Modern fishing seatboxes are some of the most customisable items of tackle available, with a whole host of accessories available to make a box your ultimate fishing station. What started out as odd attachments to hold a brolly or a side tray has transformed into a variety of attachments for almost anything you could conceive.

Some of the best seatbox accessories have become such a staple it is hard to think how anglers managed to fish without them. Products like feeder arms, side trays and keepnet bars, to name a few, are attached to nearly every seatbox in the country and make our angling so much neater and more efficient. Whether you need an attachment to hold your pole secure, somewhere to position a clicker, or a roost to hold your top kits and rods, they are all now available.

The best seatbox accessories at a glance...

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Regardless of your preferred angling style, should that be high level match fishing or simply an angler out for a day’s pleasure fishing, if you use a seatbox, chances are you will use an attachment on it in some form or another. Here is a guide to some of the best seatbox accessories currently available…

Best seatbox side tray


The easy-to-fit Preston Innovations Venta-Lite Hoodie Side Tray will keep your bait in tip-top


  • Vented to keep bait cool.
  • Hood provides shelter from adverse weather conditions.


  • Might be a little large for some anglers.

Best seatbox keepnet bar


The Matrix 3D-R Extending Tool Bar Pro is an essential piece of kit for any match angler visiting


  • The best way to attach multiple keepnets to a seatbox.
  • Knuckles provide a simple and efficient way of attaching nets.


  • Quick release can get a bit stiff, so make sure it's clean and free from dirt.

Best seatbox umbrella arm


The Maver Signature Double-Braced Umbrella Arm is the best way of securely fixing your brolly when


  • Double braced for stability.
  • Ideal when the ground is unsuitable for a brolly to be positioned traditionally.


  • The screws are a little close to the leg when fully tightened, which can make undoing them tricky at times.

Best seatbox budget feeder arm


Feeder arms come in a host of sizes and strengths, and the Nufish Feeder Arm is a great example at


  • Fully adjustable feeder arm.
  • Great for a variety of venues and styles.


  • Would benefit from an extra arm for added stability.

Best seatbox pole-safe product


When spending thousands of pounds on a pole you need to keep it safe and secure, and the Preston


  • Superb way of keeping your pole safe.
  • Easily attached and removed.


  • They weren't brought out sooner.

Best seatbox pole support bar


When fishing at range, balling in or fishing on rivers the MAP Reversible Pole Support can really


  • Extremely stable.
  • The reversible support makes it really versatile.


  • You have to get the 30mm or 36mm version to fit your box.

Best seatbox roost attachment


When you have multiple top kits setup, you can secure them safely in the Matrix 3D-R Extending 8


  • Secure way of holding top kits whilst not in use.
  • Very stable.


  • A larger version would be good.

Best seatbox covered side tray


Very popular amongst feeder anglers, the Nufish Aqualock Side Tray is the ultimate side tray for


  • Fully waterproof.
  • Superior protection for your bait.


  • Might be a little cumbersome for some anglers depending on preference.

Best seatbox clicker attachment


The innovative Preston Offbox Triple Clicker Counter is a really useful item for match fishing,


  • Perfect for venues with strict net limits.
  • Helps keep tally of upto 3 nets at once.


  • The dials could be slightly larger for those with poorer eyesight.

Best seatbox accessory for versatility


In terms or versatility in seatbox accessories there aren't many that offer as much as a Preston


  • Incredibly versatile attachment.
  • Soft foam outer protects pole sections.


  • Screw inserts could be slightly better.

What to look for in a seatbox accessory

With so many options to choose from it is hard to decide what the best seatbox accessories are, although personal preference plays a big part, as what one angler sees as life changing, another will dismiss as unnecessary. The main thing to consider is if the accessory will attach to your box, because if it doesn't, then no matter how good you think it is, it's practically useless to you.

The style of angling you enjoy will dictate what sort of accessories will make your life easier. If you regularly fish matches then a keepnet bar and a clicker are almost as essential as the keepnets themselves. They will make the process so much more efficient and tidy, whilst reducing the risk of you or your net being disqualified. Similarly, if you use a pole, somewhere to support it when not in your hand is crucial to prevent damage occurring to it.

A good side tray is a must as far as we are concerned, it enables you to have everything you need like bait and catapults to hand. Regardless of whether you fish matches or just go pleasure fishing, if you use a box, the whole process is made far easier with a side tray. Choose a good, solid design that can accommodate everything you need it to and it will be the best purchase you make after the seatbox itself.


Side tray: A plastic or metal tray designed to fit onto the leg of your box to accommodate bait boxes and terminal tackle.

Ripple bar: A foam covered bar with ridges, ideal for resting tackle on.

Pole sock: A soft sock shaped item designed to hold pole sections securely inside .

Roost: A bar, often with foam or plastic grooves in to hold top kits when not in use.

Clicker: A small item that registers a single number per click of the switch located on it. For example, 30 clicks will equate to 30 shown on the dial. Good for estimating the weight of fish.

Keepnet: A long net, usually between 2m and 4m that is used for retaining fish for short periods of time before they are released.

Frequently asked questions on seatbox accessories

How do you change the inserts in a seatbox attachment?

This is a very simple process that allows you to get your attachment to fit the leg on your seatbox. If the insert is incorrect, simply unscrew the fitting until it is loose enough to pull out. Swap this with the corresponding insert to fit your box and its ready to attach to your seatbox.

Can you use a different manufacturer's accessory on your seatbox?

Most manufacturers are aware people use different items of tackle and as such make their products so they can fit the majority of seatbox legs out there. As a rule, most modern seatbox legs will have either a 25mm, 30mm or 36mm cylindrical leg, so most attachments are made to fit either or all of them. They often come with inserts that can be quickly swapped to allow the instant fitting of an attachment on a different sized leg.

Why is a feeder arm better than a bank stick?

A feeder arm is a better choice than a bank stick on modern commercial venues because you are often fishing from platforms. Everything is secure and easily to hand with a feeder arm, so you aren't stretching dangerously near the water to get your bank sticks in to tough ground. Like most accessories, it is designed for comfort and simplicity.

Author Dan Webb first became involved in angling journalism in 2015 and has worked as Tackle Tester at Angling Times since April 2021. He is a fanatical all-round match angler and former England Youth International.

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