Foreign anglers now welcome at Trentside Fishery

Trentside Fishery owner Tony Booth angered non-nationals in early 2009 when he closed the door on any anglers who weren’t British after witnessing a number of horrifying poaching incidents at his North Lincolnshire complex, but now he has relented and removed his controversial ruling.

Following in-depth discussions with a group of Eastern European fishermen, Tony has agreed to change his stance and welcome such anglers back.

Representatives from, a website dedicated to catch and release fishing within the UK, were angered by Tony’s attitude and his ban, claiming it amounted to ‘racial discrimination’ and threatened to take legal action unless a compromise was reached.

The long-running issue now appears to have been resolved after both parties shook hands on a deal acceptable to all.

“They have gone to a lot of effort and have created a series of rule boards written in Polish, so I think it is only fair that I give them a chance,” conceded Tony.

“If these anglers play by the rules then I’m now happy for them to visit my fishery, and I really do hope this works and puts an end to the scenario we’ve been faced with over the last 18 months,” he added.

Keen Polish angler Radoslaw Papiewski is at the forefront of the Angling Trust-backed ‘Building Bridges’ campaign which aims to educate non-native anglers about UK fishery laws and create links between Eastern European communities and local angling clubs. Rado is delighted at the news.

“Banning Eastern European anglers was a ridiculous move and I am delighted by his decision to remove the rule. I understand fishery owners need to protect their fish stocks, but integration rather than separation is the way to solve any similar issues,” he told AT.