The best fishing wellies

The best fishing wellies

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There is nothing worse than getting wet feet when you're out fishing, especially in the depths of winter, so a pair of the best fishing wellies will help you stay dry and comfortable when you're out on the bank, whatever the weather. There are plenty of options on the market too, with shorter length wellies for those who prefer a smaller fitting boot, to full length, fleece lined options for those who want utmost comfort.

The best fishing wellies will prevent any inclement weather dampening your spirits, prevent you from getting cold feet and also provide some protection if the venue you're fishing is shallow and you need to wade out a little to net the fish. A good pair of wellies can be the difference between you sticking it out during bleak conditions and getting that all important bite or going home early and regretting the session.

Best fishing wellies at a glance:

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Best Fishing Wellies For Wearing On A Seatbox - Preston Innovations Drifish Boots - View offer on eBay

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With so many types of wellies to choose from, with so many varying qualities of material and construction, it can be hard to decide what the best fishing wellies for you are. Here is a guide to help you decide between some of the best available right now...

Best fishing wellies for wearing on a seatbox

Shorter than a standard wellie to give increased comfort on the bank, while keeping your feet warm and dry, the Drifish Boot has a reinforced sole with moulded all-terrain tread. The neoprene upper offers unrestricted movement and more comfort than ordinary dry rubber boots, helping you get around on the bank much easier. These boots are very light too, so you never feel as though they are weighing you down.

The Drifish boot is ideal for match fishing, where sitting on a seatbox can often compress a standard Wellington boot, making them slightly uncomfortable. They are good for carp fishing too, when you need to slip into your wellies easily during the night, if you can excuse the non-carp black and blue colour that is!


  • Easy to get on and off.
  • Shorter length increases range of motion.


  • Limited protection due to their length.

Best fishing wellies for bankside comfort

The Fox Rage Neoprene Booths are a generous 5mm thick, fully waterproof calf-height neoprene wellie, designed to give excellent protection and freedom of movement to the mobile angler. Features a solid kick block on the heel for easy removal and a high-grip sole design for negotiating precarious and slippery banks.

Finished in a lovely camo neoprene, they will appeal to even the most discerning anglers out there and despite their thick constriction the wellies aren't overly heavy, so you won't feel weighed down wearing them all day. They are great for fishing on rivers too, they will keep you warm and are very comfortable to walk in.


  • Very comfortable to walk in.
  • Really warm.


  • Not the easiest to get on to begin with.

Best insulated short wellies for fishing

The Vass R Boot is an extra-comfortable three-quarter height, fur-lined wellie with double reinforced upper covering the ankle, shin and toe area. A deep heel kick makes them easier to take off, and wide calf and foot fitting gives space for any extra thick socks needed during winter.

A chunky sole gives excellent grip, whilst preventing premature wear and there’s also a studded version for use in extreme angling conditions. These boots are built for durability and poor conditions, so if you're likely to be fishing a lot and in poor weather, these wellies are well worth a look. They wont let you down and will be ready to go when you are.


  • Very durable construction.
  • Lovely and warm.


  • A bit too warm for summer fishing.

Best fishing wellies for prolonged walking

These new all-season, neoprene-lined rubber boots are ideal for shallow water and walking on all terrains. The Daiwa Neoprene Boots feature an adjustable strap and waterproof gusset, a deep cleated sole and heel, and a handy heel release grip to make removing them easier. A Daiwa D-Vec Boot Bag (£29.99) can be purchased separately for convenient storage and transportation.

A very stylish boot that is perfect for a range of angling disciplines, without looking out of place in any of them. They are really comfortable to wear, not particularly heavy either, so if you do a lot of walking in your angling, these are well worth a look.


  • Very stylish design.
  • Comfortable to walk long distances in.


  • Only available upto a size 12.

Best fishing wellies for extremely cold conditions

These floating Sundridge Hot Foot Boots are 60 per cent lighter than conventional boots, thanks to the expanded foam closed cell technology, which also provides excellent insulation and protection down to -40c. They won’t sink even when full of water – very handy should you fall in! Non-slip tread gives excellent grip, while the removable thick pile liner is also washable.


  • Floating boots.
  • Protection down to -40c.


  • Can be tricky to get off to begin with.

Best Classic Fishing Wellington Boots

These world-renowned Skee-Tex Tuff Ultralight boots are famed for their excellent protection against cold and wet. The removable, washable lining has a stiffened sole to help keep it in place, while the insulated upper keeps you warm. Closed-cell foam in the EVA provides an insulating barrier and increased cushioning underfoot. A heel kick block helps when removing these rot-resistant boots.

These are the lightweight version of the original "Moon Boots" and they will keep your feet incredibly warm and comfortable when on the bank, whilst offering great ankle support thanks to their solid construction.


  • Incredibly warm.
  • Very durable.


  • They are not great for walking in due to their solid construction.

Best fishing wellies for year-round use

The Matrix Thermal EVA Boots are a good looking and comfortable wellington boot. The insulating foil lining means the boots offer really fantastic thermal insulation, so you can be sure even when its cold, you'll have toasty feet. The foil linings are removable, perfect if you're an angler that likes to wear wellies in the warmer months too. The boots are very lightweight, great for manoeuvring the bank in and the thick sole offers protection from underfoot swell as well as increased durability, so they should last a while too.


  • Removable lining.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.


  • Would benefit from a heel-kick to help remove them.

Best fishing wellies for rivers

The Hunter Original Tall Adjustable Boots need no introduction, renowned for their quality and used by people for all sorts of hobbies, they are exceptionally good for angling too. Thanks to their relaxed fit, they are really comfortable to walk in, making them especially useful for river anglers who often have to walk a lot to find feeding fish. Their slightly longer length prevents you getting wet if it's particularly sloppy or you have to wade in shallow water to get to certain swims.

Handcrafted and made from vulcanised rubber, the wellies also feature an adjustable strap to allow perfect fitting, even if you have wider calves.


  • Taller design perfect for particularly wet conditions or shallow wading.
  • Great quality.


  • The length can be uncomfortable when sitting down on a box or compact chair.

Best overall fishing wellies

If you want the best comfort and warmth on the bank, you will be hard pressed to find a better set of wellies than the Muck Boot Arctic Sport Tall Boots. The boots themselves are fully lined with 5mm neoprene to offer a snug fit, that is both comfortable and extremely warm, as well as being 100% waterproof. Whilst not strictly fishing wellies they provide everything you need and more for a session on the bank.

The top of the boot has a tight binding strap that helps prevent heat loss, with additional foam insulation in the sole to stop heat loss from below, you will be very grateful for these features on those bitterly cold days. The sole is made from a lightweight EVA material to reduce the weight of the welly, whilst providing superb grip thanks to the chunky outsole, with extra protection around the ankle area to prevent you damaging yourself when walking on uneven terrain.


  • One of the warmest and most comfortable wellies available.
  • Easy to get on and off again.


  • The sole can split after prolonged use.

Best Outdoor Wellington Boots

Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Wellington Boots
Price: £156.99 - £189.99

Fashionable, hard-wearing, waterproof wellington boots, capable of coping with temperatures down to -20c. The Aigle Parcours 2 Iso Wellington Boots are popular with participants of all outdoor pursuits.

Made with a natural rubber, the boots are quick to slip on and off, and feature a strong grip with and insulated heat-retaining neoprene foam inner lining. They look incredible and perform just as you would expect for the price. You will find most gamekeepers and fishery managers own a set of these.

"Yes, they're expensive. But fishing and being outdoors are some of my favourite things to do. As far as I'm concerned, I only have one life to enjoy them. Why compromise?," read our full review here.


  • Incredibly warm.
  • Super comfortable.


  • Perhaps too warm for summer use.

Best outdoor Wellington Boots for comfort and style

The Le Chameau Vierzonord Neoprene Lined Boot have an unrivalled classy appearance, which will help you look the business on and off the bank. Used in many other hobbies, including shooting, these boots come in sizes 6-14 (UK) and in three different colours, but the Iconic Green with the blue lining is by far our favourite.

100% waterproof and featuring Le Chameau's flexible Chamolux rubber with a 3mm neoprene lining, they are so comfortable to wear, you will at times forget you even have them on. Great for a mobile angler.


  • Look incredible.
  • Really comfortable and flexible to wear.


  • The strap can break if you aren't careful and don't look after them.

What to look for in fishing wellies

As anglers, we all enjoy different things from our fishing, whether that be trotting a float down a river or sitting in a bivvy or on a seatbox all day, and because of this, the best fishing wellies will vary depending on what you require from them. It goes without saying that any pair of wellies you buy should be waterproof above any other factors, as that is their primary job.

The next thing you should consider is how often you're likely to wear them, if you only wear wellies in the winter, then opting for a pair of fleece lined or neoprene wellies will really help keep your feet insulated and warm. This will help you stay motivated and fishing better, which will hopefully lead to you catching more fish. If you like to wear your wellies all-year-round, a quality hardwearing pair that have removable insulation would be the perfect choice, as you can keep your feet dry and cool in the summer, yet by adding the inner back into the boots you can keep your feet warm in the colder months too.

If you're an angler that likes to walk the bank in search of fish, a comfortable pair of wellies that offer support to your ankle, have good grip and are lightweight would be far superior to a heavy pair that are difficult to walk in. Similarly, if you're a match angler and are likely to be seated most of your session, it can pay to buy some wellies that have a shorter leg section, as it will stop them constricting around your calf, which can make them uncomfortable.


Wellies: Short for Wellington Boot, they are a tall rubber boot designed for wearing in wet and muddy conditions.

Neoprene: A robust and stretchy fabric that is also waterproof and provides good heat insulation properties.

EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a material that has high resilience, high toughness, good shock resistance, cushioning performance, heat insulation, and low temperature performance - perfect for wellies.

Cleated sole: Deep recesses or protruding metal studs to improve grip on slippery surfaces.

Kick Block: A plastic or rubber mount at the base of the heel to help you use your other foot to remove your welly easier.

Frequently asked questions on fishing wellies

Are neoprene wellies better than rubber ones?

Neoprene does offer some advantages over rubber wellies, namely in how well they retain heat. If you're an angler that fishes in the coldest conditions it's well worth considering neoprene over standard rubber wellies. What you will notice is they are generally quite a snug fit, so if you have wider calves you may struggle to get them on and off easily. They are also regarded as being more comfortable to wear thanks to the stretchier material and lighter weight, but they can snag and tear much easier than a rubber welly, so it's worth considering that too.

What wellies are best for match fishing?

When match fishing you will be seated, often in a fairly restricted position for upwards of 5 hours and becuase of this the best fishing wellies will vary slightly to the more traditional ones. Whilst some anglers are perfectly comfortable sat in full length wellies on a seatbox, most will find a pair of shorter length wellies much easier to sit in. They also allow a bib 'n' brace to sit over them much more easily, allowing you to be fully waterproof.

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