8 Amazing Seatboxes

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A seatbox is a personal item, where the most suitable choice very much depends on each angler’s individual needs. Here we look at a selection of seatboxes that we think are perfect for specific circumstances, uses and anglers.

Daiwa D90

The perfect solution for the angler wanting a compact box, with the adaptability and versatility to cope with a wide range of venues. The D36 36mm legs are individually adjustable and telescopic, providing a sturdy and stable base on any bank. Ridged and recessed compression seal trays provide superb weatherproofing.

This modern seatbox has plenty of storage space. Additional trays are affordable, and the box as a whole has superb weatherproofing, ensuring nothing gets wet inside, even under the most extreme conditions.

The only possible downside of the extra build quality of the D90 is the additional weight but, considering its size, the overall weight of the box is still lighter than many.

Weight: 16.7kg

Leg diameter: 36mm

Storage: 20mm shallow tray, 2 x shallow side drawers, 140mm base

Price: £399, www.daiwasports.co.uk

Maver Signature D36

A sleek and sexy box that really looks the part. The rotating knuckle system on the legs is not only space saving and convenient, but also grips the legs exceptionally well.

Packed with features, both side drawers come with customisable dividers. The stack can be removed from the front or back and, of the six telescopic legs, two have threaded caps for accessories while a further two have spirit levels.

A low-level storage tray is built into the box and pulls out the back – perfect for keeping spare items out of the mud and close to hand. As if that wasn’t enough, this box is often available for a fair bit less than its RRP!

Weight: N/A

Leg diameter: 36mm

Storage: 2 x side drawers, 40mm tray, 2 x winder trays

Price: £599, www.maver.co.uk

MAP H30 Lite

With all the high-end and innovative features of the flagship Z30 seatbox, this lightweight and compact version is ideal for the angler facing longer walks and limited space in the car. The sliding footplate has dual locking pins, while the legs have large diameter mudfeet.

All trays and drawers feature rubber seals and can be added to from the extensive range available from MAP. With only two drawers, it doesn’t have a huge capacity, but enough to fit the essentials. Although MAP hasn’t released a weight, you can take our word – it weighs practically nothing!

Weight: N/A

Leg diameter: 30mm

Storage: 1x shallow drawer, 1 x deep drawer

Price: £325, www.mapfishing.co.uk

Guru Rive RSW

Not just a stunning looking box that has the most image-conscious angler dribbling at the mouth, but also one of the highest functioning available.

Completely waterproof, with quick-release catches on trays and ball-bearing aided runners on the drawers, there’s no chance of your gear getting wet. The plush Dream cushion is more like sitting on a sofa than a seatbox. The HSP high stability footplate remains solid on any bank while the Open Leg system makes removing or attaching legs effortless. A huge number of winder trays and accessories ensure you are fully prepared, organised and comfortable on the bank.

The matt black Rive finish is highlighted by orange Guru detailing. A long-term and high spec investment.

Weight: N/A

Leg diameter: 36mm

Storage: 1x deep front drawer, 1x shallow side drawer, 1x winder tray

Price: £1,499, www.tackleguru.com

Octbox D36

Fully adjustable fishing station with height-adjustable seat and drawers, 36mm alloy legs that will support 285kg without slipping, and D25 adjustable all terrain feet.

There’s a clever outrigger system and a choice of wheel kits, including a motorised power version. The footplate has a built-in tool bar, extendable to 90cm to provide room for taller anglers.

A host of additional accessories and adapters are available to fit your own specific needs, including canopy side trays, bait waiters, brolly arms, umbrellas, roosts and pole supports.

Weight: 17.5kg

Leg diameter: 36mm

Storage: Two- or three- drawer option

Price: £850, www.octbox.co.uk

Decathlon CSB Adjust Caperlan

A super budget option designed as a practical, stable and compact fishing station at an unbeatable price. Rated to 110kg/17 stone, if size and ease of transport are most important, you won’t go wrong with this box, especially on flat commercial pegs.

Stability and build quality might not be the best, but just look at that price! The perfect box for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Weight: 9kg

Leg diameter: 25mm

Storage: 1x side drawer, 1 x deep tray

Price: £159.99, www.decathalon.co.uk

Matrix XR36 Pro 500

Featuring the widest footprint and biggest cushion of any box on the market, this is ideal for the larger built and taller angler.

With a limited-edition colour scheme and a package limited to just 500 boxes, you get a textured non-slip footplate with built-in spirit level, and a hard-wearing PU-coated cushion over a brightly coloured and stylish H frame which makes for a light yet premium seatbox.

Matrix does some of the best trays and drawers on the market – sturdy, spacious, and they’ve been around for years. The build quality on this box is superb, with a top-notch levelling system. The footplate can be opened, secured or removed completely with just one click!

Weight: 18.5kg

Leg diameter: 36mm

Storage: 1x deep side drawer, 1 x shallow tray

Price: £749.99, www.fishmatrix.co.uk

Preston Inception Station

These Inception boxes are rapidly catching up with Preston’s top-of-the-range Absolute seatboxes – so much so it’s becoming more difficult to tell them apart!

The standard box has a reasonable amount of well thought-out storage, and is of the perfect dimensions for lots of different Preston products, such as its hooklength boxes. Building on the success of the previous Inception seatboxes, features such as Mag-Lok clips, locking footplate plungers and soft-touch handwheels have been retained. The box comes with a redesigned double side drawer unit with customisable dividers and spirit level.

Weight: 16.22kg

Leg diameter: 30mm

Storage: 2 x deep drawers, 2 x winder trays

Price: £449.99, www.prestoninnovations.com

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