12 Great tackle boxes and storage systems

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WHETHER you’re looking for a box to hold your feeders, a system to carry everything but the kitchen sink, or just want to keep short session essentials all in one place, there’s a far better solution than that cheap box from the DIY shop!

We’ve dug deep to find the 12 best tackle boxes on the market today...


POCKET-sized on their own, or compatible with other ITM boxes and bags, these are perfect for holding swivels, beads and other small items. There are two sizes of compartment on each design, each section clipping shut and the whole box folding over and secured with magnets.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Ideal for the short session or roving angler, or as part of a larger system of boxes.

Price: £3.99 - £4.99, www.korum.co.uk


PICK different insets to protect and organise your feeders and other accessories. Extra inserts enable storage of EVA hooklength spools, shorter Method hooklengths on a purpose-made hook tray, X-Safe stems, feeder links and much more.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Tough, strong, and waterproof, every component has been designed to exactly fit your tackle needs.

Size: 350mm x 250mm x 830mm

Price: £39.99, inserts £3.99 - £5.99, www.tackleguru.com


A PAIR of click close boxes with flip lids and waterproof seals. Ideal for beads, swivels and stops, removable dividers tailor-make the compartments you need.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: The folding design ensures the boxes won’t spill open.

Sizes: Small  112mm x 75mm x 32mm, Medium 160mm x 95mm x 47mm.

Price: Small £8.25, large £14.99, www.garbolino.co.uk


MADE to sit alongside Korda’s existing Rigsafe and Chodsafe boxes, the Tacklesafe has 28 lidded compartments of various sizes and depths.

A large open section holds scissors and spools of line. With a clamshell opening, it all folds shut and is held in place with magnetic closures. A tough non-slip coating and a ruler add to the appeal.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: A very tidy Tardis of a box that will take a surprising amount of gear.

Size: 240mm x 130mm x 40mm

Price: £27.99, www.korda.co.uk


REMOVABLE dividers allow each box to be customised, while the translucent grey finish protects the contents from UV damage. Available either shallow or deep with 16 compartments, or deep with eight compartments, they are fully stackable.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: These boxes can happily be crammed into a carryall, bait bag or box without any risk of damage.

Size: Shallow 356mm x 220mm x 45mm, Deep (both 8 and 16) 356mm x 220mm x 80mm

Price: Shallow £11.99, Deep (both 8 and 16) £13, www.fishmatrix.co.uk


THE Revalution Storage Box for spooled hooklengths was so good that anglers asked for similar ones for storing other gear. Result? These two gems.

The standard one has three compartments for pole floats, pellet wagglers, pole pots or smaller items like shot. The XL version is deeper, with additional removable dividers, and can even store your window feeders upright.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Not much bigger than a large bait box, these will fit into the top pocket of Preston’s Feeder Bags.

Size: 170mm x 170mm x 650mm, XL 170mm x 170mm x 950mm,

Price: £11.99, XL £14.99, www.prestoninnovations.com


A RIGID, waterproof EVA bag kitted out with several shallow tackle boxes for feeders, but will hold floats, hooks and other accessories too. The large top compartment is held in place by Velcro, so it can be removed if required.

The medium bag holds two boxes while the large takes four, and has an additional side pocket.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Pricey, but the quality is superb and the storage huge. The bag even remains rigid and upright with all the boxes removed.

Size: Medium base 380mm x 250mm x 110mm, Large base 380mm x 250mm x 220mm, top on both 345mm x 220mm x 80mm

Price: Medium £70, Large £85, www.daiwasports.co.uk


A CLEVER little box for all your rig and hooklength bits, complete with two needles, a bait drill, scissors, two disgorgers, two x four compartment boxes, magnetic hook box and a rig board with pins. As part of the ITM Intelligent Tackle Management system, it fits ITM luggage and will hold other ITM accessory boxes, rig boards and Xpert hooklink boxes.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Everything you need to rig up, bait up and unhook your fish, all in one place.

Size: 350mm x 180mm x 55mm

Price: £39.99, www.korum.co.uk


A SUPERB collection of five boxes. The small eight-compartment version holds swivels and the like, while the bigger 10, 12 and 20 compartment boxes have larger sections with removable dividers that will take packets of hooks, floats, lures or feeders. There’s even a deep version of the 20 compartment box which can accommodate bigger feeders or spools of line.

Why we would buy one: Dead cheap and in convenient sizes, these do a great job of storing your gear

Sizes: Eight compartment  140mm x 87mm x 17mm, 10-compartment  230mm x 175mm x 50mm, 12-compartment  275mm x 180mm x 50mm, 20-compartment  355mm x 230mm x 50mm, Deep 20-compartment 355mm x 230mm x 92mm

Price: £7.99-£11.99, www.daiwsports.co.uk


IDEAL for storing rig and accessory items, these come with compartmentalised boxes (plain and flip-topped), a rig board and spool dispensers – the Large version having the more boxes. In a ‘carpy’ green finish, both boxes offer a complete specialist storage system.

Why we would buy one: The fact that boxes can be removed means you only carry the ones you really need.

Size: Medium 250mm x 203mm x 50mm, Large 330mm x 260mm x 50mm

Price: Medium £34.99, Large £44.99, www.foxint.com


IN shatterproof plastic with a ruler on the lid, the large box comes with four of Wychwood’s Medium and two of its Large Internal Tackle boxes, while the Medium Tackle Box Complete contains four of the Medium Internal
Tackle boxes.

Additional Internal Tackle boxes cost as little as £1.99! Or you can buy both boxes empty and buy just the internal boxes that you need.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: The Russian Doll of tackle boxes, perfect for the angler who fishes a wide range of venues.

Size: Large 345mm x 255mm x 60mm, Medium 235mm x 220mm x 60mm

Price: Large Complete £24.99, Medium Complete £19.99, Large bare £14.99, Medium bare £11.99, Internal Tackle Boxes £1.99 - £3.99, www.wychwoodcarp.co.uk


MADE from green shock-proof high-impact plastic with a translucent lid, 21 small latched compartments will take lead clips and swivels while two large compartments with removable dividers hold scissors, rig tools and spools of hooklink material. A removable rig tray with pins stores up to eight pre-tied rigs and a further long storage compartment is hidden beneath. The lid features a ruler for rig measurement.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Larger than the Korda Tacklesafe, this combined tackle and rig box will take a number of larger items and several rigs along with plenty of smaller components.

Size: 270mm x 180mm x 65mm

Price: £19.99, www.korda.co.uk

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