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One of the most common ways of introducing bait into your swim when carp fishing is via the use of a spod/Spomb and choosing the best spod rod to do that with can make all the difference to how effective it is. The more accurate you can be with your Spomb, the tighter the area you can get the carp feeding, and with good rig placement you increase the chance of catching massively. Using a dedicated and better rod will make it easier.

A fully loaded spod can weigh a lot, and what you put in it can further increase its weight, making it difficult to cast with a normal rod. The best spod rods have strong blanks (usually upwards of 4lb test curve), a stiff action and large eyes to reduce friction. All of these characteristicshelp maximise the distance you can cast a spod out into the lake and how accurate you can be, as there is little use in spreading tight patches of bait all over the place with a spod.

The best spod rods at a glance...

• Best In Class Spod Rod - Daiwa X45 TT Spod Rod - View offer on total Fishing Tackle

• Best Spod Rod For Extreme Distances - Korda Kaizen Platinum Spod Rod - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• Best Budget Spod Rod - Shimano TX-A Fishing Spod Rod - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• But Spod Rod For Medium Work - Fox Horizon X4 Spod - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

Bigger and stronger doesn’t always mean better when you choose a spod rod, if you can’t load the rod properly when you cast it, you won’t get the maximum performance from the rod and it will fall frustratingly short. Some anglers are much more successful using a lighter rod they can compress fully. Here is a guide to some of the best spod rods available to help you get that 'munga' mix out into the lake…

Best in class spod rod


The Daiwa Basia X45 TT Spod Rod is about as good as it gets when it comes to a spod rod. With a


  • Unbelievable performance.
  • Lovely finish to the rod.


  • The shrink wrap handle might not be for everyone. 

Best spod rod for medium work


The Horizon range has a reputation to deliver what it says, casting to the horizon, and the Fox


  • 2K weave ensures the rod doesn’t twist, improving accuracy.
  • Available in 12ft and 13ft versions.


  • 13ft does require a lot of loading to get the best from it.

Best budget spod rod


Despite being an entry level rod, the Shimano TX-A Fishing Spod Rod performs well above its price


  • Great rod for beginners.
  • Durable build will ensure it can withstand a beating


  • The rod isn't the best for extreme distances.

Best spod rod for extreme distances


Whilst Korda aren’t yet renowned for their rods and being relatively new to this market, we have


  • Very premium build.
  • Will add distance to anyone's cast.


  • Only available in 12ft.

Best value spod rod


The Nash Dot Spod Rod, named after their very successful version of the spod, has been designed to


  • Perfect for using with the Dot Spod.
  • Designed for easy, hassle-free spodding.


  • Not the best rod for really large, heavy spods.

Best retractable spod rod


In recent years, retractable and short fishing rods have had a revolution and become incredibly


  • Retractable rod makes it ideal to leave in the boot.
  • Plenty of power in the 4.5lb blank.


  • They wont cast as far as longer rods.

Best mid-range spod rod


Renowned for producing some of the best rods available, the Free Spirit S-Lite SPM Rods are no


  • Effortless casting.
  • Easy to compress.


  • Lead time can be quite long for customised versions.

Best newcomer spod rod


The Greys Prodigy Distance Spod is the latest offering in the new range of rods from Greys. The


  • The perfect rod length.
  • Plenty of quality features.


  • Doesn't feel quite as powerful as some similar rods available.

What to look for in a spod rod

Spodding is an essential skill to have in your armoury on modern day carp fishing venues and the best spod rods will make your spodding far more accurate and efficient. When it comes to choosing a spod rod that is suitable for you, there are a few things to consider and it pays to be realistic in terms of how strong a caster you are, as getting a rod that is far too powerful for you to compress will leave you consistently falling short of the mark.

A spod rod has to be more powerful than your carp fishing rods to reach the same distance, this is due to the weight and drag a spod/Spomb creates as it flies through the air. As such, you should be looking for a rod with a minimum 4lb test curve to allow you to generate the power to cast the Spomb out into the lake. If you have average casting abilities and generally fish around the 80-110 yard range, a 12ft model would be best, as it will be much more user friendly than a larger rod. If you are a big caster, a 13ft would be far more suitable, as it will get you further than a 12ft model but requires a lot more force to get the best out of.

Don’t think that the bigger the test curve the better the rod will be for you, as this is simply not the case. Most anglers will find stepping down to 4.5lb from 5lb much easier to use and they will achieve the same, if not better distances far more accurately, as they can compress the rod easier. The best spod rods have large 50mm guides and a lightweight blank, the 50mm guides help reduce friction and the lighter rods reduce fatigue during prolonged baiting up sessions.


Blank: The hollow carbon fibre tube that the rod is made from, attached to which are the guides and handle.

Spod: A cynlindrical tube that is filled with bait and has the ability be cast into the lake

Spomb: A bait rocket that has a tapered shape to aid casting. It is filled and locked shut via a clip on the front that, on impact with the water, opens and releases the bait.

Guides: The rings that line the length of the rod that the line passes through.

Loading: A term given to the amount of pressure required to fully bend the rod when casting, the more you can load the rod, the more power you can get into the cast.

Reel seat: The part of the handle that your reel attaches to. Almost all UK coarse rods have screw-down reel seats, where the fore-grip on the handle rotates and closes the seat to hold the reel in place.

Test curve (TC): Usually measured in pounds, it's the weight that needs to be applied to the end of the rod to make it bend over 90 degrees. The greater the test curve, the more powerful the rod.

Tip action: This normally applies to traditional three-piece float rods that need a 'tip or tippy action' to be able to whip out light floats when casting, as well as pick-up line very quickly on the strike.

Rod taper: How a rod changes in diameter along its length. A fast taper rod will typically thicken up very quickly as you move away from the tip. Although other factors come into play, like carbon types, weave and construction, typically, a fast taper rod will bend more at the tip than the butt (tip actioned).

Butt ring: The first eye up from the reel seat, generally, 40mm or 50mm in size and the larger the eye, the less friction on the cast, which can mean better distances.

Anti-frap rings: A specially designed rod ring with longer arms, generally on the tip, which prevents line wrapping around it on the cast, helping prevent crack-offs.

Frequently asked questions on spod rods

What is better a spod or a Spomb?

Whilst both items still have a place in angling, Spombs are far more popular nowadays thanks to the benefits they have over a spod. They cast more accurately and further, they don't lose any bait on the cast like spods do and they release all the bait on impact, so you can reel in straight away, unlike a spod where you have to wait for it to fall out.

What are rod test curves, and what do they mean?

Quite simply, it is the weight required to pull a rod tip to a 90-degree angle to the rod butt when the rod is held in an upright position. They can also be used as a rough rule-of-thumb guide for the rod's weight casting potential. Most spod rods will have higher test curves than traditional carp rods, usually 4lb-plus.

Should I choose a rod that will cast the furthest distance that I will want to fish?

No, you should choose a rod that best suits the distance that you want to fish at. A rod that is too long and powerful will make casting short distances with any kind of accuracy difficult. This is why all rod ranges feature models of varying lengths and powers. For spod work, your rod needs to cast significantly further than your fishing rods with a straight lead. This means that when you cast out a much heavier loaded Spomb, you can still hit the target with ease. The easier you can hit a spot, the more accurate you will be with your fishing.

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