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Whether you’re a pleasure, carp, or specimen angler a decent chair will make you’re day on the bank much more comfortable. There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing a fishing chair that will best suit your style of fishing. If you do a lot of roving on rivers you’ll need a small, lightweight chair that isn’t going to weigh you down and make moving swims difficult.

If you’re carping and aren’t going to be moving swims as much, mobility isn’t such an issue. The added comfort that armrests and thick mattresses provide may add a bit of overall weight, but the added comfort they provide is worth it while you’re waiting for a bite.

And if you fish a lot of commercials but want the support of a chair rather than a seatbox, a number of ‘accessory’ style chairs now enable you to add accessories just like on a seatbox.

Pro logic commander travel chair - RRP: £69.99

Super compact and lightweight, tipping the scales at less than 5kg, this chair is easy to transport. It features a generously padded seat and back support for complete comfort. One feature we really liked is the handy Velcro multi-pocket compartment that can be used to store essential items beneath the seat. Also includes armrests, large swivel mudfeet and adjustable legs.

Weight: 5kg

Legs: 35cm - 47cm

Size: W 50cm, H 54cm (back)

NASH KNX Armchair - RRP: £79.99


The short leg and low profile design of this chair makes it ideal for use under brollies and small day shelters.

The peachskin mattress is nice and comfortable and the legs feature one-touch adjustment so they can be quickly set for stability on uneven terrain.

Weight: 8kg Legs: 30cm - 42cm

Size: W 53cm, H 64cm (back)


JRC defender Chair - RRP: £54.99


At a penny less than £55, the JRC Defender Chair represents great value for money. Constructed from a hi-tensile steel offering both strength and lightness, it is perfect for roving and travelling light when you need to keep weight to a minimum. The durable polyester cover is filled with high density foam and the legs feature a unique locking system so there’s no risk of it collapsing!

Weight: 4.2kg Legs: NA Size: W 56cm, H 95cm


Avid benchmark Memory foam chair - RRP: £99.99


The Benchmark Memory Foam Chair has been designed purely with comfort in mind. As its name suggests, it boasts a fleece-lined memory foam mattress for incredible comfort. A built-in raised headrest supports your neck when sitting for long periods. Add to that a multi-point reclining system and padded armrests and there’s a good chance you won’t want to get out of this seat!

Weight: 7.3kg Legs: NA Size: W 60cm, H 105cm

Sonik Folding chair - RRP: £64.99


The folding design of this Sonik chairs means it can be set up and packed away in seconds and is compact when in transit.

It’s constructed from an HD 600D PVC-backed material in the new SK-TEK camo pattern with a powder-coated steel and aluminium frame. Adjustable legs and swivel mudfeet ensure it adapts to any terrain.

Weight: 5kg - Legs: 48cm - 58cm - Size: W 48cm, H 100cm


Kodex robo original chair - RRP: Chair only £95, with accessories £155


A popular compact and lightweight chair that is perfect for roving anglers. The StarGrip360 fittings enable you to easily fix and detach a range of accessories such as side arms, rod rests and bait trays. The chair can be purchased on its own for £95 but if you shop around you should be able to pick one up for about £80. A full package including the accessories can be found for about £120.

Weight: 5kg - Legs: 43cm fully extended - Size: NA


Korum x25 accessory chair - RRP: £109.99


Featuring a vertical four leg design like a seatbox, this accessory chair is great if you regularly fish from wooden platforms where there isn’t anywhere suitable to push banksticks but you want the comfort of a chair as opposed to a seatbox. A wide range of accessories can easily be attached to the 25mm round legs and the new Quick Fold design means you can be fishing within minutes.

Weight: 6.2kg

Legs: NA

Size: W 50cm, H 92cm


DAIWA mission deluxe specialist chair -RRP: £79.99

Daiwa Mission Deluxe Chair.jpg

With a luxurious padded soft-touch seating area and neck support the Mission Deluxe will ensure you won’t be uncomfortable while waiting for your bite alarm to burst into life.

Based on a low-profile steel construction, the telescopic legs can be extended to 84cm for those who prefer a higher seating position or find getting out of a low seat difficult.

Weight: NA

Legs: Extend up to 84cm

Size: W 53cm H 54cm (back)


Wychwood comforter low chair - RRP: £54.99


The Comforter Low Chair is one of the lightest chairs on test and ideal for anglers roving on rivers or carp anglers who want a lightweight chair that won’t take up loads of room on their barrow.

Featuring Wychwood’s unique integral arm system giving maximum stability when getting on or off the chair, it also boasts adjustable legs with swivel feet and a spacious seating area with padded back and seat mattress. The rear legs can be folded down for use on sloping banks.

Weight: 4.75kg - Legs: 27cm - 31cm - Size: W 51cm, H 50cm (back)

Matrix accessory chair - RRP: £64.99

Deluxe Accessory Chair_Angled.jpg

Designed for feeder or float fishing with a low back to aid casting and manoeuvrability. The 25mm aluminium legs take all 3D accessories and it folds flat for easy transportation. A Deluxe version (£104.99) is also available which features removable leg extensions on the rear.

Weight: 4.9kg

Legs: NA

Size: NA


Chub outkast Ez-back chair - RRP: £79.99

Chub outkast Ez-back chair - RRP: £79.99

Chub’s new chair features a brilliantly simple system which extends the backrest of the chair for added comfort but packs away compactly. The front and back legs both lock in place with a sprung bolt to prevent it collapsing on the bank.

Weight: 4.1kg

Legs: NA

Size: W 56cm, H 70cm - 99cm


Middy mx-100 pole / Feeder chair - RRP: £199.99


The revolutionary MX-100 chair offers comfort and flexibility when pole or feeder fishing.

Its unique design allows for an extendable sidebar to be fitted and the front and rear pole rests will securely hold a pole in place.

A rippled foam rear rest can be used to keep pole sections neat and tidy once unshipped. An up-and-over mid-positioned rest can be flipped over to act as a butt rest for rods or poles. The front rest’s graded head enables quivertips to be accurately positioned and there’s a cut-away section for easy shipping.

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