51lb common carp caught on a piece of black foam

A single piece of black foam was all that Jerry Hammond needed to fool this 51lb common during a three-day session on Kevin Nash’s Church Pool in Essex.

After spotting a number of fish moving through a channel between the bank and an island towards a shallow area of the lake, the 45-year-old cast out two zig rigs – one just a foot below the surface and the other 4ft off the lake bed.

Within half-an-hour the Nash consultant had banked a carp of 24lb 8oz, but had to wait until the following morning for the all-important bite from the big ’un.

“It weeded me up a couple of times but once I got it free I could see it was a real chunk,” said Jerry. “Thankfully, the fight was fairly straightforward once it was clear of the weed and she looked stunning on the bank. The lake has only done a few fish this year, so to catch a fifty was a real result,” Jerry added.

He went on to land a 31lb 10oz mirror before ending the session with a 35lb 8oz linear.

“It was strange, because as soon as the wind picked up slightly the fish would drift off and just shelter in reeds. Once it died down though, they would venture out and start moving back and forth between the shallows again.”

Jerry’s successful zig rig presentation consisted of a small piece of black foam hair-rigged to a size 10 Nash Fang Gaper hook and a Fox Floater Line hooklink with a 2oz lead on a safety clip system.