5 tips for fishing the bomb and pellet

Cool nights and cold winds can still wreak havoc, but you can rely on the tried-and-tested bomb and pellet combo

by Angling Times |

Minimise the disturbance

Small bombs make less noise on impact with the surface, and this is important as a heavy lead crashing into the swim can easily spook carp out of the peg. A 12g bomb will cover you for casts up to 30m, but if the wind is tricky or you need to go further, this can be upped to 20g, but no bigger.

Use the right tip tension

PUT only a very slight bend in the quivertip once you’ve cast out. Too much tension offers too much resistance to a fish picking up the bait, and it’s not always easy to see the movement on the tip.

A 1oz quivertip is just about right for most moderate casts with the bomb.

Vary the cast

If you aren’t getting any indications on the tip, it’s a sure sign that you need to adjust where you’re casting to. For example, if you have 30m of water in front of you and no bites are coming at 15m, the likelihood is that the fish will have backed away from you to begin with. But don’t go straight out to 30m. Instead, creep out to 20m, allowing you to look for signs of fish.

Bait choices

Pellets are a great bait, and a big 10mm offering will pick out the carp from the smaller fish. However, that’s not to say a bit of variety won’t work! A 12mm piece of punched meat can be deadly, as meat begins to come into its own in April.

Another good choice is a wafter, which will rise gently off the lakebed when a fish moves over the bait and give the carp something different to think about.


Feed, then cast

Loosefeeding over the bomb will begin to work at this time of year, and a good tip is to feed and then cast on top of where the pellets have gone in, rather than cast the lead and then try to feed over the top.

Sometimes the fish will see the pellets falling and get on them quickly, and so dropping the bait onto the same spot can often result in an immediate bite.

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