Stunning Frome grayling on the fly

Stunning Frome grayling on the fly

by Freddie Sandford |
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MOST grayling reported to Angling Times are caught on the float, but one of the most exciting ways to target them is on the fly, as Fred Harris showed with this 3lb 4oz fish, which he watched take his nymph.

He was fishing a syndicate water on the Dorset Frome when he spotted a large grayling in the shallow tail of a deep pool.

Fred watched the fish ‘nymphing’ on the riverbed, which indicated to him that it was feeding. After 45 minutes of stalking his target, he watched it lift off bottom and engulf his offering as it drifted past. A lengthy fight followed, with Fred having to follow it 70 yards downstream in the strong flow!

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<strong>Fred Harris – 3lb 4oz grayling</strong>

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