Terry plucks 'sole surviving' roach from Thames tributary

Terry Hearn proved that it’s not only big carp which he’s a dab hand at targeting after catching this elusive 2lb 14oz roach from a small tributary of the River Thames.

The Dynamite Baits-backed carp fishing legend turned his attentions to the waterway over the last few weeks in a bid to catch what he believes is the only surviving roach in the stretch.

“Although I've enjoyed some great roach and dace fishing on this same stretch of river in years gone by, the cormorants have hit it pretty hard in recent times and I'm pretty sure that this is the only survivor who now lives among a shoal of similar sized chub,” Terry told Angling Times.

“I had a go at catching it last winter, but though the chub were easy enough to catch with the centrepin and light float tackle, fooling the roach proved to be a lot trickier! This year I’ve fished four short sessions working my way through over 30 chub. A simple change from the float kit to a small 1/8oz bomb saw me finally connect with my target roach.”

Terry presented a double maggot hookbait on a size 18 Drennan Wide Gape Match hook attached to a 2.8lb hooklink.