The best fishing chairs

best fishing chairs

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Fishing sessions are for more enjoyable if you're comfortable when out on the bank and a good quality fishing chair can make all the difference to how relaxing your angling is.

Chairs have evolved from the classic deckchair that was around a few years ago, they now have extendable legs to keep you level and safe whatever the bank may look like, and many offer the option to add side trays and a whole manner of different attachments to keep everything to hand. The material and padding offer great back support and many of them are incredibly light, so they don't weigh you down if you have to carry them.

The best fishing chairs at a glance

Best Fishing Chair For Comfort: Nash Indulgence Deluxe Moonchair - View offer on Total Fishing Tackle

Best Chair For Pole Fishing: Middy MX-100 Pole/Feeder Reclining Chair - View offer on eBay

Best Fishing Chair For Mobile Anglers: Korum Aeronium Supa Lite Chair V2 - View on Fishing Tackle and Bait

Best Fishing Chair For Accessories: Preston Innovations Inception Feeder Chair - View offer on Go Outdoors

There are fishing chairs available for all branches of angling now, long session bedchairsfor carp fishing, specially designed feeder fishing chairs as well as chairs you can comfortably fish a pole whilst sat in. If you need a new seat for your angling, check out this great list which includes something for everyone...

Best fishing chair for versatility


The Maver MV-R Feeder Chair is an incredibly comfortable seat with additional bonuses. It’s


  • Easy to clean material.
  • Very comfortable.


  • The arm rests could be better.

Best fishing chair for support


The eye-catching all-black Daiwa N’ZON Feeder Chair has a solid steel and aluminium frame, and


  • Comfortable.
  • Adjustable legs.


  • No arm rests.

Best fishing chair for accessories


Four fully adjustable 30mm legs on the Preston Innovations Inception Feeder Chair not only provide


  • Very strong and stable.
  • Fully compatible with all OffBox accessories.


  • Not the lightest chair available.

Best budget fishing chair


The Wychwood Tactical X Compact is a stripped-back, cheaper and lighter version (3.5kg) of the


  • Ideal chair for carrying on long trips.
  • Looks great.


  • Rear legs don't adjust.

Best fishing chair for mobile anglers


Special magnesium alloy makes the Korum Aeronium Supa Lite Chair V2, Korum’s lightest-ever chair


  • One of the lightest chairs available at 2.3kg.
  • Waterproof, hardwearing material.


  • Not really ideal for longer stays.

Best fishing chair for short sessions


A very comfortable and fantastic-looking chair, featuring an ultra-strong frame, you can be


  • Ideal for short stays.
  • Removable arm rests.


  • The adjustable legs can be temperamental.

Best all-round fishing chair


An improved version of the best-selling fishing chair of all time, the Korum Deluxe S23 Accessory


  • Very versatile chair.
  • Great for accessory add-ons.


  • It is a bit bulky.

Best fishing chair for comfort


The famous Nash Indulgence Deluxe Moon Chair features a collapsible frame and adjustable tension


  • Unrivalled comfort.
  • Pockets to keep valuables safe.


  • It is pretty large.

Best fishing chair for pole fishing


More of an all-rounder than just a feeder chair, Middy’s MX-100 Pole/Feeder Reclining Chair offers


  • Long backrest offers great support.
  • Shape allows for use with a pole.


  • Quite heavy.

Best mid-range carp fishing chair


A strong yet exceptionally lightweight construction using magnesium alloy allows the Fox Duralite


  • Lightweight chair weighing 3.2kg.
  • Very strong.


  • The armrests are quite low.

What to look for in a fishing chair

Fishing chairs are all designed to be comfortable and help make your stay on the bank far more pleasurable. There are a few obvious differences between the chairs on the market, and the style of fishing you do most often will dictate which chair is most suited to you.

If you do a lot of match or feeder fishing, it's well worth getting a chair that has legs that you can attach accessories to, like side trays and feeder arms. This will create a fishing station that will keep everything to hand, making your fishing more efficient and will stop you bending down looking for bits of tackle and bait, which can put a lot of strain on your back. Arms on a chair are personal preference, some anglers love them, some hate them. If you are quite an active angler or are likely to be using a pole from the chair, get a chair without arms or one you can remove them from if you need to.

If you stay on the bank for short sessions and like to stay mobile, a chair that is as light as possible will benefit you massively and stop you debating whether to take it with you or not. Conversely, if you like to stay on the bank for longer sessions, a larger more comfortable chair would be a much better choice, as the weight won't matter as much as the comfort if you are sat in it for long periods during your stay.


Accessories: Devices or gadgets that attach to your chair legs and serve a particular function.

Keepnet arm: An accessory designed to secure a keepnet to your chair.

Feeder arm: A way of attaching your rod rest to your chair and providing a place to position your rod when float or feeder fishing.

Mud feet: Oversized plastic discs attached to the bottom of the legs to stop the chair sinking into the mud.

Arm rests: Raised bars running parallel to the seat that allow you to comfortably place your arms on them.

Tool bar: A multi-purpose accessory that normally fits across the front two legs of a seatbox, primarily designed for holding multiple keepnets, but might also take pole socks, tulips, or rod rests.

Adjustable leg system: Screws lock the legs into place which can be unscrewed individually to allow the chair to be levelled on any surface.

Frequently asked questions on fishing chairs

Can I use a chair for pole fishing?

The answer is almost certainly, yes! Whilst pole fishing isn't generally the easiest to do from a chair, it is possible if you look out for a few features. Some chairs have specific indents on the back to allow you to ship in and out with ease. It is also definitely advised to use a chair without arm rests as these will impede your ability to use a pole. But it is worth noting that most pole anglers opt to use some of the best fishing seatboxes.

What chair is best for feeder fishing?

This comes down to what you are going to be using your chair for and how you transport it to the bank. If you only use the chair for sitting on and like to remain mobile, then a lightweight chair with minimal amount of space for accessories would be ample. However, if you like to setup in one place and have everything to hand, then a chair that has plenty of options to add side trays and rod rests would be far more suitable for you.

Do I need a chair that has adjustable legs?

You don't need a chair that has adjustable legs, no. However, if you can afford to get a chair that has adjustable legs, we strongly recommend it due to the versatility it brings. As we know, not all pegs or banks are even, and you will be far more comfortable if you can get your chair level. Having a solid base will also prevent the chair toppling over, which could end up with you and your tackle in the lake.

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