Biggest chub of the season landed!

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The biggest chub of the season at 7lb 15oz has fallen to specimen rod Phil Mapp, who had a superb week on the Great Ouse.

Breaking his personal best twice in five days, Phil started his week with a 7lb 13oz fish on breadflake from the Great Linford Lakes stretch of the river.

“It was the fish of a lifetime,” said Phil, “But I knew of a different stretch that I reckon held an 8lb-plus chub – so I decided to make a move”

That decision paid off when the first session on the new water delivered another pb and the biggest reported chub caught by design this season at 7lb 15oz. 

Phil Mapp 7lb 15oz.jpg

“After about 35 minutes the tip went round very slowly, almost as if debris had caught my line. When I struck it just felt solid out in the crease. 

“Fifteen minutes later she slid over the net and then I realised why the fish was so heavy – its fat belly in the bottom of the mesh was an amazing sight,” he said.

Phil’s Ouse monster was caught on simple traditional leger tactics with a 6lb Maxima mainline tied direct to a size 4 Kamasan B983 hook and a lobworm hookbait.

Martin Gray also took advantage of the Ouse’s great form for chub and put in the effort to catch a 7lb 4oz specimen. 

7lb 4 (2).jpg

The fish was a new personal best for Martin and was caught on a Complex T boilie presented on a size 8 hook. 

Kings Weir fishery manager Andrew Tredgett is no stranger to big chub and spends plenty of time learning the habits of the fish on the famous River Lea weir pool. This knowledge paid off in handsome fashion when he landed a new pb of 7lb 10oz from the day-ticket water. 

Kings Weir 7lb 10oz.jpg

The exceptionally long chub was caught on a 15mm dumbell boilie which had been in a glug since the start of the season.