10 Great pellet waggler rods for under £100

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THE weather is warming, the carp are waking up, and soon the shallow antics of summer will be kicking in! Don’t leave it too late – now’s the time to get that pellet waggler gear ready.

Unlike a conventional waggler rod, pellet waggler rods tend to be shorter and a little more powerful – perfect to withstand the constant casting of the small weighty wagglers that this demanding tactic requires.

Added power and durability don’t have to mean spending extra money, though, we’ve sought out the best pellet waggler rods under £100 on the market today… if you haven’t tried this exciting form of fishing yet, give it a go!


Quality components throughout combine to create the ultimate blend of playing action, power, accuracy and comfort. Thin blanks and super-lightweight single-legged reversed guides ensure a superior balance to reduce fatigue during punishing sessions spent on this demanding method. Available in 10ft and 11ft versions.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: A delightful pair of rods with striking looks and capable of a powerful performance too. Designed by Guru’s expert team, the two-piece rods are premium products that won’t break the bank.

Price: 10ft £104.99, 11ft £109.99 (but available online under £100), www.tackleguru.com


Improving on the award-winning 3G, 4G and 4GS, the 5G retains the same two-piece fold-down design and soft action, but the inclusion of Liquid Carbon creates a seamless action that needs to be seen to be believed.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Another faultless product from legendary rod building company Middy, featuring the same quality fixtures and fittings as in its top of the range rods.

This superb pellet waggler rod just sneaks into our selection, because you can find it at under £100 if you look hard enough.

Price: £109.99 (but available under £100), www.middytackle.com


A comprehensive range of rods catering for beginners and experienced anglers alike. The slender two-piece blanks and a lovely through action lend them to all manner of commercial water waggler work, and the pellet wag
in particular.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Cheap as chips, yet surprisingly good performers. We’d challenge even a seasoned expert to pick fault with this range, given the budget price.

The 11ft rod would be our choice for most pellet waggler work.

Price: 10ft, 11ft and 12ft, all £39.99, www.leeda.co.uk


Designed for frequent casting, particularly at shorter ranges and to features, the short 11ft length enables ultimate control of the float during the cast and keeps you in control as you net fish. The seamless through action minimises hook-pulls and fish losses.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: A versatile and affordable rod that will cover all but extreme distance pellet waggler work. Perfect for match use, yet cheap enough for the occasional pellet waggler angler to afford.

Price: £89.99, www.prestoninnovations.co.uk


This 10ft waggler rod is modelled on the earlier best-selling Abyss X range, raising the bar even higher in terms of performance yet retaining incredible value.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Stunning value and a higher quality of rod that can be enjoyed for less, providing the slightly shorter length isn’t a deal breaker. Perfect for smaller commercials and anglers seeking finesse and class.

Price: £47.99, www.maver.co.uk


One of four float rods aimed at the match and pleasure angler, and designed to cover all floatfishing applications.

A light, balanced carbon blank, cork handle with EVA grips and DPS down-locking reel seat, along with stainless steel guides with titanium oxide rings, make for a quality long-lasting product.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: Loved by pleasure anglers for their gimmick-free usability and price, yet also bought by match anglers as a cost-effective and convenient carp bagging solution. Add a 3000 or 4000 sized Ninja reel for a perfect pairing.

Price: £69.99, www.daiwasports.co.uk


Designed to test the very limits of what it is possible to buy for less than £50, the Matchman range is a budget set of rods with top-end performance. Slim and light, all four models have a smooth fish playing action helped by a soft top end and a more powerful lower, capable of taming even the most powerful commercial carp.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: A special bend of carbon weaves gives an action you’d expect from rods at far higher price points. The 10ft and 11ft versions make sublime general-use pellet waggler rods, while the 11ft and 12ft rods have the control and power to tackle big waters and larger 10g-plus floats.

Price: 10ft, 11ft, 12ft and 13ft all £49.99, www.daiwasports.co.uk


Designed to pack away neatly into ready rod bags due to a two-piece design that collapses into equal lengths, the 10ft model makes a perfect pellet waggler rod. With its smooth action it will cast loaded floats up to 10g. The 11ft model is perfect for bigger venues and bigger floats up to 14g.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: The experienced angler may be left underwhelmed, but the beginner or pellet waggler novice will really enjoy the price! A usable rod at a price that’s near-impossible to beat!

Price: 10ft £34.99, 11ft £39.99, www.anglingdirect.co.uk


These lightweight and responsive rods have great fish playing properties and suit all kinds of floatfishing. Lightweight carbon blanks are fitted out with Hardlite ringing and a comfortable yet highly capable cork and EVA handle.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: A range released last year built on the success of the formidable X5 and X7. The X1 range retains some of the great features while hitting a lower price point. Although comfortable all-round rods, the 15g casting weights and two-piece construction make this pair perfect for the pellet waggler on small to medium-sized commercials.

Price: 10ft £49.99, 11ft £54.99, www.fish.shimano-eu.com


As replacements for the acclaimed Series 7 rods, the Vertex range takes advantage of improved materials and technologies. Designed for accurate and repetitive casting and handling all sizes of fish from F1s to large carp, a forgiving action holds plenty of power in reserve for bigger fish.

WHY WE WOULD BUY ONE: When it comes to rods, you can’t go wrong with a Drennan. Distinctive looks and a beautiful balance, designed by a company with a well-established rod building pedigree.

Price: 10ft £88.99, 11ft £99.99, www.drennantackle.com

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