Shock sturgeon during evening session

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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It's not every day that a quick evening session at your local fishery results in a sturgeon, but that is exactly what happened to match fishing ace, Sam Brown recently when his hookbait intended for carp was intercepted by the prehistoric beast.

After a break in the weather and warmer temperatures coinciding with some spare time, Sam decided to walk his dog around the lake, but after spotting some fish activity he just couldn't resist going home to grab his rods.

"After what had been the first warm sunny day we'd had in weeks, I headed upto the lake initially to just walk the dog," he said.

"No one was fishing so took a good walk round, found what I thought were carp feeding in a corner of the lake, the normally gin clear water had all coloured up, I couldn't pass up on the chance of a bite so nipped back home to grab the rods."

As the fish were feeding in the area Sam decided to keep his tactics simple and disturbance to a minimum in the hope of getting a quick bite with the couple of hours fishing he had ahead.

"I tied up a solid bag of Dynamite Baits 3mm halibut pellets with a The Source wafter hookbait, gently underarmed it out into the murky water with a handful of 8mm pellets over the top."

"About 30 minutes later the reel slowly ticked off, immediately it didn't feel like a carp, just a big heavy resistance met with a few head shakes, within about 30 seconds I knew what It was as it leapt out of the lake in true sturgeon style!"

"After that it stayed deep until I finally got it in the net, absolutely stunning fish and a real surprise for a quick evening session," he concluded.


Sam Brown with his fantastic looking sturgeon!
Sam Brown with his fantastic looking sturgeon!

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