First trip to target venue banks 46lb mirror

The first trip of the year to your target water is always exciting – especially when you come back with a twenty, a thirty and a forty under your belt.

That’s exactly what Hinders of Swindon boss Bryan Jarrett did at Berkshire’s historic Wasing Estate.

Fishing Cranwells Lake, which is home to a 60lb mirror, Bryan managed six carp in 48 hours including a 25lb common, a 36lb mirror and this 46lb 4oz mirror.

Bryan told Angling Times: “I’ve been flat out with tutorials recently so this was my first trip of the year. When you get limited time you’re so desperate to make the most of it, so I was very pleased to catch a 46 and a 36 in the same session.”

The big mirror came over a bed of hemp, Hinders Little Gemz pellets, sweetcorn and Mainline Hybrid boilies in a shallow area close to an island.

“Normally 9am is good for a bite there, but it got to 9.15am and nothing had happened,” said Bryan, “So I decided to make a cup of coffee. Just as it came to the boil the rod shot off and the fish went into a couple of weedbeds, then went left, then right, then back out to where it came from!

“Eventually the fish came in and I got it in the net and thought ‘that’s a good twenty’, but as I went to lift it I realised it was much heavier. It’s a beautiful fish and one that rarely gets caught.”

Bryan presented Mainline Hybrid dumbbells tipped with Hinders Popz pop-ups on size 4 Fox SSBP hooks and 20lb Korda N-Trap Semi-Stiff hooklinks.

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