‘These wellies may be expensive but they are the best fishing boots I have ever had!’

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'These wellies may be expensive but they are the best fishing boots I have ever had!'

by Freddie Sandford |
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Winter is one of my favourite times to fish, but if there’s one thing that can spoil a day on the bank, it’s having cold feet.

Over the years I’ve had trips turn into misery simply because I wasn’t wearing the correct clothing. You can have the best tackle, bait and swim in the world, but if you’re sat shivering and wishing you were sat by the fire, you’re not going to catch much!

So, in the autumn of 2021, I splashed out on some ‘proper’ wellies, and settled on a pair of Aigle Parcours 2 Iso boots.

Reportedly, these were hard-wearing, totally waterproof and capable of coping with temperatures down to -20 degrees. What also appealed was their grippy sole, much like a walking boot’s, which I reckoned would be ideal for a day roaming the bank.

My Aigle Parcour 2 wellies have seen plenty of use!

The verdict

After over two year’s use, I can confirm that the Aigle Parcour 2 Iso wellies are superb. I’ve fished in them through freezing conditons – on one occasion the margins of the river were iced-over - and can say hand-on-heart that, whilst wearing them, I haven’t once felt a trace of cold in my feet. They’re incredibly warm, secure and comfortable.

A standout feature is definitely their grippy soles. In fact, these are so good that I’ve hardly touched my trusty walking boots since buying these wellies. I’ve worn the Aigles not only on the bank, but also on hikes in the Lake District, Scotland and the Yorkshire Dales. They’re showing no signs of wear, and I’m confident I’ll get many more years’ use out of them.

Yes, they’re expensive. But fishing and being outdoors are some of my favourite things to do. As far as I’m concerned, I only have one life to enjoy them. Why compromise?

I've used these boots for more than just fishing too!

Tech spec

  • Strong grip

  • Insulated with heat-retaining neoprene foam

  • Anti-fatigue

  • Made with natural rubber

  • Quick to slip on and off

  • Self-cleaning lugging

  • Totally waterproof

  • Wide calf with adjustable strap


Aigle Parcour Iso Wellington Boots
Price: £156.99 - £212

Fashionable, hard-wearing, waterproof wellington boots, capable of coping with temperatures down to -20 degrees.


  • Incredibly warm.
  • Super comfortable.


  • Perhaps too warm for summer use.

Our pick of alternatives

The Hunter Original Tall Adjustable Boots need no introduction, renowned for their quality and used by people for many different hobbies, including fishing.

Handcrafted and made from vulcanised rubber, the wellies also feature an adjustable strap to allow perfect fitting even if you have wider calves.


  • Taller design perfect for particularly wet conditions or shallow wading.
  • Great quality.


  • The length can be uncomfortable when sitting down on a box or compact chair.

These new all-season, Daiwa neoprene-lined rubber boots are ideal for shallow water and walking on all terrains. They feature an adjustable strap and waterproof gusset, a deep cleated sole and heel, and a handy heel release grip to make removing them easier.

A very stylish boot that is perfect for a range of angling disciplines without looking out of place in any of them.


  • Very stylish design.
  • Comfortable to walk long distances in.


  • Only available upto a size 12.

The Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boot have an unrivalled classy appearance, which will help you look the business on and off the bank. Used in many other hobbies, including shooting, these boots come in sizes 6-14 (UK) and in three different colours, but the Iconic Green with the blue lining is by far our favourite.

100% waterproof and featuring Le Chameau's flexible Chamolux rubber with a 3mm neoprene lining, they are so comfortable to wear, you will at times forget you even have them on. Great for a mobile angler.


  • Look incredible.
  • Really comfortable and flexible to wear.


  • The strap can break if you aren't careful and don't look after them.

Author Freddie Sandford is the current News Editor at Angling Times. River fishing is his first love, he spends spring and summer trout fishing before turning his attention to chub and roach in the winter.

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