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This revolutionary new MX-100 chair from Middy offers the angler incredible comfort and tactical flexibility when pole or feeder fishing.

Its unique design allows for an extendable side bar to be fitted on to the main frame, while the supplied front and rear pole rests are sturdy enough to hold a pole securely in place... hands-free. A handy rear rippled foam rear rest can be used to keep pole sections neat, tidy and close to hand after they have been unshipped. Next comes an up-and-over mid-positioned rest that can be flipped over to act as a butt rest for rods or poles. Finally, the front rest’s graded head allows for quivertips to be accurately positioned, and also features a U-bend to hold a pole.

To all this you can add an intermediate side tray with fitment, and a one-way arm with threaded stick that acts as a keepnet holder. The chair itself has a cut-away section for easy shipping when using a pole, and is very dynamic, with a high padded headrest, adjustable legs, swivelling mudfeet and multi-positional recline settings. It can be folded flat for easy transportation.


Rear Pole Rest

This rear-fitted rest supports unshipped pole sections, keeping everything neat and tidy and preventing them from rolling away or being blown into the water.

Up and OverRear Rest

Push in the side button and this rod/pole rest turns over. It can now support the butt section of a rod or pole, allowing for hands-free use when feeding.


Swivelling mudfeet with a wide fooprint make the chair stable on even the most uneven banks, and they team up with adjustable legs for comfort.


A multi-positional reclining feature and a high, padded headrest make this the most comfortable chair you’ll have sat in in a very long time.

Side Tray

The MX-100 system comes with a handy sized side-fitting bait tray, large enough to hold a couple of three-pint bait boxes, a mobile phone, and sundry small tackle items.

Front rest

The sturdily built dual-purpose front rest has a graded EVA section for perfect positioning of quivertip rods, and a U-bend for holding your pole when feeding via a catapult.

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