Angler catches 1040 fish in five hours

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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It is not often anglers catch over 100 fish in a session, let alone 1000 fish in less than five hours, but that is exactly what happened to 15-year-old Charlie Drinkwater during a recent session while practicing for the upcoming World Championships.

Fishing on the Match Pool at Goose Hill Lane Fishery, Charlie opted to fish with a whip, as these tactics will prove invaluable during international competition. With speed fishing being crucial, he wanted to see just how many fish he could catch during his timed session.

"I set up 3 whips at 2m, 2.5m and 3m with the 2.5m being the most effective on the day," he told us.

"I was fishing an 0.15 diameter mainline and a 0.10 diameter line for my hooklength with durability in mind."

Tactics on the day were simple as Charlie was aiming to catch fish as efficiently as possible. Fishing shallow in amongst a sloppy groundbait being the most successful method.

"I have fished with a cloudy groundbait mix to try and bring the fish up in the water as it was quite warm and bright, with the cloud also giving the fish more confidence to feed."

"I had a lot of fish when I fed the groundbait mix, but they were smaller fish each time where as if I fed a few pinky’s I would get a better stamp fish but would have to wait a bit longer for a bite."

"I have ended up with 1040 fish making for a really enjoyable days fishing, it is amazing what you can catch when you really get into a rhythm," Charlie concluded.


Charlie with his mammoth catch of 1000+ fish!
Charlie with his mammoth catch of 1000+ fish!

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