First Look – Matrix special!

Our pick of the latest goodies to hit the banks from Matrix

First Look - Matrix special!

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XR36 Pro 500 Edition seatbox

What they say: A limited-edition matt grey-finished version of the XR36 Pro seatbox, aptly named the 500 Edition, since there’s only 500 of them!

Features included the Hydro formed aluminium frame, patented single hand footplate release, non-marking leg clamps, textured anodised telescopic 36mm legs with threaded end caps, deep side drawer with removable trays, and a winder tray in the stack.

**What we say:**This superb, top-end box is now available in a very discreet limited-edition colour scheme. It looks the part, and its performance on the bank is exceptional.

Price: £749.99,

XR36 Pro 500 Edition seatbox
XR36 Pro 500 Edition seatbox

3D-R Pro Feeder Side Tray and Slim Extending Side tray

What they say: Two new side trays to complement our existing range. The new Pro Feeder Tray has a lid to keep your bait dry and out of the sun, as well a folding accessory tray to hold small items in place even in transit. Tension hinges ensure the 6 x 3.3 pint capacity tray lid with two support legs remains open when needed. The Slim Extending Tray fits any width seatbox and will hold spare items at the rear of the box, but can be used on the side if required. Both trays fit 25mm, 30mm or 36mm legs.

What we say: Both trays are based on successful existing side tray designs but have stepped forward with added features and functionality. You’ll be seeing plenty of these around on the match circuit next year.

Price: Pro Feeder £119.99, Slim Extending £55

3D-R Pro Feeder Side Tray
3D-R Pro Feeder Side Tray
Slim Extending Side tray
Slim Extending Side tray

Horizon X Luggage

What they say: The ultimate high-end luggage to suit modern match anglers. Made from durable and fully waterproof PVC-coated fabric, and finished with neoprene handles and waterproof PU coated zips, the full range includes 2-4 and 3-6 rigid rod holdalls, a two-rod sleeve in two lengths, a multi pole holdall, two sizes of net bag, a side tray bag, a compact carryall and an extra-large storage bag for pole rollers and other larger items.

What we say: This is an extremely comprehensive range with some exciting features. The pole holdall has a built-in rigid top kit case that will take up to 25 top kits without tubes. The rigid rod holdalls top and tail your ready-made rods to save space, and have a rigid rod-tip case and landing net pole sleeve built in. The coolbag has a built-in bait system, the net bag is fully waterproof, while the side tray bag incorporates a mesh to drain away surplus water. All items in the range are finished in modest black with vibrant yellow detailing. We look forward to getting a closer look at all these very soon.

Price: £49.99-£190

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