Commons Lake – Amazing Statistics!

We thought that after 9 weeks of clients at Commons Lake, we would publish an analysis of the catch reports that we have collected so far this year. Bearing in mind that the catch reports are collected from the anglers on the Friday (usually around mid-day) and as such don’t include Friday afternoon / evening / night catches nor anything else caught whilst packing down on Saturday mornings, these are the amazing statistics so far this season:
Over 9 weeks and a total of just 31 anglers, there have been 404 Carp and 14 Cats taken from Commons.

The 404 carp are made up by the following:
*  27 x 40′s to 49lb 4oz (Lake record – Ian Penny in April 2012)
*  149 x 30′s to 39lb 14oz
*  223 x 20′s to 29lb 14oz
only 5 x under 20′s
And that’s an astounding average size of 28lb 9oz over the 404 reported catches.
The Cats – 14 of them – range in size from 51lb to 82lb – an average of 67lb.
There were also a few Grass Carp, but such a small number that they aren’t really worth mentioning.
The total numbers so far this season come to (give or take a few ounces);
*  11,973lb of Carp
*  and 940lb of Cats.

All of these catches can be verified from the catch reports – a copy of these are available in the mobile home at Commons Lake for everyone to see.
So, if you are lucky enough to be booked on Commons Lake this year, what are the odds of you catching a 40+ or even a number of high 30′s?…. just check out these statistics.
Fishing France at Commons Lake