The best spod rods

The best spod rods

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One of the most common ways of introducing bait into your swim when carp fishing is via the use of a spod/Spomb and choosing the best spod rod to do that with can make all the difference to how effective it is. The more accurate you can be with your Spomb, the tighter the area you can get the carp feeding, and with good rig placement you increase the chance of catching massively. Using a dedicated and better rod will make it easier.

A fully loaded spod can weigh a lot, and what you put in it can further increase its weight, making it difficult to cast with a normal rod. The best spod rods have strong blanks (usually upwards of 4lb test curve), a stiff action and large eyes to reduce friction. All of these characteristicshelp maximise the distance you can cast a spod out into the lake and how accurate you can be, as there is little use in spreading tight patches of bait all over the place with a spod.

The best spod rods at a glance...

• Best In Class Spod Rod - Daiwa X45 TT Spod Rod - View offer on total Fishing Tackle

• Best Spod Rod For Extreme Distances - Korda Kaizen Platinum Spod Rod - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

• Best Budget Spod Rod - Shimano TX-A Fishing Spod Rod - View offer on eBay

• But Spod Rod For Medium Work - Fox Horizon X4 Spod - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

Bigger and stronger doesn’t always mean better when you choose a spod rod, if you can’t load the rod properly when you cast it, you won’t get the maximum performance from the rod and it will fall frustratingly short. Some anglers are much more successful using a lighter rod they can compress fully. Here is a guide to some of the best spod rods available to help you get that 'munga' mix out into the lake…

Best in class spod rod

The Daiwa Basia X45 TT Spod Rod is about as good as it gets when it comes to a spod rod. With a 4.5lb test curve and lengths of 12ft and 13ft available, this rod will cast any size spod as far as you want. The Basia X45 takes over from its predecessor the Basia DF and it has improved a few key details to make this rod an absolute casting beast. 

The rod blank now features ultra-high grade carbon with Daiwa’s X45 wrap, coupled with the upgraded compression zones, it has unbelievable accuracy and even those anglers that aren’t the best casters will see distance added with no change of technique. The rod itself features Minima 4 guides to offer the least resistance possible to the line, this along with the new carbon creates a rod much lighter than before, allowing you to increase the speed in the cast to power the spod out there to the fish. 

The tip eye has an anti-frap ring, which all spod rods should have. The red whippings and understated graphics give the rod a really nice finish that will please even the most discerning carp anglers.


  • Unbelievable performance.
  • Lovely finish to the rod.


  • The shrink wrap handle might not be for everyone. 

Best spod rod for medium work

The Horizon range has a reputation to deliver what it says, casting to the horizon, and the Fox Horizon X4 Spod will deliver that performance and more. Made from the best high modulus carbon Fox can get, the blank has a whopping 5.5lb test curve, which can send even the heaviest spod out with ease. You can be sure that whatever the situation you’re faced with, the Horizon Spod can deliver your bait out into the lake. 

The lightweight carbon and 2K weave ensure the rod doesn’t twist when cast, which will improve your accuracy significantly. You will have far less wayward spods with one of these, and should the conditions change, you still have the power in the rod to hit the spot you're fishing. The rod, despite its 5.5lb test is surprisingly easy to load, so don’t be put off if you’re not the most powerful of casters, as the rod will still be a very useful tool in your armoury. 

The handle is a full shrink wrap and the 50mm butt ring comes as standard on both the 12ft and 13ft versions. If you really want the maximum distance and power, the 13ft is a great choice but it does require a formidable cast to get the best from it. We recommend the 12ft if you like to use medium to large Spombs and cast up to 130 yards ranges, which will suit most angling situations.


  • 2K weave ensures the rod doesn’t twist, improving accuracy.
  • Available in 12ft and 13ft versions.


  • 13ft does require a lot of loading to get the best from it.

Best budget spod rod

Shimano TX-A Fishing Spod Rod
Price: £69.99-£74.99

Despite being an entry level rod, the Shimano TX-A Fishing Spod Rod performs well above its price tag and is a perfect rod for those new to angling or those who really don’t want to spend a small fortune on a spod rod. The blank is built on Shimano’s XT40 carbon, which is very durable and stong, coupled with the Seaguide stainless Zirconia eyes and you have a rod that is built to be abused, which is often a consequence of spodding. 

The rod has a 5lb test curve, plenty powerful enough to cast even the largest spods a long way. The cheaper carbons are often a little softer and this rod is no different, however, in this case it helps maximise the distances you can achieve, as loading the 5lb rod is far easier than a stiffer rod. The simple finish on the rod gives a classic look that is really appealing, and the slightly shorter EVA handle really helps force the rod though the cast and get that spod moving.


  • Great rod for beginners.
  • Durable build will ensure it can withstand a beating


  • The rod isn't the best for extreme distances.

Best spod rod for extreme distances

Whilst Korda aren’t yet renowned for their rods and being relatively new to this market, we have to say the Korda Kaizen Platinum Spod Rod is a serious bit of kit. You can see why it took the company so long to release, as there is very little to dislike about it. The whole range of rods are designed as long-distance tools and the spod is no exception, it is truly a beast.

The rod is available in a 12ft model and every feature is tailored towards distance. The blank is built with Zero90 carbon which requires far less resin to construct the rod, making for a much lighter tool, and you can really feel it when using it, the rod is incredibly lightweight and super well balanced. A lighter rod serves two purposes, it will result in less fatigue when spodding large quantities of bait and it allows the rod to be forced through the air far quicker, resulting in more speed and a further cast. 

The rods are also built on a super-fast taper mandrel, this ensures a rod with a very 'tippy' action, that will bend into the butt when forced. It also makes for a rod that is easier to compress, helping those who can’t load it as easily still reach a fair old distance and those that can cast even further.

The rod doesn’t have a stated test curve, but it doesn’t really need it, you just know whatever spod you attach to the end, the Kaizen will make easy work of it. Seaguide TDG rings and a special paint have been added to the rods to ensure that they aren’t affected by water or UV, and make the rods especially resistant to scratches and bangs, making them very durable indeed.


  • Very premium build.
  • Will add distance to anyone's cast.


  • Only available in 12ft.

Best value spod rod

The Nash Dot Spod Rod, named after their very successful version of the spod, has been designed to help you get the most out of your spodding. These rods feature an incredibly fast recovery rate, which stops the rod moving in mid-flight, reducing friction, thus adding distance to your casts with much more ease too. 

During testing, these rods when combined with the Dot Spod were able to achieve ludicrous distances of upto 220 yards. Whilst we know that isn’t in the capability of most anglers reading this, ourselves included, it just shows that the only thing that limits these rods is the user, ensuring whatever you want from the Dot Spod Rod, it can deliver it. 

The rod features American Tackle Reversed guides, with sizes ranging from 50mm to a 16mm anti-frap tip, everything being designed to reduce the potential of a crack-off, so you have full confidence when you punch the rod through the cast. The blank also features depth markers of 12” and 24”, so if you want to double the rod up for marker float work, then you can do so accurately. As with the majority of spod rods, the handle is a full shrink wrap EVA to increase grip when spodding with wet hands.


  • Perfect for using with the Dot Spod.
  • Designed for easy, hassle-free spodding.


  • Not the best rod for really large, heavy spods.

Best retractable spod rod

In recent years, retractable and short fishing rods have had a revolution and become incredibly popular, leading to the development of the Sonik Xtractor Spod Rod. The rods have been released in two sizes, a 9ft and a 10ft model, with both featuring a retractable butt section, so they pack down to less than 130cm, allowing them to fit into most small ready-made rods bags.

Despite its short stature, the rod boasts some great features and is built on a quality carbon blank. As less carbon is used compared to a 12ft rod, Sonik have been able to keep the price down, whist using an improved carbon to what they used to use on their 12ft models, which is great for performance. Both rods have a 4.5lb test curve and a fast taper to allow you to get the most power possible into the cast, without fear of breaking the rod. 

As the rods are smaller, the ringing is 40mm to 12mm, the larger rings that are normally seen on longer rods just unbalance it, so it’s the perfect choice. These rods aren’t designed to send a spod out miles, so everything can be a little more refined.


  • Retractable rod makes it ideal to leave in the boot.
  • Plenty of power in the 4.5lb blank.


  • They wont cast as far as longer rods.

Best mid-range spod rod

Renowned for producing some of the best rods available, the Free Spirit S-Lite SPM Rods are no different. For price, quality and performance, these rods do take some beating. The rods are built on a superb C626 carbon fibre, which makes them lightweight, durable and strong. As the Free Spirit rods are hand crafted, they are meticulously checked to ensure you’re getting the best product available. 

The rods have been built on their spine, this is where the carbon meets and is at its strongest, ensuring the rod will cast with far more power and much more accurately, as it stays true and straight during the cast.

The tips of the rod are very responsive, which allows you to quick load part of the rod, ideal when you’re spodding at short range. This involves a quick punch to accelerate the spod and allowing it to land much softer. The rod has an incredible amount of power lower down the blank and is much easier to compress than a lot of other rods on the market, ensuring you can get the spod way over 100 yards with relative ease if you’re a decent caster. 

These stunning rods can be purchased in 12ft and 13ft models and they can be customised how you want. Whipping colours, guides, handles, the choice is almost endless, to ensure you get a totally unique rod for you.


  • Effortless casting.
  • Easy to compress.


  • Lead time can be quite long for customised versions.

Best newcomer spod rod

The Greys Prodigy Distance Spod is the latest offering in the new range of rods from Greys. The rod itself is 12ft 6” and as the name suggests, it is built for distance spodding work. The rod itself is strong but doesn’t feel overly difficult to compress. The longer length does aid casting slightly, so it will help reach those extra few yards when you need them.

The rod is well built with a durable 36T carbon blank and finished with Minima Seaguides, some of the lightest available, again aiding the angler to easily thrust the rod through the air when casting. The full JPS handle is very nice to hold and it prevents bits of bait getting stuck underneath, which is often a problem when spodding. The EVA handle aids with grip and is slightly longer for improved leverage when casting, which should help create more powerful casts.


  • The perfect rod length.
  • Plenty of quality features.


  • Doesn't feel quite as powerful as some similar rods available.

What to look for in a spod rod

Spodding is an essential skill to have in your armoury on modern day carp fishing venues and the best spod rods will make your spodding far more accurate and efficient. When it comes to choosing a spod rod that is suitable for you, there are a few things to consider and it pays to be realistic in terms of how strong a caster you are, as getting a rod that is far too powerful for you to compress will leave you consistently falling short of the mark.

A spod rod has to be more powerful than your carp fishing rods to reach the same distance, this is due to the weight and drag a spod/Spomb creates as it flies through the air. As such, you should be looking for a rod with a minimum 4lb test curve to allow you to generate the power to cast the Spomb out into the lake. If you have average casting abilities and generally fish around the 80-110 yard range, a 12ft model would be best, as it will be much more user friendly than a larger rod. If you are a big caster, a 13ft would be far more suitable, as it will get you further than a 12ft model but requires a lot more force to get the best out of.

Don’t think that the bigger the test curve the better the rod will be for you, as this is simply not the case. Most anglers will find stepping down to 4.5lb from 5lb much easier to use and they will achieve the same, if not better distances far more accurately, as they can compress the rod easier. The best spod rods have large 50mm guides and a lightweight blank, the 50mm guides help reduce friction and the lighter rods reduce fatigue during prolonged baiting up sessions.


Blank: The hollow carbon fibre tube that the rod is made from, attached to which are the guides and handle.

Spod: A cynlindrical tube that is filled with bait and has the ability be cast into the lake

Spomb: A bait rocket that has a tapered shape to aid casting. It is filled and locked shut via a clip on the front that, on impact with the water, opens and releases the bait.

Guides: The rings that line the length of the rod that the line passes through.

Loading: A term given to the amount of pressure required to fully bend the rod when casting, the more you can load the rod, the more power you can get into the cast.

Reel seat: The part of the handle that your reel attaches to. Almost all UK coarse rods have screw-down reel seats, where the fore-grip on the handle rotates and closes the seat to hold the reel in place.

Test curve (TC): Usually measured in pounds, it's the weight that needs to be applied to the end of the rod to make it bend over 90 degrees. The greater the test curve, the more powerful the rod.

Tip action: This normally applies to traditional three-piece float rods that need a 'tip or tippy action' to be able to whip out light floats when casting, as well as pick-up line very quickly on the strike.

Rod taper: How a rod changes in diameter along its length. A fast taper rod will typically thicken up very quickly as you move away from the tip. Although other factors come into play, like carbon types, weave and construction, typically, a fast taper rod will bend more at the tip than the butt (tip actioned).

Butt ring: The first eye up from the reel seat, generally, 40mm or 50mm in size and the larger the eye, the less friction on the cast, which can mean better distances.

Anti-frap rings: A specially designed rod ring with longer arms, generally on the tip, which prevents line wrapping around it on the cast, helping prevent crack-offs.

Frequently asked questions on spod rods

What is better a spod or a Spomb?

Whilst both items still have a place in angling, Spombs are far more popular nowadays thanks to the benefits they have over a spod. They cast more accurately and further, they don't lose any bait on the cast like spods do and they release all the bait on impact, so you can reel in straight away, unlike a spod where you have to wait for it to fall out.

What are rod test curves, and what do they mean?

Quite simply, it is the weight required to pull a rod tip to a 90-degree angle to the rod butt when the rod is held in an upright position. They can also be used as a rough rule-of-thumb guide for the rod's weight casting potential. Most spod rods will have higher test curves than traditional carp rods, usually 4lb-plus.

Should I choose a rod that will cast the furthest distance that I will want to fish?

No, you should choose a rod that best suits the distance that you want to fish at. A rod that is too long and powerful will make casting short distances with any kind of accuracy difficult. This is why all rod ranges feature models of varying lengths and powers. For spod work, your rod needs to cast significantly further than your fishing rods with a straight lead. This means that when you cast out a much heavier loaded Spomb, you can still hit the target with ease. The easier you can hit a spot, the more accurate you will be with your fishing.

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