How to dob using a bomb

Adam Firth explains how to dob with a rod for a bumper net in the cold

Adam Firth into a carp caught dobbing on the bomb

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One of the deadliest methods for catching carp and F1s in winter is dobbing on the pole.

To do this, you use just a single hookbait and explore the swim fully until you locate a ball of fish, then you catch them – something that can’t really be done when you change that scenario to having a quivertip rod in your hand. Or can it?

Here are six tips for dobbing using a bomb...

Make 10-minute casts

I won’t leave the bomb out for more than 10 minutes, whether I’m fishing for three bites or 30. This is enough time for a fish to find the bait, provided they’re in the area. Liners will tell you if fish are nearby.

Use hi-viz hookbaits

When your bait is the only thing for fish to eat, it has to be easy for them to find. This makes corn the ultimate bomb bait, fished as a single grain or a double. I’ll also have yellow wafters as a change bait.

Bright baits are best
Bright baits are best

Fish small bombs

Small bombs make less noise when being cast whereas a heavy weight can easily spook carp out of the peg. A 12.5g Matrix Bottle Bomb will cover me for casts up to 30m, but if the wind is tricky or I need to go further, I’ll up this to 20g.

Keep rigs simple

My rig runs on the mainline, 6ins of the line closest to the hooklength being twisted to make it tougher. This is tied to a hooklength swivel over which I slip a protector bead to minimise damage from the bomb hitting the swivel.

A running rig is best for dobbing
A running rig is best for dobbing

Don’t go too short

Because there’s no feeder, you don’t need a short hooklength. I’ll fish 18ins of 0.16mm Power Micron to a size 16 MXC-4 hook, dropping to 0.12mm and a size 18 if the fishing is hard.

Keep the tip slack

I want to see indications on the tip, which is why I only put a very slight bend in it. Too much tension offers too much resistance to a fish picking up the bait. A 1oz tip is just right.

Only put a slight bend in the tip
Only put a slight bend in the tip
Dobbing is a great tactic for carp
Dobbing is a great tactic for carp
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