New personal best mirror for Harry Charrington

Unstoppable match winner Harry Charrington found time for some personal fishing and bagged this new personal-best mirror.

The 40lb 12oz fish, which beat his previous best by 6oz, fell during a 48-hour session on a southern syndicate water. It was only the second time the Fox employee had fished the venue since May following a hectic summer of carp matches.

In August, Harry and fishing partner Alexei Bygrave won £30,000 in the final of the Eric’s Carp Championship and, as we went to press, Harry was battling it out in the final of the UK Carp Cup at Linear Fisheries.

He said: “This was the first weekend that I had been fishing for myself, minus any competition, since early May.

“I did the first night in one peg they I had baited the week before, but absolutely nothing happened overnight. In the morning, I saw some fish showing pretty much at the other end of the lake.

“I found the fish feeding on natural food in the dying weed, so I fished over only about 50 or 60 boilies and had the bite at about 3pm. The line just pulled up tight and the fish was solid in the weed almost instantly. I managed to get it moving and then, with a bit of weed over its head, I literally just wound it in.

“It’s a fish that’s known to fight quite well, so it’s nice to have a big one come in without any problems!”

Harry used a pink Richworth S-core pop-up over Richworth KG1 freebies. His hookbait was balanced by a size 2 Fox SSBP hook tied to 25lb Fox Coretex Matt.

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