3lb 7oz roach for eight-year-old

Cody Orchard became the envy of specimen anglers across the country when he banked this 3lb 7oz roach from a free stretch of river.

The eight-year-old was fishing with his father Brad on the banks of the River Frome in the centre of Wareham, Dorset, when the big roach honed in on his simple maggot feeder tactics which included three grubs threaded on to a size 16 hook.

His baits had only been in the water for around 15 minutes when his rod was almost ripped off the rest by the specimen, which is the biggest fish he’s ever caught.

“Cody loves fishing and I had taken him to the river to continue showing him all the basics. I knew that there were some good roach in the stretch, but I never expected him to catch anything like this because 3lb roach are so rare,” Brad told Angling Times.

“The rod almost got dragged into the drink and I thought it might have been a carp at first as I didn’t think a roach could take a bait with such aggression.

“Many anglers go a life-time without having the privilege of catching a specimen like this. I’m so proud that my son has this fish on his angling CV at such an early age, but I must admit that I’m ever so slightly jealous!”

The incredible big-roach potential of the swims either side of the town bridge in Wareham was fully realised earlier this year when a string of anglers smashed their personal bests with roach to 3lb 6oz.

Some of the visitors even banked up to four fish over 3lb in a single session, which has many predicting that this free stretch could produce a fish over the British record for the species that currently stands at 4lb 4oz.

“I recognise this fish as one of the big roach that was caught in the winter and I’d say it’s at least two ounces heavier,” said Dean Watts, who owns Purbeck Angling, situated just a stone’s throw from the venue.

For more information call Dean at Purbeck Angling on: 01929 550770

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