36lb mirror from Wylands for Jed Kent

Jed Kent had a blast from the past after landing a fish that may well be the same one that gave him a new personal best as a 12-year-old.

Fifteen years on from catching a long, lean mirror of 23lb from Sussex’s Wylands complex, the Hastings rod caught what could be the same fish at 36lb.

The Nash-backed angler said: “The last time I set foot on the venue I was 12 and had landed a new PB at the time of a long 23lb mirror. While walking round reminiscing I saw a picture of a big long mirror and it was this point that a plan had hatched in my mind to come and try to catch the beast in winter.”

He added: “I got to the lake at around 2pm and sometime in the night, about 4am, a real big fish jumped close to where I was fishing, then it came out twice more an hour later. The next thing I knew the Siren was bursting into life and I was attached to a powerful carp.

“In the torch light I could see I was attached to a big long mirror and after a 20-minute battle I finally netted it. The long fighting machine weighed 36lb and was a great way to start my winter campaign. It may even be the same carp I had some 15 years ago!”

The fish fell to a prototype Nash Bait boilie.



Match results - Monday December 23 to Sunday December 29


Bannister Farm Fishery (Sun)
New Match Canal Lake (31 pegs)
Result: 1 J Vernon, Garbolino Elton, 38-0-0; 2 M Halliwell, Bag ‘Em Baits, 37-10-0; 3 K Wilson, Elton Tackle, 34-12-0; 4 J Brooks, Wayne’s Tackle, 34-0-0; 5 B Bennett, Garbolino Elton, 33-4-0; 6 D Tierney, Tackle Tarts, 30-8-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sat)
All lakes (32 pegs)
Result: 1 S Gallagher, Ted Carter Southport, 62-8-0; 2 L Thornton, Middy/Bag ‘Em Baits, 43-9-0; 3 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 39-6-0; 4 D Swain, Garbolino/Dynamite Baits, 37-11-0; 5 K Rich, Daiwa, 32-2-0; 6 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 31-0-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Sun)
All lakes (31 pegs)
Result: 1 L Thornton, Middy/Bag ‘Em Baits, 52-4-0; 2 C Herring, Rochdale Angling Centre, 51-3-0; 3 S Parry, Daiwa/Guru, 44-5-0; 4 S Gallagher, Ted Carter Southport, 29-2-0; 5 K Rich, Daiwa, 26-6-0; 6 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 26-3-0.

Blundell’s Fishery Rover (Thurs)
All lakes (26 pegs)
Result: 1 G Whalley, Bait-Tech, 58-6-0; 2 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 47-10-0; 3 J Carroll, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 36-4-0; 4 M Billingham, Bag ‘Em Baits, 30-2-0; 5 J Pearson, Gilder’s Tackle, 22-3-0; 6 G Moore, Tackle Saver, 17-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sun)
Snake & Willow Lakes (34 pegs)
Result: 1 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 54-14-0; 2 F Staniuszko, Garbolino Elton, 51-12-0; 3 A Butler, Mosella, 34-0-0; 4 G Lindsay, Lowhills AC, 33-2-0; jt5 D Williams, Rochdale Angling and R Wightman, Cheshire Angling, both 27-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Sat)
Snake Lake (31 pegs)
Result: Jt1 Stu Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas and Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, both 22-0-0; 3 A Harman, Cheshire Angling, 21-2-0; 4 M Pleavin, Deggy’s Tackle, 17-14-0; 5 T Dewhurst, Premier Driveways, 17-0-0; 6 S Colvin, Brookside, 13-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Thurs)
Snake Lake (25 pegs)
Result: 1 M Pleavin, Deggy’s Tackle, 37-6-0; 2 D Williams, Garbolino Elton, 32-4-0; 3 S Colvin, Brookside, 32-0-0; 4 J Wilson, JW Pole Repairs, 24-4-0; 5 J Lindsay, Lowhills AC, 23-2-0; 6 S Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas, 21-0-0.

Brookside Fisheries (Tues)
Snake Lake (20 pegs)
Result: 1 F Staniuszko, Garbolino Elton, 36-0-0; 2 Stu Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas, 30-0-0; 3 R White, Maver/Bag ‘Em Baits, 27-0-0; 4 C Ruscoe, Rod ‘n Reel, 26-4-0; 5 Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, 24-4-0; 6 T Barlow, Maver NW, 24-0-0.

Browning Quaker Silverfish Only (Sun)
Woodland Lakes, Partridge, Skylark & Kestrel Lakes (42 pegs)
Result: 1 P Noble, Darlington Angling Centre, 31-2-0; 2 J Maddison, Browning Quaker, 22-4-0; 3 C Gowling, Browning Quaker, 18-10-0; 4 S Rambow, Darlington Angling Centre, 16-8-0; 5 N Proctor, Thirsk, 16-2-0; 6 G Webb, Cleveland Angling Centre, 16-0-0.

Fishing Republic Winter League (round six)
Messingham Sands, Island Pond (23 pegs)
Result: 1 A Nixon, Fishing Republic, 48-6-0; 2 M Humphreys, Fishing Republic, 32-11-0; 3 J Lorraine, Ings Lane, 28-11-0; 4 B Holbrooke, Rotherham, 27-13-0; 5 M Day, Team Daiwa, 23-11-0; 6 J Fowler, Highgate, 19-14-0.

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes Fur & Feather (Sat)
Bonsai & Strip Lakes (85 pegs)
Result: 1 S Cameron, Garbolino Lindholme, 73-15-0; 2 D Shires, West Yorkshire Police, 40-14-0; 3 P Christie, Garbolino Lindholme, 39-3-0; 4 R Whilton, Kinky Pellet Club, 37-11-0; 5 M Holmes, Hull, 35-12-0; 6 P Reilly, Garbolino Lindholme, 33-2-0.

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes (Sun)
Bonsai & Willows Lakes (31 pegs)
Result: 1 B Fisk, Middy, 64-12-0; 2 J Allerton, Tri-Cast, 58-12-0; 3 G Barbie, Hull, 49-5-0; 4 P Christie, Garbolino Lindholme, 42-11-0; 5 D Shepherd, Maver, 39-1-0; 6 M Holmes, Lindholme, 38-4-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries (Sun)
All lakes (90 pegs)
Result: 1 S Allen, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 78-8-0; 2 R Pennington, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 74-0-0; 3 P Holmes, Heronbrook, 68-2-0; 4 G Lees, Gilder’s Tackle, 57-12-0; 5 T Maj, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 53-8-0; 6 A Cattell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 46-8-0.

High Heyes Fishery Rover (Sat)
All lakes (10 pegs)
Result: 1 D Bolton, Coppull Angling, 22-8-0; 2 D Connell, Ted Carter Preston, 14-8-0; 3 D McGuire, Mosella, 11-0-0; 4 D Rose, Izaak’s MG, 8-12-0.

Leeds DASA (Sun)
Yorkshire Ouse, Hunter’s Lodge - Linton (50 pegs)
Result: 1 P Bennett, Tackle 2U, 4-2-0; 2 D Pollitt, Mirfield AC, 3-0-0; 3 P Baron, Tackle 2U, 2-14-0; jt4 P Austin, Barlby Village Stores and M Rockingham, Leeds, both 2-12-0; 6 B Jeffries, Leeds Angling Centre, 2-11-0.

Lingmere Fisheries Over 50’s (Mon)
Match Lake (14 pegs)
Result: 1 N Harrop, Lingmere, 28-6-0; 2 J Bell, Liverpool, 19-2-0; 3 C Diamond, Eddie’s Bait Supplies, 12-8-0; 4 E Hayes, Lingmere, 10-6-0.

Lingmere Fisheries (Sat)
Both lakes (19 pegs)
Result: 1 C Doran, Widnes Angling Centre, 41-12-0; 2 S Balson, Lingmere, 36-4-0; 3 S Openshaw, Lingmere Tackle, 33-8-0; 4 C Fletcher, Lingmere Tackle, 31-5-0.

Meadow View Fisheries (Sun)
Lark Pool (23 pegs)
Result: 1 P Barwell, Widnes Angling Centre, 75-8-0; 2 P Chung, Matrix Tameside, 41-0-0; 3 D Williams, Meadow View, 36-8-0; 4 G Marsland, Star AC, 30-4-0.

Mirfield AC Christmas Canals (Fri)
Mirfield Canals (72 pegs)
Result: 1 K Henegan, Tri-Cast Calder, 10-8-0; 2 G Poucher, Barnsley, 7-15-0; 3 S Campbell, Matrix Halifax, 7-11-0; 4 E Green, Matrix Halifax, 6-10-0; 4 G Colbran, Keighley, 6-10-0; 6 D Colbran, Keighley, 5-14-0.

Moorfields Farm (Sat)
Match Lake (20 pegs)
Result: 1 J Kenning, Goole, 28-0-0; 2 A Johnson, Majestic Garage, 22-10-0; 3 J Breheney, Majestic Garage, 21-12-0; 4 P Boyes, Majestic Garage, 8-10-0; 5 M Baxter, Moorfields, 8-8-0; 6 M Heptonstall, Moorfields, 7-0-0.

Oaks Lakes Rover (Mon)
Oak, Firs & Willow Lakes (10 pegs)
Result: 1 J Wood, The Oaks, 24-7-0; 2 D Smith, Matrix/Bait-Tech, 14-8-0; 3 C Watson, The Oaks, 12-8-0.

Oaks Lakes (Thurs)
Ash & Beech Lakes (13 pegs)
Result: 1 C Kendall, Middy, 35-3-0; 2 C Hall, The Oaks, 24-12-0; 3 B Walker, The Oaks, 24-4-0.

Oaks Lakes (Sat)
Cedar Pool (18 pegs)
Result: 1 S Stott, Starbeck AC, 36-10-0; 2 B Sinclair, The Oaks, 20-8-0; 3 D Cheetham, Frenzee, 28-0-0; 4 B Poland, The Oaks, 27-15-0; 5 M Bailey, Garbolino Elton, 24-13-0; 6 C Watson, The Oaks, 23-1-0.

Oaks Lakes (Sun)
Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (13 pegs)
Result: 1 C Hall, The Oaks, 29-6-0; 2 B Sinclair, The Oaks, 20-4-0; 3 J Fryatt, The Oaks, 19-7-0; 4 M Crawford, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 19-4-0; 5 B Poole, The Oaks, 14-6-0; 6 C Melling, Miracle Baits, 14-0-0.

Old Hough Fishery Christmas Rover (Sat)
All lakes (53 pegs)
Result: 1 K Potts, Tri-Cast, 64-4-0; 2 J Cheetham, Widnes Angling Centre, 35-4-0; 3 P Johnson, Old Hough, 33-8-0; 4 M Walton, Old Hough, 32-12-0; 5 S Peplow, Old Hough, 26-6-0; 6 K Price, Old Hough, 25-13-0.

Partridge Lakes (Sat)
Covey Canal Lakes (48 pegs)
Result: 1 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 44-9-0; 2 P Tickle, St Helen’s Angling, 31-15-0; 3 J Howarth, Maver Midlands, 28-14-0; 4 A Bennett, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 28-11-0; 5 P Humphries, Rochdale Angling, 26-0-0; 6 J Jowett, Maver, 24-15-0.

Partridge Lakes (Sun)
Covey Canal Lakes (67 pegs)
Result: 1 A Bennett, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 58-8-0; 2 P Tickle, St Helen’s Angling, 45-0-0; 3 R Buckley, Garbolino Elton, 41-10-0; 4 M Rogerson, Drennan NW, 36-4-0; 5 I Reid, Partridge Lakes, 33-13-0; 6 J Jones, Garbolino Elton, 29-8-0.

Partridge Lakes OAP & Disabled (Mon)
Spey, Marsh & Ribbon Canal Lakes (23 pegs)
Result: 1 D Olly, Olly Motors, 42-9-0; 2 D Ockwell, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 38-6-0; 3 S Bryan, Partridge Lakes, 33-2-0; 4 E Pilkington, Ted Carter Preston, 31-12-0.

Partridge Lakes (Tues)
Covey Canal Lakes (23 pegs)
Result: 1 D Shaw, Maver NW, 52-8-0; 2 H Billing, Garbolino, 35-6-0; 3 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 35-5-0; 4 A Middleton, Grattan AC, 32-6-0.

Partridge Lakes (Thurs)
Covey Canal Lakes (35 pegs)
Result: 1 M Rogerson, Drennan NW, 35-1-0; 2 J Howarth, Maver Midlands, 29-1-0; 3 K Rich, Daiwa, 22-7-0; 4 D Shaw, Maver NW, 21-6-0.

Partridge Lakes Christmas Special (Fri)
All lakes (146 pegs)
Result: 1 D Woodworth, Lingmere Tackle, 48-1-0; 2 C Mayor, Drennan NW, 44-3-0; 3 P Humphries, Rochdale Angling, 42-8-0; 4 L Riley, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 37-6-0; 5 D McManus, Ted Carter Preston, 33-13-0; 6 P Burton, Angler’s World Holidays, 29-9-0.

St Helen’s AA (Sun)
Carr Mill Dam (24 pegs)
Result: 1 K Hall, Newton-le-Willows, 8-14-0; 2 T Heffernon, St Helen’s, 7-12-0; 3 D Bennett, Preston Innovations, 7-3-0; 4 P Clibburn, Wigan, 4-10-0.

Slaithwaite DAC (Sat)
Sparth Reservoir (10 pegs)
Result: 1 K Henegan, Tri-Cast Calder, 3-8-0; 2 N Burrows, Slaithwaite AA, 3-2-0; 3 T Noon, Slaithwaite AA, 1-12-0.

Thornhill AC Christmas (Sat)
Calder & Hebble Canal, Dewsbury (21 pegs)
Result: 1 W McLeavy, Tri-Cast Calder, 8-1-0; 2 E Green, Matrix Halifax, 2-15-8; 3 K Marshall, Tri-Cast Calder, 2-10-0; 4 N Pickett, Thornhill AC, 2-6-8; 5 J Needham, Leeds Angling Centre, 2-0-0; 6 R Reah, Wakefield AC, 1-8-0.

Wigan DAA (Sat)
Leeds-Liverpool Canal, Burscough (27 pegs)
Result: 1 B Boyne, Adlington, 8-4-4; 2 C Whalley, Gidlow Angling, 6-1-4; 3 A Silcock, Mosella, 4-12-0; 4 D Turner, Tri-Cast Rochdale, 4-0-4; 5 J Hall, Bolton, 3-14-0; 6 P Robinson, Wigan MG, 3-9-4.

Woodland Lakes (Thurs)
Kestrel & Wagtail Lakes (18 pegs)
Result: 1 D Pearson, Woodland Tackle, 21-8-0; 2 D Foster, Woodland Tackle, 18-10-0; 3 M Longhirst, Woodland Tackle, 16-1-0; 4 M Hare, RSPS, 14-9-0.


Alvechurch Fisheries (Sat)
Horseshoe Lake (15 pegs)
Result: 1 L Ayres, Alvechurch, 47-4-0; 2 W Beach, Alvechurch, 24-10-0; 3 D Chezine, Alvechurch, 14-3-0; 4 C Evans, Alvechurch, 12-5-0.

Angling Direct Winter Series (Sun)
River Wensum, Riverside (17 pegs)
Result: 1 D Gooch, Norwich, 10-4-0; 2 S Borrett, Norwich, 10-1-0; 3 C Sadler, Dukes AC, 8-1-0; 4 P Swan, Angling Direct, 7-13-0; 5 R Hubbard, Sensas/Daiwa Angling Direct, 7-3-0; 6 W Anderson, Daiwa Angling Direct, 7-2-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Teams of Four Silverfish League (Sun)
Moat & Bridge Pools (32 pegs)
Result: 1 A Oldham, Frenzee, 17-7-0; 2 P Morgan, Daiwa Drawbags, 15-6-0; 3 S Shepherd, Worksop, 14-9-0; 4 A Payling, Peg One Angling Centre, 14-9-0; 5 J Barningham, Lincoln Whisby AS, 13-9-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Carp/Silverfish (Sat)
Moat Pool (22 pegs)
Result: 1 L Hewison, MAP Leegem, 33-12-0; 2 B Poole, Bag ‘Em Baits, 18-10-0; 3 S Twigg, MAP Leegem, 15-10-0; 4 G Mumby, Team Frenzee, 14-8-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Carp/Silverfish (Thurs)
Moat Pool (18 pegs)
Result: 1 N Shipman, Clowne, 34-11-0; 2 S Gilbert, Lincoln, 19-14-0; 3 G Mumby, Team Frenzee, 14-11-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Carp/Silverfish (Tues)
Moat Pool (17 pegs)
Result: 1 W Lomas, MAP Leegem, 28-11-0; 2 S Twigg, MAP Leegem, 27-2-0; 3 G Mumby, Team Frenzee, 23-8-0; 4 K Baxter, Mosborough Tackle Box, 23-8-0.

Decoy Lakes (Sun)
Six Islands Lake (17 pegs)
Result: 1 S Godfrey, Sensas Mark One, 59-7-0; 2 S Pell, Decoy, 52-5-0; 3 N Adcock, Browning Hot Rods, 49-15-0; 4 K Wadge, Decoy, 49-7-0.

Decoy Lakes (Sat)
Beastie Lake (27 pegs)
Result: 1 M Mitchell, JVAC, 51-8-0; 2 A Leathers, Browning Hot Rods, 41-13-0; 3 B Mason, Ringer Baits, 40-2-0; 4 T Wilson, Spalding, 39-0-0.

Drennan Pairs (round one)
River Welland, Spalding & River Glen (50 pegs)
Result: 1 D Burn, Spalding 27-0-0; 2 S Winters, Drennan, 20-12-0; 3 G Butler, Maver Bait-Tech, 20-10-0; 4 T Beech, Quorn AS, 20-7-0.
Winning pair: 1 T Beech and C Fletcher, 32-12-0.

Froggatt’s Pools (Sun)
Lodge Pool (14 pegs) 
Result: 1 K Woodfield, Tubertini, 48-2-0; 2 K Butler, Froggatt’s, 45-9-0; 3 I Tetsel, Water’s Edge, 31-9-0.

Jim Bolton Memorial (Fri)
River Wensum, Riverside (26 pegs)
Result: 1 P Swan, Angling Direct, 35-8-0; 2 R Wright, Browning Hot Rods, 29-5-0; 3 L Beckett, Earlham Silvers, 26-8-0; 4 K Fuller, Angling Direct, 19-15-0; 5 K Humphries, Norwich, 17-7-0; 6 P Lawrence, Earlham Silvers, 14-6-0.

Lakeview Fishery (Sun)
Canal & Stream Pools (21 pegs)
Result: 1 J Griffin, Lakeview Select, 43-8-0; 2 A Searle, Middy, 39-12-0; 3 S Haywood, Middy, 31-12-0; 4 G Woodcock, Middy, 25-5-0; 5 G Saddler, Lakeview Select, 22-2-0; 6 D Kent, Lakeview Select, 18-10-0.

Little John Lakes Vets (Fri)
Robin Hood & Maid Marion Lakes (23 pegs)
Result: 1 D Johnson, James Maude AC, 56-0-0; 2 G Westwater, MAP/Marukyu, 53-15-0; 3 G Bennett, MAP Mansfield, 53-9-0; 4 M Crewe, Little John, 50-1-0; 5 P Lambert, Little John, 31-10-0; 6 G Eden, Mansfield, 30-12-0.

Little John Lakes (Sat)
Robin Hood & Maid Marion Lakes (22 pegs)
Result: 1 G Cox, Little John, 38-9-0; 2 D Johnson, James Maude AC, 33-4-0; 3 P Tatley, MAP Mansfield, 27-10-0; 4 S Butler, Notts AA, 12-11-0; 5 S Beard, Little John, 12-5-0; 6 P Lambert, Little John, 12-2-0.

Manor Farm Leisure (Sat)
Island & Boundary Pools (27 pegs)
Result: 1 C Telling, Colmic Airon, 60-12-0; 2 A Mansfield, Shakespeare, 49-4-0; 3 R Merry, Arthur’s Angling Supplies, 48-12-0; 4 R Ellis, Smithy’s Angling, 46-2-0; 5 C Noyce, Solihull Angling Centre, 45-8-0; 6 M Lane, Cotswold Angling, 44-8-0.

Manor Farm Leisure (Sun)
Island & Boundary Pools (26 pegs)
Result: 1 M Malin, Colmic Airon, 65-12-0; 2 C Colman, Arthur’s Angling Supplies, 64-6-0; 3 A Taylor, Lodge Park, 45-0-0; 4 J Morris, Shipston AC, 44-4-0; 5 P Alder, Solihull Angling Centre, 31-10-0; 6 C Cameron, Middy/Old Ghost, 31-4-0.

Maver Classic Qualifier (Sat)
Maver Larford Lakes, Match Lake (27 pegs)
Result: 1 P Cook, Maver, 90-8-0; 2 C Jones, Tameside Match, 57-13-0; 3 M Blackmore, Maver, 55-8-0; 4 D McManus, Ted Carter Southport, 45-13-0; 5 I Morrison, Ted Carter Southport, 36-1-0; 6 C Gorrell, Ted Carter Southport, 35-6-0.

Maver Classic Qualifier (Sun)
Maver Larford Lakes, Arena Pool (23 pegs)
Result: 1 D Powell, Maver, 43-12-0; 2 D Bache, Maver, 43-11-0; 3 I Giddins, Maver/Bag ‘Em Baits, 27-0-0; 4 S Poynton, Old Ghost, 20-3-0; 5 S Dudmore, Larford, 17-6-0; 6 T Roberts, Larford, 17-0-0.

Maver Larford Lakes Winter League (round four)
Match & Specimen Lakes (32 pegs)
Result: 1 N McKinnon, Preston Innovations, 129-6-0; 2 A Kinder, Maver/Marukyu, 100-5-0; 3 M Churchill, Maver/Scone Zone, 89-10-0; 4 R Hull, Garbolino/Dynamite Baits, 67-9-0; 5 C Gorrell, Ted Carter Southport, 61-15-0; 6 B Gabriel, MFS Green Army, 49-12-0.
Teams: 1 MFS Green Army, 5pts; 2 Team Garbolino, 10; 3 Ted Carter Southport, 14; 5 Fran’s Four, 23; jt6 Sheila’s Boys and Wyre Forest Hyde, both 23.
League: 1 Team Garbolino, 50pts; 2 MFS Green Army, 54; 3 Ted Carter Southport, 55.

Moorlands Farm (Sat)
Silver, Bank, Moors, Island & Middle Pools (36 pegs)
Result: 1 C Pace, Colin Pace Academy, 42-12-0; 2 W Melling, Maver Midlands, 38-14-0; 3 M Lefevre, Moorlands Gold, 33-10-0; 4 D Ludgate, Mosella, 30-2-0; 5 P Newell, Redditch, 25-14-0; 6 K Hayes, Moorlands, 25-9-0.

Moorlands Farm (Sun)
Meadow, Silver & Moors Pools (34 pegs)
Result: 1 L Richards, Packington, 57-2-0; 2 W Jennings, Moorlands, 37-12-0; 3 G Palmer, Walsall, 31-4-0; 4 D Williams, Halesowen RBL, 30-8-0; 5 M Henshall, Foster’s, 29-10-0; 6 C Munslow, Moorlands, 28-0-0.

Moorlands Farm (Tues)
Bank, Meadow & Island Pools (17 pegs)
Result: 1 M Lefevre, Moorlands Gold, 48-8-0; 2 L Pickett, Moorlands, 45-4-0; 3 C Munslow, Moorlands, 40-10-0.

Moorlands Farm (Thurs)
Meadow, Middle, Bank & Island Pools (37 pegs)
Result: 1 A Gethin, Stephens Tackle, 44-8-0; 2 C Pace, Colin Pace Academy, 41-0-0; 3 C Cameron, Middy/Old Ghost, 35-12-0; 4 C Hill, Mosella, 35-0-0; 5 L Connolly, Colin Pace Academy, 34-3-0; 6 J Watson, Old Ghost, 34-0-0.

Packington Somers (Sat)
Molands Mere Pool (20 pegs)
Result: 1 J Adamson, Packington, 30-12-0; 2 R Savage, Lane’s Bait, 28-6-0; 3 P Canning, Packington, 21-12-0; 4 S Edwards, Packington, 13-10-0; 5 P Hunter, Paul’s Fodder, 12-5-0; 6 B Howell, Lane’s Bait, 12-3-0.

Packington Somers (Sun)
Molands Mere Pool (22 pegs)
Result: 1 K Wynn, Lane’s Bait, 10-1-0; 2 R Savage, Lane’s Bait, 9-13-0; 3 S Edwards, Packington, 8-8-0; 4 K Wooding, Solihull Angling Centre, 5-1-0; 5 C O’Brian, Fast Feeders, 4-4-0; 6 C Evans, Alvechurch Fisheries, 4-2-0.

Preston Innovations Woodland View (Sat)
High Pool (18 pegs)
Result: 1 D Brownhill, Peg One Angling, 40-6-0; 2 A Morrison, Fisherman’s Friend, 22-0-0; 3 P Bishop, Peg One Angling, 17-1-0.
Preston Innovations Woodland View (Sun)
Ghost, Front & Back Deans Pools (29 pegs)
Result: 1 J Davis, Fisherman’s Friend, 58-8-0; 2 S Farmer, Dams & Lock, 47-0-0; 3 R Wilson, Woodlands, 41-2-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery (Sun)
Holmedale Lake (34 pegs) 
Result: 1 R Allen, Kinky Pellet Club, 85-10-0; 2 L Plackett, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 45-0-0; 3 S Sheldon, Kinky Pellet Club, 42-3-0; 4 L Lapidge, Kinky Pellet Club, 40-12-0; 5 L Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 33-8-0; 6 A Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 32-15-0.

Stanjay Tackle (Fri)
Factory Bank Drain (15 pegs)
Result: 1 N Newby, Sensas Mark One, 16-13-0; 2 A Watling, Stanjay Tackle Gold, 15-14-0; 3 M Caldecote, Willow Grange, 13-12-0; 4 B Nudd, Browning, 13-3-8; 5 J Taylor, Sensas Mark One, 8-15-0; 6 R Whincup, Stanjay Tackle Silver, 8-12-8.

Suffolk Water Park Silverfish Only (Sat)
Canal Lake (13 pegs)
Result: 1 J Dale, Bait-Tech, 4-14-0; 2 K Gooderham, Browning Wickford Angling, 3-14-0; 3 B Walker, Bill’s Tackle, 1-14-0; 4 C Smith, Harleston Wortwell DAA, 1-7-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Sat)
Club & Canal Pools (32 pegs)
Result: 1 P Bick, Shakespeare, 84-3-0; 2 P Gent, Tunnel Barn Farm All Stars, 81-10-0; 3 W Ainsworth, Mid City, 54-7-0; 4 A Jackson, Mosella, 52-15-0; 5 D Shipley, Tunnel Barn Farm All Stars, 51-14-0; 6 M Barwell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 31-6-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Sun)
Extension Pool (20 pegs)
Result: 1 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 68-3-0; 2 A Wakelin, Preston Innovations, 52-7-0; 3 R Biggs, OHMS, 45-6-0; 4 P Rice, Bag ‘Em Baits, 36-6-0; 5 A Jackson, Mosella, 35-0-0; 6 S Reynolds, Tunnel Barn Farm All Stars, 33-2-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm Over 50’s (Mon)
House Pool (18 pegs)
Result: 1 K Turner, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 47-12-0; 2 S Birch, Northfield, 43-9-0; 3 J Mobley, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 42-0-0; 4 J Wills, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 40-5-0; 5 A Darling, Tunnel Barn Farm Vets, 40-4-0; 6 B Edwards, Young’s MG, 40-0-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Mon)
Bottom Pool (18 pegs)
Result: 1 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 105-13-0; 2 M Barwell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 88-0-0; 3 I Dixon, Drennan Bordon Angling, 65-0-0; 4 P Rice, Bag ‘Em Baits, 55-0-0; 5 A Wakelin, Preston Innovations, 54-15-0; 6 C Georgen, Sensas France, 52-0-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Tues)
Canal Pool (17 pegs)
Result: 1 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 65-10-0; 2 P Rice, Bag ‘Em Baits, 62-9-0; 3 C Georgen, Sensas France, 58-14-0; 4 M Barwell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 55-9-0; 5 S Cantwell, Atomic AC, 43-3-0; 6 A Jackson, Mosella, 37-1-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Thurs)
Canal & Club Pools (32 pegs)
Result: 1 P Taylor, Middy Express, 62-1-0; 2 C Georgen, Sensas France, 57-0-0; 3 J Neath, Shakespeare, 56-4-0; 4 R Knowles, Shakespeare, 44-10-0; 5 P Rice, Bag ‘Em Baits, 41-8-0; 6 M Turner, Parkside FC, 39-0-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm (Fri)
Extension Pool (20 pegs)
Result: 1 C Georgen, Sensas France, 55-10-0; 2 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 44-10-0; 3 P Rice, Bag ‘Em Baits, 44-8-0; 4 M Barwell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 40-8-0; 5 T Maj, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 33-15-0; 6 I Shirley, Tunnel Barn Farm, 33-8-0.

Willow Lakes (Sat)
Match Lakes (20 pegs)
Result: 1 J Belcher, RAF, 44-0-0; 2 T Marshall, Dynamite Baits, 40-8-0; 3 J Woodland, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 38-0-0; 4 T Nally, Dynamite Baits/Matchman Supplies, 24-10-0; 5 P Johnson, Carlton, 22-8-0; 6 A Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 19-8-0.


Bait-Tech Viaduct Fishery Silverfish Pairs (Sat & Sun)
Campbell, Cary & Spring Lakes (36 pegs)
Saturday result: 1 A Power, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 32-1-0; 2 N Collier, GOT Baits, 24-11-0; 3 A Crocker, Frenzee West Wales, 23-5-0.
Sunday result: 1 L Edwards, Preston Innovations, 24-12-0; 2 M Parsons, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 19-0-0; 3 P Greenwood, Viaduct, 14-9-0.
Overall result: 1 N Collier and M Tomes, 9pts (54-4-0); 2 M Harper and D Shipp, 9 (47-5-0); 3 A Power and M Parsons, 10.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery (Thurs)
Pathfield Lake (16 pegs)
Result: 1 G Bridge, Cariers RAPS, 59-0-0; 2 R Pisano, Galleywood, 50-0-0; 3 N Darke, GOT Baits, 45-8-0; 4 J Blavins, GOT Baits, 43-8-0; 5 A Lee, Bill’s Tackle, 28-0-0; 6 G Bibbey, Coleman’s Bait & Tackle, 26-8-0.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery (Tues)
Wood Lake (20 pegs)
Result: 1 R Pisano, Galleywood, 102-0-0; 2 S James, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 71-8-0; 3 F Thomas, Browning Wickford Angling, 71-0-0; 4 P Cooper, Cariers RAPS, 66-8-0; 5 P Binks, Walton on the Naze, 66-0-0; 6 K Choppin, Cariers RAPS, 59-0-0.

Coleman’s Cottage Fishery
Pathfield Lake (21 pegs)
Result: 1 J Church, Coleman’s Bait & Tackle, 91-0-0; 2 J Trew, Coleman’s Bait & Tackle, 72-8-0; 3 K Choppin, Cariers RAPS, 62-0-0; 4 G Upjohn, Cariers RAPS, 42-0-0; 5 T Edwards, Browning Wickford Angling, 38-4-0; jt6 P Chambers, Coleman’s Bait & Tackle and M Brown, Bowler’s, both 38-0-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery (Tues)
Red Kite Lake (11 pegs)
Result: 1 C Davies, Dynamite Oakfield, 40-9-0; 2 G Thorpe, GOT Baits, 30-8-0; 3 R Makins, GOT Baits, 30-5-0; 4 G Britten, Milton Keynes, 28-3-0; 5 D Robinson, Cotswold Angling, 27-9-0; 6 P McLoughlin, Dynamite Oakfield, 22-8-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery (Sat)
Red Kite & Swallow Lakes (19 pegs)
Result: 1 M Stickley, Ernest Turner, 33-2-0; 2 G Thorpe, GOT Baits, 24-11-0; 3 J Brewster, Dynamite Oakfield, 16-13-0; 4 D Ashby, Banbury Gunsmiths, 16-20-0; 5 N Bryan, The Bull, 13-9-0; 6 F Lawther, Dynamite Oakfield, 11-15-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery (Sun)
Red Kite & Swallow Lakes (17 pegs)
Result: 1 G Thorpe, GOT Baits, 58-1-0; 2 N Bryan, The Bull, 22-4-0; 3 P McLoughlin, Dynamite Oakfield, 19-1-0; 4 S Nicholls, Banbury Gunsmiths, 16-10-0; 5 L Tibbett, Oakfield, 9-15-0; 6 D Howe, Browning Crowsports, 8-8-0.

Gold Valley Lakes (Sat)
Gold Lake (25 pegs)
Result: 1 S Barnett, Drennan Bordon Angling, 13-12-0; 2 G Thomas, Springlakes, 9-10-0; 3 J Attwood, Springlakes, 8-9-0; 4 R Beale, Springlakes, 4-7-0; 5 E Green, Springlakes, 4-5-0.

Gold Valley Lakes (Sun)
Middle & Syndicate Lakes (25 pegs)
Result: 1 M Bond, Springlakes, 22-2-0; 2 C Dalton, Springlakes, 15-10-0; 3 R Beale, Old Boys, 12-0-0; 4 S Gent, Gold Valley, 11-12-0; 5 L Humphries, Springlakes, 10-8-0; 6 J Attwood, Springlakes, 7-4-0.

Lake John (Sat)
Bottom Lake (13 pegs)
Result: 1 L Bishop, Lake John, 23-4-0; 2 P Dunn, J&B Tackle, 17-12-0; 3 C Randall, Lake John, 16-4-0; 4 P Swann, Miracle Baits, 15-12-0; 5 G Butler, Garbolino Black Horse, 15-8-0; 6 R Makins, GOT Baits, 12-4-0.

Lake John/Angling Direct Winter League Practice (Sun)
Bottom Lake (27 pegs)
Result: 1 C Vandervliet, Drennan/Bowler’s/Bait-Tech, 27-8-0; 2 K Farrell, Lake John, 25-12-0; 3 G Miller, Maver Image/Bait-Tech, 25-0-0; 4 C Clark, Maver/Angling Direct, 23-8-0; 5 C Horwood, Harrow Herons, 22-8-0; 6 R Grimes, Drennan Bordon Angling, 20-10-0.

Reading DAA Christmas (Sun)
Kennet & Avon Canal, Froxfield (36 pegs)
Result: 1 M Palk, Thames Valley Angling, 10-9-0; 2 M Kirk, Sensas A4, 9-8-0; 3 J Williams, Sensas A4, 8-3-8; 4 L Cook, Thatcham Angling, 8-2-0; 5 A Lianukevicius, Tubertini, 8-0-0; 6 D Stratford-Way, Tubertini, 6-12-0.

Slough House Lake Winter Series (Sun)
Bulphan (41 pegs)
Result: 1 A Southgate, Garbolino Black Horse, 28-10-0; 2 J Wilson, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 23-0-0; 3 P Vasey, Oakwood Angling, 18-6-0; 4 A Griffiths, Maver Image, 17-0-0; 5 M Hood, Bowler’s, 16-4-0; 6 J Hunt, Brentwood Angling, 15-4-0.

Sonu Baits Passies (Sun)
Match Lake (15 pegs)
Result: 1 J Kirk, Arun, 75-13-0; 2 T Parnell, Sonu Baits Passies, 43-9-0; 3 S Peacock, Arun, 33-4-0; 4 O Tilley, Arun, 31-8-0; 5 J Money, Back Arun, 27-0-0.

Tyler’s Common (Sat)
Horseshoe Lake (28 pegs)
Result: 1 R Wager, Bowler’s, 85-4-0; 2 Z Lori, Tyler’s Common, 52-8-0; 3 P Beck, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 48-6-0; 4 G Ford, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 39-4-0; 5 S Copping, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 39-0-0; 6 J McGuire, Rib Valley Angling, 27-12-0.



Student bags target fish at 40lb 2oz top weight

After a frustrating summer, student TJ Elliot refocused his efforts in time for winter and bagged his target fish at its biggest-ever weight.

The 40lb 2oz mirror fell during an overnight session on a busy club lake that had frustrated the Sparsholt College student during the warmer months.

He said: “To be honest, the summer was pretty slow with the odd bite here and there, and I just started to lose interest. It seemed as If I was more interested in riding my BMX than being down the lake.

“But for the last couple of weeks something has been telling me to get down there and fish a particular swim. So I did.”

Arriving at 3pm on a Sunday, TJ put a kilo of boilies on to two spots and went to bed feeling confident.

The Gardner-backed rod continued: “All that was running through my head was ‘I’m going to catch it’. At 7am I was luckily woken up to the sound of my reel clicking, as my bobbin had jammed the roller on my alarm. I quickly jumped out of my brolly and hit into what felt like a huge bream.

“It didn’t show itself once until it finally came up to the net. My heart sank and all I kept thinking was ‘please don’t come off’.

“With the scales zeroed and the sling ready, we settled on a weight of 40lb 2oz. A new personal best for me and the biggest it’s known to have been out at!”

'How angling saved my life'

Almost a year ago to the day, highly respected match and specimen angler Andy Renton was on a life support machine and wasn’t expected to live to see the next day – but he’s now being billed as ‘The Miracle Man’, after staging a remarkable return to winning ways.

The Daiwa Goldthorpe team member had collapsed after suffering septicaemia, pneumonia, a ruptured spleen, kidney failure and a cardiac arrest in a matter of hours, and was also diagnosed with leukaemia. But in an incredible turn of events, described as nothing short of a ‘miracle’ by the doctors who treated him, he has made virtually a full recovery.

Doncaster-based Andy, who is also part of the Don Valley Specimen Group, has put a lot of that recovery down to fishing, plus reading Angling Times every week in hospital!

He celebrated his return to health by competing in the White Acres Winter Festival last week, winning a match there in the process. He has now spoken about the day his world was turned upside down – December 18 2012.

“I felt like I had a bit of cold and I passed out that night, then I woke up six days later in intensive care. One of my first thoughts was that I would miss my next winter league matches!” he told Angling Times. “All my family were there because the hospital didn’t think I’d still be alive the next day.  But I was and on January 1 I was moved to Sheffield to start chemo and I spent a total of four months in and out of hospital.

“Fishing kept me going. When I was well enough to look at my tackle again I cleaned it and tied some hooks, and the doctor said I looked visibly healthier. I was getting up in a morning because I had the motivation to do things. I just tried to get on with it because life goes on and the support from everybody has been unbelievable.  Now I’m here for a good time rather than a long time!” added Andy.

Milestone River Po catfish is one of the biggest ever landed in Europe at 235lb

This is the awesome picture of one of Europe’s biggest ever catfish that weighed in at just over 235lb.

The specimen was landed by Peter Neubacher, who was guided by catfishing expert Stefan Seus of the famous Black Cat Guiding Tours during a session on Italy’s mighty River Po.

The colossal eight-foot predator took a bream hookbait at midnight and took over 40 minutes, plus all of the strength and skill of the duo, to finally get the better of the fish that’s estimated to be over 30-years of age.

“This monster literally took my breath away as I’ve never seen a fish like this up close,” said Stefan.

“We were both totally speechless and had to release the tension by letting out a huge whoop of delight as we’d defeated a big, and very old, warrior.

“This is without doubt one of the biggest cats landed in Europe and fish like this have accumulated so much experience over time that it is almost impossible to even hook one of these giants.”

For more information about Black Cat Guiding Tours visit: www.team-black-cat.com



Big Loddon chub coaxed from undercut bank

Mark Erdwin had every reason to smile after banking this 6lb 10oz chub during a session on the River Loddon.

The Reading-based all-rounder visited a tricky stretch of the waterway that he knew held a small head of big fish and rigged up a simple low-resistance link-leger rig with two SSG shot.

Several spots were baited with a mixture of liquidised bread, maggots, casters and some freshly crushed garlic for added attraction.

After rotating the swims he started to receive a few light plucks from one which featured an undercut bank. He had to sit on his hands for an hour, though, until his tip finally thumped round as the chub fell for his lobworm and maggot cocktail.

“By keeping the rod low and by applying steady pressure I finally coaxed it out from the undercut bank. As it slipped into the net I could see the width of the fish - broad with a double chin – it looked huge,” said Mark.






Big Bags Are Still The Norm At Essex's Tylers Common

With anglers up and down the country turning their attentions to silverfish and match weights continuing to drop those bagging days are long gone for most anglers. However, there is one fishery in Essex which is bucking the trend.

Tylers Common Fishery is still producing some huge weights with nets of 200lb plus still required to frame on the venue’s top two lakes, Horseshoe and Willow. On Horseshoe, a fantastically sculptured 60 pegged lake with numerous small islands, carp averaging around 8lb are filling the nets of anglers who are adopting a little and often feeding strategy.

Match victories have recently been the result of the angler feeding maggots and fishing a small bomb or maggot feeder and it is a similar story on Willow which also contains mainly carp but of a slightly bigger size. It is not just about carp though as Horseshoe also contains some nice perch to nearly 4lb which are rarely targeted so this could be a tip for the specimen angler.

Finally, there is Wagtail Lake the venues resident specimen pool. There are carp to 38lb in here and plenty of big twenties to go at too. Venue experts suggest Mainline Cell boilies are your best bet for catching one of these but it is not just the bivvy boys who like to fish this lake however. It is also stuffed with roach and rudd to 3lb and anglers on here have been sacking up with these in preference to the carp dominated catches on the other pools.

TIP: Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to fish at distance on the bomb. Some anglers have fished as close as 6m to catch carp nets to 200lb.

Tylers Common, Brentwood
Prices: £8, £3 for an extra rod, concessions £5
Contact: 01277 821342, www.tylerscommonfishery.co.uk
Location: Tylers Common, Nags Head Lane, Brentwood, Essex, RM14 1TS
Facilities: Toilets, café at weekends
Rules: No keepnets, barbless only, no fixed rigs, no under 16s without an adult



Sunday match results - 22nd December 2013


Blundell’s Fishery Rover
All lakes (33 pegs)
Result: 1 A Musgrove, Edgeley Sports, 35-13-0; 2 K Rich, Daiwa, 32-12-0; 3 M Lucas, Mosella, 30-11-0; 4 J Rodgers, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 28-13-0; 5 A Howarth, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 28-3-0; jt6 P Burton, Hilton Hotels and G Moore, Tackle Saver, both 25-14-0.

Yorkshire Ouse, Aldwark – Widdington (50 pegs)
Result: 1 D Topham, Bradford, 3-12-0; 2 C Turbitt, Tackle 2U, 3-5-0; 3 D Armitage, Cleckheaton, 3-1-0; 4 T Hewitt, Bradford, 2-7-0; 5 A Benstead, Pontefract, 2-2-0; 6 D Pollitt, Mirfield AC, 2-1-0.

Brighouse AA
Calder & Hebble Canal, Elland - Brookfoot (27 pegs)
Result: 1 C Ellis, Tri-Cast Calder, 6-9-0; 2 J Mead, Tri-Cast Calder, 4-0-0; 3 P Duffy, Tri-Cast Calder, 2-9-0; 4 N Burland, Tri-Cast Calder, 1-15-0; 5 S Hydes, Brighouse AA, 1-13-0; 6 S Mitchell, Matrix Halifax, 1-11-8.

Brookside Fisheries
Snake Lake (22 pegs)
Result: 1 M Pleavin, Deggy’s Tackle, 55-12-0; 2 Steve Conroy, Drennan NW, 31-4-0; 3 N Butterworth, Cheshire Angling, 30-14-0; 4 Stu Conroy, Kamasan/Sensas, 30-0-0; 5 J Lindsay, Lowhills AC, 26-4-0; 6 J Battersby, Garbolino Elton, 21-0-0.

Carpvale Pools Winter Series (round eight)
Match Pool (16 pegs)
Result: Jt1 D Wright, Leeds DASA and S Sharples, Bob-Co, both 26-0-0; 3 S Pearson, Leeds Angling Centre, 25-1-0; 4 A Gallant, Bob-Co, 21-4-0; 5 M Green, Green’s Fisheries, 20-14-0.

Garbolino Lindholme Lakes
Bonsai & Willows Lakes (31 pegs)
Result: 1 B Fisk, Middy, 64-12-0; 2 J Allerton, Tri-Cast, 58-12-0; 3 G Barbie, Hull, 49-5-0; 4 P Christie, Garbolino Lindholme, 42-11-0; 5 D Shepherd, Maver, 39-1-0; 6 M Holmes, Lindholme, 38-4-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries
All lakes (57 pegs)
Result: 1 M Lloyd, Telford, 88-8-0; 2 P Williamson, Cudmore, 73-2-0; 3 P Gibson, Maver Pickering’s, 66-14-0; 4 T Ebbrell, Connect Tackle, 66-12-0; 5 P Holmes, Stoke, 55-14-0; 6 M Fox, Matrix Dynamite Baits Trentmen, 50-3-0.

Meadow View Fisheries
Lark Pool (22 pegs)
Result: 1 P Ledgerton, Meadow View, 52-12-0; 2 D Williams, Meadow View, 49-9-0; 3 P Marsden, Tin Pots, 47-10-0; 4 S Woodward, Danny’s Tackle, 37-10-0.

Mirfield AC River & Canals League (final round)
Mirfield Canals (35 pegs)
Result: 1 D Taylor, Saints, 16-10-0; 2 D Armitage, Cleckheaton, 15-12-0; 3 P Hughes, Saints, 14-12-0; 4 D Pollitt, Mirfield AC, 13-8-0; 5 G Binns, Tackle 2U, 11-10-0; 6 A Bradley, Mirfield AC, 10-14-0.
Final league: 1 D Armitage, Cleckheaton, 67pts; 2 P Bennett, Tackle 2U, 63; 3 D White, Maver/Ultimate Barnsley Blacks, 62.

Oaks Lakes
Ash, Beech & Sycamore Lakes (11 pegs)
Result: 1 J Clarke, The Oaks, 34-8-0; 2 R Singh, Garbolino Elton, 27-15-0; 3 S Medd, Daiwa Cleveland Angling Centre, 27-7-0; 5 B Poole, The Oaks, 24-10-0; 4 T Watson, Browning Quaker, 23-14-0; 6 R Sowerby, Knaresborough, 19-8-0.

Partridge Lakes
Covey Canal Lakes (63 pegs)
Result: 1 A Bennett, Daiwa/Guru/Bait-Tech, 71-4-0; 2 M Rogerson, Drennan NW, 66-8-0; 3 P Coyle, Preston Innovations, 47-10-0; 4 P Tickle, Leigh Tackle & Bait, 44-3-0; 5 R Smith, Bolton, 40-0-0; 6 D Rigby, St Helen’s, 35-13-0.

Woodland Lakes
Curlew & Wagtail Lakes (18 pegs)
Result: 1 A Norfolk, Woodland Tackle, 47-9-0; 2 V O’Connor, Woodland Tackle, 37-9-0; 3 P Fletcher, Team Woodland Whites, 36-15-0; 4 P Close, Browning Quaker, 36-12-0; 5 C Taylor, Woodland Tackle, 36-3-0; 6 A Dowell, Woodland Tackle, 29-2-0.


Angling Trust Warwickshire Winter League (final round)
Birmingham/Fazeley Canal, Erdington (40 pegs)
Result: 1 P Bostock, Browning Central, 12-2-7; 2 D Lewis, Shakespeare, 9-8-14; 3 J South, Browning Central, 8-13-0; 4 M Hall, Shakespeare, 8-8-0; 5 J Johnson, Measham, 8-7-11; 6 P Madeley, Dams & Lock, 8-4-4.
Teams: 1 Shakespeare, 20pts; 2 Measham, 21 (weight); 3 Browning Central, 21; 4 Dams & Lock, 24; 5 Burton Shop, 35.
Final league: 1 Shakespeare, 8pts; 2 Dams & Lock, 13; 3 Browning Central, 20; 4 Measham, 22; 5 Burton Shop, 25.

Barford AA Winter League (final round)
Warks Avon, Barford (50 pegs)
Result: 1 T Marshall, Shakespeare, 30-3-0; 2 D Harris, Barford AA, 14-6-0; 3 P Millard, Bailey’s of Warwick, 14-6-0; 4 B Rigby, Shakespeare, 11-6-0; 5 T Hitchman, Lane’s Bait, 11-5-0; 6 I Winter, Sensas WB Clarke, 11-1-0.
Teams: 1 Sensas Portway, 22pts; 2 Sensas WB Clarke, 23; 3 Bailey’s Porto, 24; jt4 Lane’s Bait & Shakespeare, both 26; 6 Attleborough Sports, 29.
Final league: 1 Sensas WB Clarke, 137pts; 2 Sensas Portway, 139 (section countback); 3 Shakespeare, 139; 4 Attleborough Sports, 150; 5 Bailey’s of Warwick, 168; 6 Lane’s Bait, 174.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery Teams of Four Silverfish League
Moat & Bridge Pools (32 pegs)
Result: 1 A Oldham, Frenzee, 20-4-0; 2 K Baxter, Daiwa Drawbags, 18-10-0; 3 S Twigg, MAP Leegem, 15-12-0; 4 I Donaldson, Veterans, 15-3-0; 5 R Walker, Rotherham, 14-8-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft Fishery
Croft Pool (12 pegs)
Result: 1 S Robbins, MAP Leegem, 45-12-0; 2 W Lomas, MAP Leegem, 44-6-0; 3 M Edgecombe, MAP Leegem, 42-6-0; 4 J Skipper, Gainsborough, 34-8-0.

Froggatt’s Pool
Lodge & Marlpit Pools (16 pegs)
Result: 1 K Woodfield, Tubertini Ludlow, 63-6-0; 2 I Tetsel, Water’s Edge, 61-7-0; 3 K Hayes, Decca AC, 30-10-0.

Manor Farm Leisure
Island & Boundary Pools (23 pegs)
Result: 1 S Rich, Cotswold Angling Centre, 94-8-0; 2 N McKinnon, Preston Innovations, 70-8-0; 3 A Mansfield, Shakespeare, 43-8-0; 4 R Ellis, Smithy’s Angling, 36-0-0; 5 T Shepherd, Banbury Gunsmiths, 35-12-0; 6 J Cambridge, Manor Farm Leisure, 32-8-0.

March DAA
Old River Nene, March (78 pegs)
Result: 1 M Pollard, Shimano/Stanjay Sports, 18-0-0; 2 J Roberts, Sensas/Kamasan Starlets, 17-9-0; 3 D Mason, Bill’s Tackle, 17-8-0; 4 C Sale, Bill’s Tackle, 16-9-0; 5 J Whitehouse, Bait-Tech Suffolk Water Park, 16-4-0; 6 P Chesterton, Maver Bait-Tech, 14-3-0.

Maver Larford Lakes Fur & Feather
All lakes (60 pegs)
Result: 1 R Lamb, Maver, 130-10-0; 2 A Kinder, Maver/Marukyu, 113-8-0; 3 M Churchill, Maver, 110-8-0; 4 W Jennings, Larford, 78-2-0; 5 J Clegg, Bag ‘Em Baits, 72-10-0; 6 C Bradney, Maver, 68-2-0.

Moorlands Farm
Meadow, Middle, Moors & Island Pools (36 pegs)
Result: 1 M Watson, Daiwa Gordon League, 61-15-0; 2 C Hill, Mosella, 59-4-0; 3 C Munslow, Moorlands, 55-3-0; 4 L Richards, Packington, 53-10-0; 5 I Mills, Robin’s Timber, 46-10-0; 6 R kings, Colin Pace Academy, 35-0-0.

Packington Somers
Molands Mere Pool (25 pegs)
Result: 1 B James, Packington, 31-6-0; 2 J Adamson, Packington, 27-11-0; 3 J Newton, Smithy’s Angling, 27-1-0; 4 R Quinney, Packington, 25-8-0; 5 C O’Brian, Fast Feeders, 24-13-0; 6 J Wyatt, Packington, 24-12-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools
Oak & Beech Lakes (24 pegs)
Result: 1 A Kyte, Maver Midlands, 73-5-0; 2 N Clarke, Mosella, 60-14-0; 3 P Taylor, Dams & Lock, 55-12-0; 4 D White, Maver Midlands, 52-4-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery
Holmedale Lake (20 pegs)
Result: 1 L Parker, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 90-10-0; 2 P Hodgetts, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 47-10-0; 3 M Langton, Sherwood Forest Fishery, 43-15-0; 4 A Birkin, Phil’s Bait & Tackle, 37-15-0; 5 P Carline, Sub Fish, 30-0-0; 6 J Mills, Nathan’s of Derby, 28-11-0.

Tunnel Barn Farm
Canal & Club Pools (32 pegs)
Result: 1 A Ainsworth, Mid City, 73-11-0; 2 M Barwell, Maver Gold/Bag ‘Em Baits, 65-3-0; 3 P Hughes, Arden Fishery, 62-12-0; 4 W Sweetman, Tunnel Barn Farm, 54-7-0; 5 S Cantwell, Atomic, 46-10-0; 6 P Caton, Drennan Banbury Gunsmiths, 45-8-0.

Westwood Lakes
Osprey Lake (18 pegs)
Result: 1 M Stamp, Preston Innovations, 48-8-0; 2 P Harsley, Dave’s Peg, 43-10-0; 3 S Lane, Maruyku/Westwood Lakes, 42-5-0; 4 P Rayner, Westwood Lakes, 32-8-0; 5 D Abbott, Westwood Lakes, 31-9-0.


Bridgwater AA Christmas
Bridgwater & Taunton Canal (38 pegs)
Result: 1 S Garbutt, Taunton AA, 81-0-0; 2 S King, Bridgwater AA, 34-11-0; 3 S Weston, Bridgwater AA, 23-1-0.

Dynamite Baits Oakfield Fishery
Red Kite & Swallow Lakes (12 pegs)
Result: 1 A Foulkes, Dynamite Oakfield, 22-0-0; 2 N Bryan, The Bull, 20-12-0; 3 C Davies, Dynamite Oakfield, 18-8-0; 4 S Nicholls, Banbury Gunsmiths, 18-5-0; 5 R Wall, Dynamite Oakfield, 17-4-0; 6 D Stratful, Dynamite Oakfield, 13-0-0.

Gold Valley Lakes
Gold, Middle & Bungalow Lakes (32 pegs)
Result: 1 M Goddard, Daiwa Dorking/Old Ghost, 54-8-0; 2 I Harper, Monk Lakes, 46-4-0; 3 S Sanders, Preston Innovations, 44-4-0; 4 P Hiller, Daiwa Dorking, 41-0-0; 5 P Stone, SPRO/Yorkshire Baits, 27-8-0; 6 M Page, Springlakes, 25-0-0.

Lake John/Angling Direct Winter League (round two)
Top Lake (26 pegs)
Result: 1 M Johnson, Lake John, 39-0-0; 2 S Bracey, Shimano/Dynamite Baits, 32-8-0; 3 R Grimes, Drennan Bordon Angling, 27-8-0; 4 T Cassidy, Maver Image, 24-4-0; 5 G Miller, Maver Image, 24-0-0; 6 M Amos, Angling Direct, 23-12-0.
Pairs: 1 R Grimes and P Solen, 78pts; 2 C Clark and P Hyde, 75; 3 S Clark and M Johnson, 66.

Medway Tackle Christmas
Frant Lakes, Car Park & Waterfall Lakes (18 pegs)
Result: 1 K Pack, Drennan Bordon Angling, 26-10-0; 2 S Hill, Medway Tackle, 25-1-0; 3 K Tong, Apollo Angling, 25-1-0; 4 F Brown, Sensas SE, 17-8-0; 5 M Oakley, Advanced Pole Repairs, 17-6-0; 6 J Pantry, Sensas SE, 16-2-0.

Ockendon Bait & Tackle
Puddledock Farm, Snake Lake (53 pegs)
Result: 1 A Szekeres, Oakwood Angling, 145-0-0; 2 G Ford, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 128-0-0; 3 R Harold, Angling Direct, 82-14-0; 4 A Hulme, Ockendon Bait & Tackle, 63-0-0; 5 S Wheeler, Daiwa/Dynamite Baits, 58-8-0; 6 D Swift, Matrix/Sonu Baits, 35-0-0.

Redbridge Lakes
Lake Cuthbert (14 pegs)
Result: 1 G Bullock, Redbridge, 15-4-0; 2 S Crawley, Bowler’s, 10-10-0; 3 T Harmes, Redbridge 9-6-0; 4 M Scanlon, Oakwood Angling, 9-5-0; 5 D Cruse, Redbridge, 9-2-0; 6 B Everitt, Redbridge, 8-14-0.

Todber Manor Fisheries Christmas
Park Lake (27 pegs)
Result: 1 D Shipp, Preston Innovations, 53-15-0; 2 B Bentley, Browning Andover MG, 48-3-0; 3 M Harper, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 46-3-0; 4 D Faletto, Todber, 44-12-0; 5 A Damon, Todber, 44-4-0.

Wiltshire Angling Christmas Pairs
Kennet & Avon Canal, Seend Park & King’s Arms (38 pegs)
Result: 1 M Barratt, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 10-4-0; 2 K Rowles, Devizes MG, 10-3-0; 3 M Martin, Wiltshire Angling, 8-12-0; 4 S White, Premier Angling, 8-8-0; 5 M Skyme, Wiltshire Angling, 7-11-0; 6 T Gilbert, Preston Innovations Thatcher’s, 7-0-0.
Pairs: 1 M Martin and V Abbott, 3pts (14-0-0); 2 R Guy and S White, 3 (13-14-0).







Lakes in top form for perch with 4lb 1oz fish topping bumper week

The capability of commercial fisheries to produce huge perch was highlighted once again this week with a series of fish to over 4lb being landed at venues across the UK.

The pick of the bunch was a 4lb 1oz specimen which fell to the rods of Richard Holmes-Moorhouse while targeting a popular northern carp water.

The Yorkshire-based rod had endured numerous unsuccessful trips at several different venues across the region, but he finally struck gold when he hooked in to his new personal best after it fell for a legered prawn mounted on a size 8 hook.

“As soon as I struck in to the bite I could feel the substantial weight of the fish – at first I thought it was a carp because it was so powerful,” Richard told Angling Times. “It was determined to get in the snags but I stayed calm and managed to keep it away from danger before slipping the net under it.

“I’ve heard rumours of similar venues holding perch of record proportions and while it might sound far-fetched to some, I think a fish of such size could be landed from a commercial in the near future,” he added.

Further south, Angling Direct’s Nathan Green relied on livebaiting tactics at a Kent commercial and managed to take his best perch of the season at 3lb 8oz.

The venue regular enjoyed success by constantly feeding maggots over the top of his paternostered roach offering.

Worcestershire’s Woodside Fishery has built up a reputation for its shoals of big perch, and Tenbury rod Nick Goode took advantage, landing a fish of 3lb 6oz during a lure fishing session on Island Pool. The all-important take came on his third cast of the day, with a small Onex spinner doing the trick.

Venue boss Ben Hughes has been inundated with similar reports this winter and said: “We are fast getting a reputation for being a reliable and consistent perch water. There are countless fish to 4lb and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were even big specimens waiting to be caught.”

Various theories as to why the species have thrived in commercials have arisen and highly regarded fishery management expert Bruno Broughton believes he may have the answer. He said: “The key factor is certainly the availability of lots of food. In many commercials, conditions favour the successful spawning of stocked fish, especially silverfish. Any perch present have an almost unlimited supply of small fish.”

**Five big perch commercials to try**
1. Tricklebrook Fishery, Five Oak Green, Kent – Perch over 5lb can be caught on the Main Lake with worms or small livebaits. Contact: 07743 955812.
2. Whitmore Fisheries, Kirkham, Lancs – A number of the lakes are home to fish to 4lb although Island Pond and The Basin are the most prolific. Contact: 07891 397086.
3. Viaduct Fishery, Somerton, Somerset – Match water Campbell Lake is opened to perch anglers in winter and is home to fish over 4lb. Contact: 01458 274022.
4. Lake John, Waltham Abbey, Essex – The Top Lake has produced fish nudging 4lb, with worms and dead maggots in the margins producing the goods. Contact: 07958 938153.
5. Rycroft Fisheries, Hemmington, Derbs – Use worm and caster on the pole or in a small feeder on the Main Lake for specimens over 3lb. Contact: 07816 052235.





Two pike for 55lb from River Wye

The River Wye proved yet again why it’s regarded as one of the UK’s best rivers when it produced two stunning pike - this 30lb specimen the highlight.

Ben Humber hooked in to the impressive predator, which he at first thought was a ‘good double’, after casting out a legered herring hookbait.

The fish, which is one of the biggest reported Wye specimens in 2013, left the Somerset rod with his heart in his mouth when it tail-walked across the width of the river and following a spirited scrap he beat his third 30lb-plus pike of the year with the help of a rig made with 45lb braid, a size 1 single hook and a size 4 treble.

“I really thought it was a good double, but then there was a mighty explosion beneath my feet and it tail walked across the river,” Ben told Angling Times. “It was a sight and the feeling that I will take to the grave with me.”

Incredibly, he came close to making it four thirties just an hour later but unfortunately he his hooks pulled out of the jaws of a predator that he estimated to be even bigger than his first fish.

 “I’d moved to another spot and cast my bait right under an overhanging tree and it wasn’t long before an even bigger pike was thrashing and shaking it’s head on the surface, but unfortunately the hooks came out. It obviously wasn’t meant to be.”

Also getting in on the action was predator fishing expert Dilip Sarkar who banked a mint-conditioned 25lb pike from the Herefordshire waterway.

Lowering half a legered sardine in to five feet of water just off his rod tip he beat his prize with a rig comprising 66lb braid, 30lb wire trace and size 4 Owner trebles.

It marks a productive spell for Worcester-based angler as the specimen came just a week after he banked another 20lb-plus pike from the River Severn.







Jeremy Wade fishes Chernobyl in his most extreme TV series yet

Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters is to return for a fifth series on ITV in the new year, Angling Times can reveal.

The hugely popular show, which is shown around the world, is back for six more episodes plus a two-part special on the origins of the Loch Ness Monster.

This series, which will air in early January in a primetime slot, begins with Jeremy tackling catfish and the threat of radiation in the shadow of Chernobyl’s fourth nuclear reactor. Other episodes will see the former biology teacher fly fish for tarpon from a float tube, investigate a stingray thought to have dragged a honeymooning bride to her death in Columbia and some extreme-depth fishing in a Norwegian fjord.

Jeremy told Angling Times: “Before this series I was thinking ‘maybe we are running out of things to cover’, but as we dug deeper we actually found some subjects that were really interesting and it was a fantastic series to film.

“Some of it is new angles on fish we have done before, but with completely new stories.”

On the first show, set to be screened in the first week of January, Jeremy caught zander and catfish on soft lures and deadbaits in the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, which suffered a catastrophic nuclear accident in 1986.

He said: “There are actually fish in the cooling pools of the reactor, which is a weird silver lining from the disaster. It’s like an extreme version of the old electricity cut on the River Nene at Peterborough, which was full of carp in the warm water pouring from the power station.

“The radiation is quite patchy there and I had a real-time doss meter with me at all times. In some places you would stumble upon a hotspot and if I hadn’t had the meter and just stayed there I would have actually reached my exposure limit in half an hour.”

Jeremy is also taking his show on the road with a series of lectures across the country in March. For more details visit www.rivermonsters.tv

First Hollybush 40 for Ian Chillcott

On his return to the venue where he first cast out a hair-rig back in the eighties, Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott has caught the complex’s first ever 40lb-plus carp in the form of this 40lb 10oz mirror.

The historic Hollybush Lakes complex situated in Hampshire has been fished by some of the biggest names in the sport over the years, and was a venue which the Fox International-backed rod had been baiting up with the intention of fishing over the winter.

After catching fish of 30lb and 27lb the week before, he setup in a swim which allowed him to cast to a silt patch close to a band of weed running between two islands at 40yds range. Both rods were baited with 15mm Mainline Hybrid pop-ups  tipped with a piece of yellow corn over three kilo of mixed 10mm and 15mm boilies.

“At 5am one of my rods ripped off and I leant in to what I, at first, thought was a stockie,” he told Angling Times. “It then started to do the usual big fish thing of slowly plodding around and any doubts of it being a small fish quickly disappeared.”
A further 20 minutes passed before Chilly netted his prize, beating the long-standing fishery record of 37lb 8oz - a fish caught by Denis Langley in 1974 – in the process.

“As it went over the net cord I thought to myself, ‘that’s a good thirty’, but when the fish rolled over and I saw how deep it was I realised it was a little bit special. To catch the first ever forty from such a historic venue really means a lot to me,” he added.

Chilly mounted his hookbaits on hinged-stiff rigs tied with 25lb Fox Illusion and size 5 Arma Point SR hooks.


Original mirror from Farriers Lake from silt patch

Jordan Dicks landed one of the very rare Farriers Lake original mirrors in the shape of this stunning 31lb 4oz specimen.

The Bristol Angling Centre manager targeted a silt depression at 80yds range which he had been baiting with 10kg of Nash Monster Squid boilies every week.

He said: “There are around 200 carp in the 32-acre lake and only 10 of these are mirrors so they don’t get caught very often. They are known to fight a lot harder than the commons so I had a good idea I was attached to one when it tore off and did its best to avoid the net.”

Jordan fished 15mm Monster Squid bottom baits and 10mm pop-ups snowman style on a size 4 Nash Fang X hook and Missing Link hooklinks.


Banana boilies net four carp to 23lb in 24 hours

A water that hadn’t produced a fish in more than a week provided Carl Sharp with four fish to 23lb during a 24-hour session.

The West Midlands rod travelled to Merrington Fishery in Shropshire and caught two doubles and two commons over 20lb to 23lb 2oz. The biggest fish of the session came just as the 29-year-old was packing away on Saturday morning.

No fish had been caught from the venue for eight days so Carl chose to fish single 11m Solar Top Banana boilies cast to a known winter holding area and used hinged stiff rigs.


Maggots take 77lb brace from Linch Hill

Maggots are one of most effective winter baits – and Marcus Howarth used the little wrigglers to help him land a brace of specimens for a combined weight of over 77lb.

The Portsmouth-based rod made the long journey to the Oxfordshire Linch Hill complex and set up in an area of Christchurch Lake where he’d lost two fish in a night a couple of weeks earlier.

Before getting his hookbaits out he Spombed out four pints of maggots coated in Sticky Bloodworm liquid and Krill Powder over a clean silty area at 70 yards. He then cast out critically-balanced 12mm Buchu-Berry pop-ups.

Marcus said: “The first night was uneventful and nothing was caught anywhere on the lake. Everyone else started baiting up and causing loads of disturbance the next day so I decided to leave my rods alone for the second night.

“It turned out to be a good decision as early the next morning my left-hand-rod was away and after a typical big fish fight, which included getting weeded up 20yds out, I managed to net one of the lake’s bigg’uns at 40lb 10oz.”

He re-baited the spot with a couple more Spombs of maggots for the final night and once again he received a take the following morning.

“The fish put up one hell of a fight but I eventually got the better of a lovely, dark 36lb 12oz mirror,” he said.

Huge 8lb 2oz eel from Grand Union Canal

Further proof of the surprises which are swimming around in our canals came this week when a netting operation on the Grand Union produced this massive 8lb 2oz eel.

The Canal & River Trust was in the process of relocating fish into the water below a section of canal at Watford Flight so that it could be drained for engineering works when the specimen was discovered.

James Kirk of MEM Fisheries, which was carrying out work for the Trust, said it was the biggest he had seen in 20 years in the job.

“What a monster! It’s rare to find an eel of this size on the canal network, it must be around 50-years-old and goes to show that you never know what you’ll find.  We are helping the Canal & River Trust to carry out its annual winter programme of repair and restoration on its waterways,” he said.

It’s part of a five month, £45m programme of work to repair and restore hundreds of historic waterway structures and will see the Trust work with MEM Fisheries and local angling clubs to perform more fish rescues on venues. These include sections of the Kennet and Avon, Leeds and Liverpool, Staffordshire and Worcester, Shropshire Union, Rochdale, Monmouth and Brecon, Huddersfield Narrow and Grand Union Canals.


Squid lures 13lb 7oz bass from shore

A switch of bait proved decisive for Hampshire sea angler Dave Jones when he landed this 13lb 7oz bass from the shore. 

The 27-year-old fished off Lepe beach in Southampton and started off using livebaits. But after a quiet couple of hours he switched to a squid bait and promptly hit into ‘the fish of a lifetime’.

“We were using live whiting but to no avail so I pinched some of my friends old bait which had already been defrosted twice and within two minutes my rod was rattling like crazy,” he said. “I had to be careful as I was only using 12lb mainline but after 10 minutes I managed to beach it.”


Anglers Can Get A Bite A Chuck On The Trent At Burton

Many sections of the River Trent are renowned for their big fish prospects but not everyone wants to sit all day waiting for one bite and thankfully there are some areas where running down a stick float and catching a nice net of silvers is the order of the day.

The section of river at Burton on Trent offers exactly that.
A good year of catches and with the stocking of around 7000 fish by the EA into the river around Burton means there is a lot for anglers to be positive about when it comes to this area of the Trent. The Coors Angling Club stretches have always been popular for hot silverfish sport with nets over 10lb consistently recorded, even in the depths of winter.

One of the best sections is the Broadholme Island Stretch off the Bridge Street road bridge. The pegs are actually located on a small island, set between the backwater and the main river. The Stapenhill Road pegs are level bottomed with a nice flow and are excellent for roach and dace and a bag of them can easily be amassed by fishing a light stick, waggler or running pole rig and loose-feeding maggot or casters over the top.

There are also bonus chub and barbel in here and these can be targeted using a more patient approach on the feeder or bomb but the odd one can often turn up when fishing for the silvers. Upstream of this near the point of the island, swims 17 to 19 are noted bream pegs and are worth targeting using the groundbait feeder.

TIP: The bridge buttresses are excellent fish holding features here. Cast close to them on the downstream side for roach and chub.

Prices: £20 reduced membership until March, Coors AC,
Location: River Trent, Meadow Road, Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 1TD
Contact: Coors AC, 01283 512711
Rules: Speed limit of 5 mph when driving on access roads/fields, no fires, keep to pegged swims, zander and signal crayfish to be removed upon catching

37lb mirror from Essex hotspot

This 37lb mirror was the highlight of Sam O’Brien’s 24 hour session on Fryerning Fisheries’ Main Lake in Essex.

The 27-year-old Basildon-based engineer baited a gravel bar 50 yards from the bank with a scattering of 100 Mainline Hybrid boilies per rod.

Following a spirited scrap he beat the impressive specimen known as XL Pecks with a 20lb Korda N-Trap hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 8 Gardner Covert Mugga hook.

77lb mirror new Spanish carp record

This colossal 77lb mirror is believed to be a new Spanish carp record and was landed from the River Ebro by Mike Cuff.

Fishing with his friend, Alan Thomas, under the expert guidance of Gary Allen’s Regency Angling, the pair landed a total of 35 carp and four catfish,

Mike told Angling Times: “Eight of the carp were over 30lb and four over 40lb. The largest mirror tipped the scales at 77lb and the biggest common weighed 51lb. We also landed a huge catfish which bottomed out the scales at 230lb.”

For more info about the guiding service visit: www.garyallensregencyangling.com