49lb mirror tops new day-ticket lake haul

A SYNDICATE lake that opened its doors to day-ticket anglers rewarded one of the first punters with an unforgettable session.

David Robinson banked seven 20s, five 30s and two 40s in a 24-fish catch at Willows Lake in West Yorkshire.

The incredible session came on the first weekend the Eric’s Angling-run venue became an open-access water.

The 32-year-old Bradford rod ended up with fish of 49lb 4oz, 41lb 4oz and a 32lb 8oz common.

He said: “I managed to get booked straight on and on arrival at the lake saw there were 10 people in front of me all vying for pegs. As the wind was howling down this end of the lake everyone selected to fish there, but knowing the fish are not used to the pressure I felt confident they would retreat up the other end where there are two islands, so that’s where I went.

“Before setting up I scattered 100 boilies around the area and let it settle for a couple of hours before casting. With all three rods in position I only had to wait five minutes for my first take which resulted in a 30 at 32lb 4oz.

“Runs then came at regular intervals after that but at 3pm on the second day my dreams were made. In the space of two hours I had new personal-best mirrors of 41lb 4oz and then 49lb 4oz, followed by a pb common of 32lb 8oz.

“I couldn’t think of another day-ticket water in the north of England that could give you a catch like that. My total catch in my three day session was 10 singles; seven 20s to 27lb; five 30s to 35lb and the two 40s.”

All David’s fish fell to Nash Monster Squid Purple bottom baits on Korda Safety Lead Systems and size-eight Korda Wide Gape B hooks.