Anglers urged to help change fishing

Thousands of anglers will have the chance to shape the future of fishing for 2020 and beyond by participating in the new National Angling Survey. 

The study, to be unveiled by the Environment Agency at the end of this week, will seek the opinions of both current and lapsed rod licence holders via a simple online questionnaire.

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This will be the biggest survey into what anglers want for the continued development and progression of their sport since the last big survey in 2002.

Back then an estimated 300,000 anglers took part and helped to bring in much-needed change.

These changes included the creation of free rod licences for juniors, a 365-day permit, and the new ‘carp’ licence which allows anglers to use three rods on one licence.

An EA spokesman said: “Just like last time, anglers’ views really count and will help shape the new National Angling Strategy, which will be delivered through partnerships working across the angling community to develop and promote the sport further.”

The latest survey will be run by the study group Research at Substance on behalf of the EA, and is open to both freshwater and sea anglers. 

It will be publicised through the rod licence database as well as partner organisations such as the Angling Trust.

Dr Adam Brown, head of research at Substance, said: “This is a really important opportunity for anglers to get involved by telling us about their experience and giving us their views. 

“We need as many anglers as possible to suggest how angling should be developed and who should do it.”

The National Angling Strategy will be top of the agenda at the Angling Trust’s Future Angling Conference on November 17 in Solihull too.

The conference is free to attend, and will be another opportunity for anglers to provide input into the strategy.