5 Great fishing starter kits

we take a look at some of the best starter kits on the market, including some real bargains...

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Maver Reality 6m Pole Fishing kit

This kit is just the job to kick off your pole fishing experience. In it you get a fully-elasticated 6m take-part Reality pole, tackle box, pole rigs, plummet, elastic connector, cloth pole bag and a disgorger. You even get an instructional DVD to show you how to use all these items.

Why we like it: Great starter pole packages for any age of angler. The pole itself will withstand the odd knock or two, and the supplied rigs are really well tied.

Price: £89.99 (but shop around), www.bristolangling.com

Shakespeare Challenge XT kits

AIMED at the ‘newbie’ or intermediate angler, each of these sets contains balanced tackle suitable for a variety of methods. You get a carbon rod, a reel spooled with line, and a small tackle box loaded with all the accessories you need for the style of fishing you’ve chosen.

Why we like them: In the past some starter kits have been pretty underwhelming and made hard work of what should be a fun and easy thing to do. We’re not suggesting that these Challenge XT kits are the complete answer, but they’ll definitely help you to catch a fish or two. With seven different styles of kit covering a wide spectrum of pleasure fishing tactics, there’s something for everyone at sensible prices.

Price: From £69.99, www.shakespeare-fishing.co.uk

Sonik Xtractor two-rod carp kit

THERE’S a choice of rods with these kits – you can opt for either a 9ft or a 10ft length, and test curves of 2.75lb and 3lb (9ft) or 3.5lb (10ft). As well as the rods, you also get two Vader FS reels (5000-sized models with the 9ft rods, 6000 with the 10ft rods), and a Vader two-piece 42ins landing net.

Why we like them: If you fancy having a go at big carp, this two-rod package is ideal. The 10ft rods (with telescopic butt sections) would be our choice as they offer more flexibility.

Price: From £229.99-£269.99, www.total-fishing-tackle.com

Matt Hayes Adventure Complete Leger set

Other than your bait, this set contains everything you’re going to need to get out on the feeder. In it you get a three-section rod rated for lines of 4lb-8lb, quivertips and a rear-drag reel preloaded with 6lb line. You also get a selection of feeders, hooklengths, impact beads, swivels, rod rest, bankstick, groundbait mixing bowl and instructional book.

Why we like it: This complete starter set-up ticks a lot of boxes, and has everything needed for a lake or river session. The book will help to point newcomers in the right direction.

Price: £45.99, www.amazon.co.uk

Guru A-Class Whips 3m & 4m – with ready tied rigs

These new Guru whips are designed for quick and effective fishing, allowing young anglers, newcomers or people who simply don’t want to break the bank to catch some fish!

They’re super-simple to set up too: just telescope the whip out before attaching the rig to the connector on the tip-end.

A top-quality rig is supplied ready-tied to the perfect length, so no faffing about there either, and they’re targeted towards a variety of fish species and sizes. Both whips are lightweight and strong, with forgiving actions.

Why we like them: Using a whip is fundamentally the easiest way for anyone to start fishing, as there’s nothing to break and very little that can go wrong. These A-Class 3m and 4m whips from Guru come with perfect-length rigs that are certainly good enough to help anyone to catch their first net of fish. They’re also very affordable.

Prices: 3m £14.99, 4m £16.99, www.tackleguru.com

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