Warwickshire Avon barbel record tumbles

Warwickshire Avon barbel record tumbles

by Freddie Sandford |
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THE Warwickshire Avon has never hosted the British barbel record, but the likelihood of that happening came a step closer last week after this 19lb 8oz river-best was banked.

The fish, one of the biggest known barbel in the country, fell to Birmingham angler Blu Bradley on a piece of luncheon meat.

Arriving to find the river running low and with little colour, Blu introduced a few small balls of groundbait and scalded pellets to prime the swim. He then landed a small chub and a 13lb 8oz barbel before receiving a savage take in the early hours of the morning and connected with an extremely strong fish that powered off downstream before surfacing close to the far bank. Eventually, though, Blu was able to turn the fish and get the better of his quarry after a superb battle.

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<strong>Blu Bradley&nbsp;– 19lb 8oz barbel</strong>

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