55lb 8oz giant carp and four 30s!

Big-fish venue Wellington Country Park can be a tough nut to crack – but Kris Ollington is making it look easy right now.
This 55lb 8oz mirror carp, known as the Ulcer Fish, is his fourth fifty from the Berkshire venue this summer, and it came during an incredible session.
“I had seven fish in total including a 39, a 36, a 35 and a 31,” Kris told Angling Times. “Between 11.30am and 2.30pm I had five fish, including the 55. To have that number of fish in that short amount of time hasn’t happened for a long while on there, so it’s nice to be the one that did it.”
The 33-year-old electrician has been concentrating his efforts on an area known as the Little Lake, and this haul came from the same swim that produced three fifties in three sessions earlier this summer.
“When they are in that area and having it they are quite catchable,” he said.
“It was quite a hectic spell and I had forgotten to switch my bite alarm back on when I got the bite from the fifty. I just heard the clutch going and grabbed the rod. It was a good 30-minute scrap but eventually it came in.”
Kris, who caught the same fish at 49lb last March, baited lightly with Mainline Activ-8 boilies and fished matching hookbaits over the top on blowback rigs made with Gardner Ultra Skin and Korda Kaptor Kurv hooks.
The Surrey angler is now targeting an area of the lake known as Bramble Bay. “I’ve had my fill from that swim, so I’ll move to a different part of the lake for the next couple of months,” he said.